Tuesday, 18 February 2014

For my Grandad. July 5th 1949 - February 16th 2014

Apparently life isn't endless as my blog name suggests, but it is endless in other forms. For example when a life ends in the passing of a family member or pet, that life doesn't just stop per se. It's the continuance of the sharing of stories or memories from that individual who has left us that keeps the life of the individual living on for many years to come. They may leave us physically, but in all honesty they're still going to be right there in the hearts and souls of those who loved and knew them. A life can never leave us forever, so long as we keep on remembering them.

     My Grandad was a really neat person. Whenever you saw him he'd either be reading yet another book from his massive collection, playing what must've been addictive games of "Hearts" on the computer or continuously beating the rest of us at other forms of card games. If he wasn't doing that he'd be sitting in his chair telling us funny stories of his past and the people he knew or rattling off jokes so fast that he'd be onto the second one before we'd even sussed out the first. Most of the time our email inbox was clogged up with piles upon piles of funny emails he'd forwarded, sometimes you'd get emails that you'd already had ten times over, but we didn't mind because they were usually absolutely incredible or hilarious. And if myself, siblings and/or cousins got up to no good at his expense he'd always jokingly say "It may be against the law to hit your children, but it's perfectly alright to hit your grandkids!"

     That is why it came to such a shock to all of us when he passed away Sunday morning, because we'd never imagined him not being there.

     In my minds eye I can see many old memories of him, such as when my brother and I were younger and were dubbed "The Two Little One's". During the visits to Nana and Grandads house for some reason, and I've no idea how or why it started, if we woke up in the early hours of the morning I would jump into bed with Nana and Nick would sit on Grandads knee in the lazy boy and fall asleep again instantly.

     Then when Grandad went off to work to sell cars, each day he wore a different tie, I think he even had a Christmas one. Sometimes Nana would take us down to see him at work, and right there on his desk was a jar full of lollipops, without a doubt it was always there. Those lollipops nowadays aren't the same and they probably cost three times as much... Every morning when we were at Nana and Grandads we'd have delicious homemade bread, toasted for breakfast. Every time I used "Grandads honey" and every time up until a few years ago I was tsked for it!

     As a child I was gullible, whenever I saw Grandad he'd point at my shirt and say "what's that?" upon my looking down he'd flick me across the nose and burst into laughter for, yet again, tricking me. Because that's the sort of person he was, always having a joke around and enjoying himself. And that's how I'll remember him, as I'm sure, will others.

Rest In Peace Grandad. xx


  1. Sorry to hear about your grandfather. :( Sounds like he was a fun person to be with.

    "For us it’s never goodbye, it’s always ‘See you later’ “ - the UG

  2. Sorry for your loss, Kayla. It seems he was a funny person. Grandfathers are great fun. :(