Tuesday, 30 December 2014

A Year Ago: Reflections and whatnot

Well, I've been blogging for a good long time now on Blogspot.  On the 31st of December 2013 I decided to start blogging on here, so what, that's a year ago today? One thing Mum said to me, "Don't put your whole life on there." Of course not Mum, I'm intending on filling it with my favourite philosophical posts about the world. He He, well that didn't work out too well!!! I'm pretty positive I've managed to keep my anonymity quite well, however my main readers know who I am anyways, but one day maybe I may have a bit of a crowd reading my blog! Let me tell you a secret, I speak much more on here than I probably ever do in person - hope you're feeling lucky and special lol.

So a year has gone by, I've written 55 posts, this is #56. I've had 2360 views (as of now) and general views from all over the globe. The highest portion are from New Zealand, of course, however I've also got quite a few people either passing through, or reading, from the US. China, France, Germany, Poland, Austria, Romania, Canada, Venezuela, Indonesia, and Denmark.Quite interesting :)

And wow, what a year it's been! Certainly bumpy with some very sudden twists and turns, but nothing that we haven't gotten through. But along with that there have been good things to add to the mix of life. I've seen friends that I haven't seen in years, finally met friends that I've known for years and been able to rekindle old friendships too. Sure there are the people I may have spoken to heaps in the past, but this year we've drifted on our separate merry ways, but hey.

I joined the Young Farmers, met some new people. Had some fun times, and some not too fun times and made new acquaintances out of it. I finished High School. I turned 19.
I also realised that pre unconfirmed thoughts of people aren't as they appear, and have been secretly surprised with the turn out. Almost everywhere I've worked this year has been in a happy workplace environment and I learned new things from it, which completely strengthened my confidence and abilities too!

You know, there's all that rubbish that circulates on FB about life and whatnot basically saying, "What doesn't kill you makes you stronger, and makes you a better person overall" Normally I'm just like, yep, seen that before. But yeah, it's true in some aspects. I don't like to fill my life with mushy statements like that, however some of them are good!

Regarding Christmas, ours was pretty quiet. Mum, my sister and I went to the Christmas Eve carols/service. I caught up with Sam there too, which was nice to do it together. Mum and I reckon it's gonna be our new tradition! Dad and I milked Christmas morning, then came home for pancakes for breakfast. Opened some neat presents, watched the movie Lucy and had a nice simple lunch of homemade chicken kebabs and salads. I milked that afternoon and everyone went to the west coast to have a try at fishing. Normally we go to the east coast, but the tides and whether weren't right. Boxing Day came around, we spent it sleeping! (I still slept super well that night too).
     The 27th was my birthday, 19 years young (eek). It was pretty simple. I don't actually know what I did? Watched my favourite recorded TV show, David Attenborough - Galapagos. Sam came over that afternoon, then that night we went out for dinner with Nick and some young farmers at our local Tavern. Jamie McDell and Jason Kerrison (from OpShop) were there, singing. So it was neat to hear them and finally meet Jamie - even got a highfive and a picture for proof! haha

Now we're just about at the end of 2014 - I honestly won't be sad to see it go! No plans for New Years, we never celebrate, just work for me! I'm on day 2 of 7 straight milkings at one farm. The afternoons are getting hot o.O and I'm beginning to feel concerned that in about 2 weeks, the exam results will be in. Every time I think about it, I swear I feel more sick :(

*raises a glass and hopes for the best*

2015, come at me! I'm prepared for the best year ever! Hopefully some big new changes, new people, new beginnings. Some cool new things happening for me next year will be sweet, Thank you!

Tuesday, 23 December 2014

The Final Christmas Rush!

'Twas the day before Christmas Eve, and all through the house....not a creature was stirring...umm, nope, it certainly isn't quiet and peaceful here! So much is going on! Mum and I have stopped for a short break in between doing the typical Christmas preparations. What's on the agenda for today? We're cooking the second ham (the first we're giving to the lady who's currently milking for us), it smells divine with the red wine and plum sauce combination.
     This year, for a change, we're having a fruit salad - not the most cheapest dish to make (my gosh, the price of fruit!) but sometimes it's nice to do something different. And with a couple of basically everything (apart from Kiwifruit, which is gutting), it should be delicious!
     We've also been doing some chocolate making, and we decided that chocolate dipped marshmellows would be yum, and a nice addition to a selection of chocolates I'm giving two of my friends for Christmas. Homemade chocolates are cool, but you really need the patience of a saint to spend hours doing it, colouring the white chocolate and carefully putting it in the moulds etc etc, it gets frustrating and kinda boring after a while - no wonder we don't do it often!!

Tomorrow I'm back milking for another three days straight over this Christmas period (money! :D) and so much more needs to be done tomorrow. Can't really cook the desserts until Christmas eve, so the pav, chiffon (secret family recipe) and trifle will get done. My sister and her fiance are with us this year, so she's boning out the chickens to make our own kebabs (we tried some last night - omg! Yum!) Just a general tidy up needs doing too. It may not seem like a lot, but after a while it seems like a mountain load of things to do!

There are Christmas carols at the Causeway tomorrow night, so I'm meeting Sam and Chantelle there; 12 years in the area and I've never been! :O And I'm meeting them tonight to give them their gifts, and will probably go and see some more christmas lights at the same time. On Friday we finally caught up - after many months, and since it wasn't raining we bought some hot dogs and chips and went to the beach, time passed so fast but it was nice to see them. On the way home we stopped in at a house who had gold coin donations (sponsoring the local school) to look at their light display, it felt kinda weird waltzing onto somebody else's property, after 9 o'clock to look at decorations! It wasn't as good as the one on the main highway, but was still pretty neat :)

And Christmas came early for the local tyre shop today. Yesterday my car failed it's warrant due to needing two new front tyres!? :( It definitely wasn't what I needed to be hearing, this car has cost me the Earth in repair bills this year - I know cars cost money, but gosh! So today I went and bought some cheap new tyres, it's only a little car and I only drive locally. Doesn't need anything special, but the guy was good and cut $20 off each one for me. However when I came to pick it up, he had had to do a wheel alignment, as it was dangerously out of whack. Another $70 into the kitty, but hey. Gotta be safe, aye? Now I've just gotta get used to it driving differently to what I'm used to...

I can't believe that in a few days time I'll be 19 - the year has passed by so jolly fast. I've used my ID once and I feel really old and weathered in a way - especially after the year we've had. But I also look at myself in the mirror, and think. You're not 18! I see people my age all the time, and they actually look their age. I feel like I got to 15 and haven't appeared any older since!
     But at least I can go to work and have people realise straight away that I'm nice and old, mature and know what I'm doing. It's good to get respected everywhere I go. One farm I've worked at since October, actually prefers me over everyone else, and it's a real pain if I can't make it to them and have to swap with someone else. And it's odd to think they prefer me, with about a decade of experience milking cows, over someone like Dad...but it just so happens to be my favourite shed, so everything works out! Dad was also told the other day that I milked "like a machine". I've never thought of myself as a good, fast and consistent milker - sometimes I wonder whether I'm milking too slow, and holding people up! But apparently not, but hey - at least I do a good job :)

My birthday should be good, I get two days off and haven't really got anything planned - it's better that way. But there is a Jamie McDell concert at one of the local Taverns that night, so Nick and I are going, and hopefully a bunch of the Young Farmers will come along too - some of them reckoned they would. Hopefully it's good!
    Oh and also, we had a YF TenPin Bowling and Lazer tag the other night. I fully failed with the bowling, but Lazer....hehehehe she's The Man (actually that was my gun name ;) ) and I completely won. Was so stoked to have beaten everybody - shooting people with lazers is fun!

Aaaaannnnnd One more thing before I go - I will be meeting my friend XJ around New Years, when her family comes up this way for Christmas. I've known her for four years through correspondence, and finally we're meeting 'in person". Quite exciting :)

Hope all my readers have a lovely Christmas!

Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Christmas Countdown ?

We're nine days until Christmas and my gosh it's hard to get into the spirit, Currently, we're all hibernating inside for as long as we possibly can, and avoiding the horrible wind and dreadful rain! Over the weekend it was pouring down and it's getting super boring! How can one feel happy and bouncy and excited for Christmas, when it feels like winter and all you want to do is snuggle up and sleep?? We should be getting over 20 degree weather these days and we're sticking at around 12, it's certainly not fun at all. Nine days til Christmas, there isn't long for this weather to sort itself out!

Friday Mum and I (stupidly) went into the city town to do some groceries and christmas shopping. I've got all of mine done now, except for Mum and thankfully there were so many specials that I probably spent half as much as I could've! Great for saving :) Annoyingly, it was pouring down in there, so whenever we went somewhere, we got soaked. We struggled our way around Pak'n'Save, which is still under redecorating and since they've moved everything and because we haven't been there for such a long time, it was a "where is....?" situation. And we also didn't think about the fact it was FRIday, so of course it'd be busy! *rolls eyes*
Sunday morning I went to milking and didn't bother taking any wet weather gear, regretted it. The guy, Tom that I milk with sometimes, told me I'd be a drowned rat by the end of milking, and yep. I definitely was! Since there is no backing gate, you've gotta go into the yard to push the cows in. Usually when it's not raining it isn't so bad, but it was exceptionally painful and wet. Didn't help that the cows didn't want to go up! So as I left I didn't realise how wet I actually was - wearing good old shorts and singlet underneath overalls so I didn't get too hot (lol), then realised I was literally soaked through. Lovely! Tom suggested to go home and put myself through the drier - I probably could of too!

Yet again, dinner at the beach plans THIS Monday were cancelled because of the weather. Although I love going to the beach after stormy weather to see what's come in, I wouldn't want to stick around very long with this hammering wind...So, fingers crossed, Friday may be better suited. But this time we've got a back up plan of getting dinner at the restaurant in case of the rain.

Mum and I are slowly getting Christmas things sorted. Today Mum made two sponges to freeze for the Trifle, yesterday we processed all the biscuits and fruit puffs so it's easy enough to slap the Chiffon and Lolly Cake together. We also cleaned out the second fridge today, sounds weird having a second fridge aye? It's too expensive to run continuously so we turn it on at Christmas so we've got spare places to store all the extra food. We've mostly good sorted and figured what we're eating over Christmas. Basically just got to cook up the last of our ham a couple days prior and cook the chicken on the day. Mum even managed to get the barbeque trays cleaned - not that we've used the BBQ yet, with this weather and all.... -_- I put up the Christmas tree the other day - it looked great! Now, it kinda looks pretty depressed and droopy. It's a fake tree, and Frodo has climbed all through it. No, she doesn't have the excuse of it being her first Christmas. But there's nothing more heartwarming than seeing those normal cat eyes go huge and dark, filled with wonder and excitement. Love cats at Christmas. Don't love the damage they do though!

I've also tried and tried to get into reading, but I really am struggling quite a lot. It's mad! I've been trying to get through Death Comes to Pemberley since my last blog post, but I'm only half way through it, more than a week later. Every time I go to read it, I get distracted after a few minutes, or I have to force my eyes to stay open. Then when I do start to get into it, it's kinda boring? I won't write up the review Bianca. It probably IS a good book, it's just difficult to get myself back into reading, after so many months of not doing it. It's also difficult to read a book, based on Jane Austen, knowing that she didn't write it and having to read through all the reminders of what happened. It's just a very different author style, but I'm sure I'll get into it - eventually. We actually found the DVD for it, so I bought it - hoping if I could watch it, then it might make reading it more interesting. That's a whole other story!

There's been a big change with our "home theatre" system -_-  a while ago Dad bought a blueray player, and a new TV when ours died. I never really understood it, because I can live without watching TV. Anywho. So ever since then we hadn't actually watched any movies. Chuck this one in, sweet as! Umm, where's the volume?? Hehe. In the end it was realised that the picture was transferring through, just no sound. Dad did heaps of testing and playing around for a few hours, does the disc actually have sound?? Yep, apparently.  Ok, try this. No, try that. Yes!, wait. It eventually got all figured out, and by now I had to go back to work, so we couldn't watch it. This was Sunday night, Mum and Dad went to the movies to see The Hobbit and Nick and I went a young farmers get together. Didn't turn it all back on until yesterday, hmm, no signal and no sound! Mum and I gave in, and turned it all off again. (We aren't very technically minded and it's better if we not touch anything in case we accidentally do something!) Last night, turned it on. Hmm, Dad yet again spends an hour or so on it with Nick, unplugging everything and resetting all the stuff. And then, we have sound!! Woohoo. Turn it off, sound's gone. Sort it out again. Mum and Dad watched Breakfast this morning, yet again. No sound. So it seems that every time we turn it all off, the sound goes. Absolutely no idory why, but LOL!
I'm finding it a tad amusing.

Monday, 8 December 2014

6 books, who's gonna be lucky #1?!

I would say that summer is panning out to be absolutely beautiful - but today I wake up to rain and a text from a friend saying our dinner plans on the beach may just have to be postponed. But oh well, that is life!

And this rain is blimmen brilliant actually - a bit of rain every couple weeks throughout summer may just keep us from drought this year, as it is, summer has started late up here - which is a good thing! With the payout dropping and continuing to drop, we are noticing that we're losing some big typical summer time jobs. It's not great, definitely not great, but so long as this dry factor stays clear this year, things may not get as bad as they could. Fingers crossed anyway - it's been a crappy year farm wise. However these things just come with the territory, you soon learn to expect them.

Well it's almost 10 am, I'm still in PJ's, haven't had breakfast and I'm already writing my blog - lol. Makes for a nice change! Usually by now, over the past week I would have been recently home from milking, pulling out dried up pieces of cow poo from my hair and wondering how long it'll be until it's actually worthwhile washing it - as I had to milk every day, all week. Running low on water and gas, doesn't make for a nice combination - oh the joys of summer! But hey, today is the first day of no work for me, since Monday, it's been good money wise - but not so great sleep wise. Gosh, the driving just takes it out of me! It's nice not to be up at 5am for a change - but my alarm clock just loves resetting itself back to that time, even though I changed it for 8. *rolls eyes*

I spoke to my chem teacher last week about the last of this work that I've been finishing up. He finally passed the redox, after I had to edit Zinc from Zi to the proper Zn (who does that?! Even spell check on here knows what's right and wrong lol) and he gave me an excellence! Even though I told him I didn't care for the grade - just the credits being in on time. But oh well. He gave me more suggestions for the 1080 report, so yesterday I fixed that up some more and sent it back, saying that's the last of the editing I'm ever going to do, so just mark it. So he's marking it officially today. I get the feeling he's just been pushing me on that one, to get me a higher grade on that too. I didn't do all that he suggested, but most of it. Term ends for the correspondence school tomorrow, so he's no choice but to just get it over with. So once that's been put through, I just need proof of credits so come January if they're not "officially" on NZQA, I should be able to get UE by showing them this proof that they're in, just not "in".
Now I can clean up my office - it's a pig sty - literally. Actually it's probably not that bad - it just needs to be sorted properly, pack up all my school work and file it away in a deep dark room - like the attic.

But that won't be getting done today. Why, you ask? Well there's just the small factor of having books to read! Yes, it's true, I've plenty of time to read now, and I can't wait to get into them. I've had a couple books on my Kobo waiting for me, and still had money on my account that I put into Kobo months ago. So the other day I went wild, and bought three more books! hehe So now the books I've got to read are "The Book Thief", "Death At Pemberley" which is a new release spin off of Pride and Prejudice by P.D. James - apparently he's been studying Jane Austen for years - so that should be really good!
There's "Reconstructing Amelia" by an author I've never read before, but it looks good - I'll get back to you on that one though. "Little Miracles" by Giselle Green, "The Prodigal Sister" by Laura Elliot - two more new authors. and "Secret Lives" by Diane Chamberlain - one of my more favourite writers.

Last Christmas when Mum and Dad got me the E-Reader I wasn't keen - but it is convenient, I'll give you that, and yes, books are much cheaper this way. There are still those really special series that I'll get them all as real books - cover to cover. But I've accustomed myself to this way too. And the great thing with Kobo is that it gets to know what you like, and gives you ideas that it recommends for you. Which is how I get onto these new authors, cos they're similar to what I already like. I do think that I'll be rereading the Mortal Instrument books though. Instead of having to wait for them to become available, I've got all nine books at my fingertips. So I think I'll be going back to starving myself all day, most days, as I'm too engrossed in these beautiful books. It'll be a happy time - until anyone hauls me away from them. So word of warning, I've been waiting months for this, I've finished my schoolwork forever, I deserve this, so stay clear...unless you've got chocolate! :D

So right now I'm thinking of hunting down that chocolate sundae I didn't eat after maccas last night, grabbing my Kobo and getting into it....the questions remains though...What do I read, FIRST?!??!! o.O

Sunday, 30 November 2014

Praying for things to look a little brighter...

I wish I could say, 'I've finished school!' But alas, as yet I can't. Friday was the cut off date to get the last credits put through to NZQA, at about lunch time Friday I sent in my final report on 1080 for Chemistry, and then, I was done! Yay! Or maybe not. I went out to work around four and missed a call from my teacher saying that I urgently needed to add one last thing or something or other.
     Got home about 6, attempted to ring him but got afterhours, emailed and told him he'd have to ring me instead. He'd also emailed me earlier, so I edited what I needed to, then emailed it back through. Then never really heard back. So I was feeling almost certainly ill by this stage.

 Mum had spoken to him on the phone when I was working, and she is pretty sure he said he would send out the certificate for it, but he just wanted to be sure I knew what I was actually meaning and in my rush I must've missed it - easily done. So this was a little reassuring. Mum and Dad had planned we'd go out to watch the new Hunger Games movie and I missed his next email at 7:30. Pretty much just said I also made an error in my other assessment, and he'd call me Monday and talk about grade statuses and what not. Oh, how I wished he could've just said, "Look, I've given you a pass, not a high grade but just an A. So long as you can email through where you can see you've made a silly little error, so I can be sure you are capable..." Yeah, right.
     It wouldn't have been so much of a problem if I had've gotten it done earlier in the week. But I couldn't get a hold of my teacher, which pretty much left me high and dry for a couple days. I actually had to call another teacher in the South Island, who then called him. It's extremely frustrating and scary - my life next year basically sits in the balance, while I wait to hear of the verdict. It's not a happy time. Also doesn't help when so many people are "so excited" about me going to Palmy next year, and they can't stop talking about it. It's like, flippen heck, why do all these people have to know about everything?!
My last exam was done about a week and a half ago, and I haven't even done the usual things I do to treat myself at the end of exams. Usually I'd go and get my hair done for summer, or go and buy the new music I've been waiting for. Gosh, the new Taylor Swift and One Direction (please don't judge lol) CD's have been out for well over a month, not to mention the 5SOS music I've been eager to get too, and I haven't even thought of it til now. My Kobo is still sitting lifeless beside my bed, quite abandoned. What have I been doing this past week and a half? So much. Almost thirty hours of milkings in a week - double what I'd normally do -, plus the hours and hours of computer time, staring at the screen typing and researching. Only to be left where I am now, a bucket full of worry.

But I'm feeling pretty gutted for my friend who was turned down for a medical course she applied for. I know the sickening feeling seeing an email from a scholarship provider, and the heart dropping moment when the word "sorry" comes into play. But being turned down on such an awesome three year course must be devastating...But everything can only go up from here, right??

I've lost the two little chicks I dubbed Domino and Chekaz last week. They'd been getting quite mobile and every night they were out I'd spend ages trying to catch them and lift them up the ramp into the chook house - it's about a metre off the ground. But this one night I went with Mum to go pick dad up from a job, I admit I just chucked food at them and the pigs and left to go, not thinking too much of it. The next morning I went out to there house...and it was so quiet. Usually the little things are tweeting their lungs out, but, nothing. I searched high and low, the three mothers/babysitters were more interested in food. I listened intently for little tweets, trying to find their way home again. Absolutely nothing was disturbed either, no feathers. The others weren't stressed. So all we can think is that the nasty ginger tom cat that's been hanging around decided he was hungry, and jumped the 1.8m fence to get them or a stoat was passing through. I'm thinking the latter, stoats are evil twisted things. So it's quite sad, they were nearly a month old too...

We had the Gumboot Ball last night, it wasn't absolutely awesome, but it was OK. It's not a ball - per se, just a bit of a party in a restaurant/pub/bar thing with a live band. About thirty people came, almost all wearing gumboots and dancing was classified as standing amongst a group of people just moving around with the music. It was nice to try and forget about a few things for a night, and I did my usual 'be polite and talk' when one of the guys my age came to talk to me. And when he suggested I join in with the dancing, I did my typical, oh I will on the next song. Which provided the brilliant escape route I like to make, and I didn't have to speak to him again for the rest of the night, a good choice really as later on he seemed quite drunk. My escape plan didn't last long though, as one of the girls made me join in.
     It was fun, but some songs just aren't the best, you know? It's a little awkward when you don't know the song!
     We left just after midnight and someone suggested to go to mcdonalds. Ok, but at least it'll be quiet. But nope, somebody else suggested to move on to another bar - hmm. So I used my ID for the first time to get into this place with the rest of them, but I wasn't very happy about being there. Especially as it was packed, like literally, there was no room for personal space - something I often need in high amounts. Thankfully after five minutes we left again for home, but not before a guard tapped me on the back and asked if I had been ID checked at the door. Gee, even being dressed up, I still look too young. Just as well though, I'm not intending on going back to a place like that again.
     But at least now I know what sort of Young Farmer things I want to be involved in, paintball, yes. Partying. NO.

Monday, 24 November 2014

Biology = Finished :)

Super happy right now, actually relieved. As I called my Biology teacher to ask about the two internals I'm waiting on marks for, and she has (finally) marked them and has given an A and an M. So I let out this total *poof* sigh of relief that those credits are now in the system! NCEA Biology is now finished!! Yay!
As for Statistics...I had the exam on Thursday, which was my last exam and it went fantastically. I managed to take my time and answered everything, pretty positive I answered it all correctly, so I left the auditorium with a grin smeared across my face lol. There was a little bit of trouble in that exam though, which had me a little confused but amused at the same time. Because I was at the front of the room I'm not actually sure what happened, but I believe that somebody was actually dragged from the room by the supervisor....I know at the beginning they were very excited and didn't want to quieten down, and when everyone tore the plastic wrap off, many threw theirs across the room. Which, annoyingly, I had to collect, along with the other students who sat at the front of the room. But yeah, something happened, and they all started sniggering during the exam, which prompted a  "shut up!" from the lady. Then, nek minut, she was storming down the room, a chair and desk seemed to be scraped along the floor, more stomping of the feet and then the door was opened and slammed shut! I was like....what did I just miss?!?!?! :O After that, a heap of students "finished" and left quietly, but after they were outside a chorus of laughing sounded, yet again prompting the supervisor to basically run out there and scream her lungs out there at them. I wouldn't be surprised that she noted the disturbance of the students to be sent to NZQA, I mean, a couple years ago I was told each time you used the bathroom it was noted, and after so many NZQA would be told. Understandable though, when apparently somebody cheated last year with a water bottle....Moreover, I do wish to imagine that the student was dragged out by the ear, but I'm still waiting on confirmation of this lol

However, considering these students are seniors, it's not a good look, at all. Though the school has many trouble makers.

As for the stats internal, I'm almost finished. I managed to finally get the TMA sent in, with an apology for it being so late and with the intention to have the internal part done and sent back by Wednesday afternoon. My teacher is usually pretty quick to mark, so I'm pretty sure it'll be sorted quickly. Unfortunately that just leaves chem, which is in the process, I'm now waiting on my teacher in that to get back to me....

On Friday Mum and I took the bus trip to my sister's in Auckland city, where we stayed at her place in her apartment, 8 storys high and looking down on Vector Arena. It was pretty weird for us country bumpkins! The three of us went, on foot, to Queen street, as my sister was told she needed to have her shoes for her wedding dress fitting, the main reason we went there. So at the same time I looked out for a dress for the Gumboot Ball.We were out there for hours, in amongst all the Asians. Not that I'm racist, but my gosh, there's a lot of them in Auckland! Eventually she found the shoes that she wanted, boots actually.  A sort of suede brown. And I found this really neat dress. Mum and my sister tried to convince me on this white dress, that had lace material over top. Sorta with a half back, it looked nice, but I'm not one who likes something to feel like a second layer of skin. They assured me it look awesome, but I'm like. Nope. So instead I got this other white dress, quite plan but still really nice. Fabulous because it was on Queen street, and only cost $25! Extra bonus, it's so casual and light so it'll make a nice summer dress, and something to have on hand at uni too. Brilliant. :)

And tomorrow I've got three milkings to do, one probably starting at 5am and I'm thinking about 3 1/2 hours. Then a 2 hour milking at 11:30. Then back to the first shed for the arvo milking at 3pm. Money money money, as I keep thinking... o.O

Sunday, 16 November 2014

Crazy times

I'm on a lunch break from school at the moment, listening to 5 Seconds of Summer and being assisted by our dear cat Miller. He's an oldie our Miller, he recently turned 9 (?) human years old - I guess that's not THAT old when in comparison some of my friends cats are happy and healthy at 15. But our cats never live past 10 years, which is sad. Anywho, Miller has been on death's door for the last 6 or 7 years (apparently) after he contracted cat aids. Well he's still sticking around like a bad smell, but in a good way! However lately he hasn't done all that much and his claws are flippen sharp! And he sits on my lap and insists  that I'm quite uncomfortable -_- Ugh, but in the meantime he is purring away and giving me lots of cuddles, so he's quite sweet when he wants to be :)

What's been going on around here? I've finished two of my three exams, with my last due on Thursday morning. Chemistry was hard! Like, I knew it was going to be hard, but I was quite confident that I'd studied enough. Pfft, biggest joke ever! I'm sure I've failed one of the papers, ironically the one I was the most confident about. Luckily there is another internal exam available to do, so I emailed my teacher and said "send me that book!" argh. It's quite annoying, because it's just added something extra onto my "to do" list, but hey, life throws curveballs doesn't it? If it didn't, it wouldn't be life. However, Biology went quite OK - although the exam room was absolutely freezing. It was hailing outside.
     It was funny in my chem exam, because after the supervisor had said all the rules and regulations - and trust me, after four years of NCEA I could recite them in my sleep - she offered we could begin five minutes early, unless however, somebody had a problem with that. Two guys, I think jokingly, disagreed with the idea and they were scolded. Lol, she acted quite grumpy at them, and said "fine then, but you will sit in SILENCE" hehe. Quite amusing really. But then came exam session number two - a full session this time and yet again she offered we could start a few minutes early - unless there was a disagreement. I do kinda disagree with it, although I'm not stupid enough to alert the public schoolers to my presence more than I have to. So I sit quietly. But one girl said it would stuff with her time management, and somebody else agreed. Then - instantaneous applause from all of the students in the room, from years 11 to 13. I couldn't help but grin!

So now I've got just five internals to do, and my chem teacher suggested that seeing as the official end date was the 28th of this month, to get them sent in by the 20th, which would allow time for marking and thus the results coming through this year. So I'm currently trying desperately to stay head down tail up (I actually don't have a tail btw....despite my Dad saying it was cut off at birth ;) ) as well as prepare for my final exam Thursday morning. So I've got a lot to do! Thankfully three of these internals are report based, so it's basically just lots of typing and researching. Two chem tests have calculations and all the other joys of the world....So Thursday will be the last day of school for me, forever!!! Woohoo!!!
     Then, Friday Mum and I are catching the Naked bus to Auckland to go to my sisters' place. Go find a dress for me for the Young Farmers Gumboot Ball and then go to the dress fitting for her wedding, so all the bridesmaids are trying on our dresses too.

Quite a lot of work related things are driving us insane at the moment. We had two potential new staff members come, Dad went to a client and gave them a free milking in return for him being able to do a training/interview milking. Obviously the employee to be would have to be paid for that. So the old guy worked out, and Dad sent him off to do about four days worth of milkings - however on Friday he showed up and said that he couldn't really cope with the physical activity so he couldn't work for us. Mum and I didn't get a good feeling off of him anyway. Then this girl came a couple days later and had the same thing. She had two training milkings, Mum and Dad booked her in for milkings this weekend coming, but now she's not too sure whether she will be available. So as Mum said, do you want to work for us - yes or no?! Umm, yeah  ummm. No. Gee Thanks! -_- It's so annoying, we take time out of our days to spend time with these people and get them going, but they change their minds. It's super frustrating! However there's this uni student who's looking for work over summer, he's still keen so I think something will get sorted out tomorrow. Fingers crossed he works out, for Summer atleast, because we've got work coming out of our ears - yes, even with the payout drop! It's mental!
     Every day in January is booked for about two different milkings...already. *Takes a deep breath*

Currently though I'm still getting a bit peeved with this constant weather fluctuations. It's rainy then sunny, then rainy, then blowing like heck, then sunny! Make up your mind!! Can't believe that Christmas is a mere few weeks away o.O

Friday, 7 November 2014

Year 13: almost done! It's coming up so quick I can almost taste it :D

I know it's only five days since my last post, but I figured, why not?

Everything is going pretty swell here, not that I want to jinx anything...but it's going mostly swell anyhow. School is plodding itself along just nicely. When just a few weeks ago I was freaking about how much I had to do, I'm happy with how far I've come since then. Currently I've just got the pre-assessment for redox that I'm procrastinating on hehe and two actual internal assessments for chem -redox and spectroscopy. Just one booklet left to study for Biology, then the internal assessment/report on homeostasis. Also I've only got to do one more Stats internal assessment, and four more chapters in the booklet for the stats External. Nice! It has come about that I've decided not to bother on one other stats internal, and I also figured to not even consider the equilibrium external for chem, meaning not having to cram any learning for that.
This time on Tuesday I'll almost be finished my final NCEA Chemistry exam, so it's about 3 1/2 days away, so this weekend I'll pull out the studying for it and biology, which is on Thursday morning. Feeling very positive and optimistic.

Although my biology teacher is annoying me quite a bit, with no replying to emails and not sending any marked work back in a while. I'm still waiting to hear that I passed the internal I sat nearly 3 weeks ago, seriously not good enough that I emailed her Monday and she still hasn't replied. So I've emailed her and left her a phone message. Come Monday my learning adviser will be getting a call to see what's going on! Thank goodness I'm not waiting on anything to do with externals o.O

On Tuesday Dad gave mum the complimentary call to state that he'd just been in a head on car accident down the road from us on his way to one of the farms we work on. So we drove down and found that he had been going around a blind corner, come across another car and they smacked into each other. It is a gravel road that is quite skinny, so really only one car can fit on it at a time, it just so happened that he and somebody else went around at the same time and they collided when the brakes locked up on the gravel.  Just as well they were only going slowly, otherwise it could've been a heck of a lot worse. Dad was towing the big trailer with the bike and spray trailer on it, so when he slammed on the brakes the tie-downs snapped, sending it through the front gate - which used to be a nice metal plate, but it was mutilated! And because he got a lift-kit for the ute, there wasn't much damage to it. Thankfully it wasn't twisted structurally and only needs a new front bumper, grill and bullbars and stone guard. The bullbars saved our ute, but they destroyed the other vehicle - a little station wagon and basically acted kinda like an air bag I guess, and prevented a lot of pressure on the ute. I suppose the other vehicle got an unintended nose job!
There were also two babies in the other car, so it was jolly lucky all around. Oh yeah, and calling 111 and saying there was a head on accident, will not only bring the cops which you ask for, but also the Fire Brigade - complete with some trained friends of mine who were hauled out of one of their last days of school - Ambulance and eventually a doctor and a nurse turned up. Two tow trucks also heard about it so they came out too - not that they were needed as the other car lived on the road and was towed back with a tractor. However they were all sent on their merry way to find some more important work to do.

Yesterday Dad spent the day fixing his trailer and my sister came up to plan and make her wedding invitations and whatnot with us. I helped a bit, but mostly did schoolwork. Once her and Mum had figured out what looked best, they got into it, but she was still here until about 7pm doing them, and they weren't all finished either. I think they looked pretty cool, but there's still more work to do on table settings and such. Her wedding has come around pretty quick, been almost two years but that time has flown! We managed to tie in some purple ribbon on the cards that looks very similar to the bridesmaid dresses. :)

Oh yeah, and only two chicks ended up hatching which is a shame - I really wanted to have about 8 or so running around but we always only ever get two or three. But they're still cute and it seems really weird for three chooks to be babysitting only two chicks. Anywho, they're the mothers and nothing I suggest gets taken into account - golly I can barely pick up the chicks without Mumble attacking me. She is the sort of chicken who is so temperamental that she'd probably rip out your eyes and not be guilty in the least!

Sunday, 2 November 2014

They're starting to hatch!!!

What's been happening on the home front? Lots. Again. It gets kinda boring doesn't it?

I've hurt my wrist, who knows how. There's no bruise, not abrasion, no swelling, just jolly sore. Might've bashed it on something, or sprained it somehow...probably at work, mighta been kicked by a cow. I don't know. All I know is that it's flippen annoying, and makes it hard to type. It's been like this for a few days now, so I know it's not a general "it'll go away" thing, like I usually say. I've tried deep heat, a hot water bottle, carrying on using it as per normal - ie: milking lol. Try NOT to use it. Now I've got a bandage on it to kinda support it or something. I dunno. Either way, nothing is working, so I'm baffled. Don't worry! It's my left hand :D Phew!

I'm up to working at 18 different cow sheds in the district now, as of last week. They're 16 hour milkings there, meaning there's around about a 16 hour time difference between each milking. So I've been milking at all hours of the day. 11:30 am, then 5:30 am, then 6 pm....it's not been too bad, but I found the mid day one to be quite time consuming. You know, it's the main part of the day, so trying to fit school around it was quite difficult. But nevertheless, Nick is finishing up the last couple days, I've decided my wrist is too sore and it's FAR too much of a risk to be working this close to my exams. The fear of getting injured in a freak accident has never worried me so much as this year, and with only about a week to go, I need to spend every waking minute studying. D:

Yesterday Nick competed in his first Young Farmer of the Year competition, district finals. He did OK, not as well as he wanted to do, but actually pretty good considering. He had no idea on what modules there were, as he's never even watched the competition, and as you would expect he was a little nervous - which came through. Though he came 8th out of 12 people, and got 4th in fencing and quads, which is really good! Considering he was also the youngest there, he did really well :) The national winner from earlier this year was from our district, so it's pretty cool to be involved and for our district/region to take it out again, that'd be pretty darn sweet!

General update on the chickens.....we have one little nugget sized bundle of fluff!! It's seriously uber cute, although we've raised quite a few clutches, it really tugs at the heart strings, seeing these little munchkins...heck, even Dad is trying not to be too interested, but we know that secretly he loves seeing the baby chicks too. :D I know that the eggs were supposed to hatch over the next week, so hopefully this little one won't be the only one, and hopefully we get more pullets rather than roosters this time round...fingers crossed...seeing lots of baby chickens grow up is really quite special. They grow up really fast, but when they run to you from day one, and for the likes of Curry who's been with us about 5 years, you tend to get quite attached :)

Short update for today :)

Saturday, 25 October 2014

Exams, crazy youth antics, new chicks, milkings, busy!!

Two weeks until my Chemistry exam...yikes! That is just too close, far too close for comfort o.O However...things are going well! I'm actually getting things done, and not only am I getting things chucked out of the way, I'm also getting good marks. What better combination? Stats internal....excellence..phew! Another excellence in Stats, yay!
     I sent in a Biology internal, although it confused me a tad. I got an excellence in the pre assessment, however the internal itself was basically the same thing. What could I have done so that it didn't sound like I was basically copying my pre assessment? There's a question!
    And I'll also get the pre assessment done for a Chemistry internal done this weekend - pity I didn't get my teacher to email through the internal assessment. Darned long weekends -_-

So with two weeks to go, and only the information for two papers under my belt, uh, brain, I'm considering the benefits, if any, of attempting to get through the three booklets for the Equilibrium paper? It's sorta that Catch 22 again, where I could get extra time for studying for just two papers, and then have an extra hour in the exam to do really well on those two papers, and also risk UE if I just happened to fail one of those papers o.O OR I could do these three booklets at a rush, and risk it in the exam not having that extra time on my hands...hmm, I'm not too sure aye. I really am pushing it this year a bit...but, I'm still getting good marks, which is the main thing! Any assessment I send in is almost always coming back with an M or E.
     Decisions Decisions! My stats teacher emailed yesterday, to ask if I'd do another internal, and that if I sent it in over Christmas, he could mark it in March..uumm hello! We're talking UE here, you know that. I can't get UE in March. So I said, "there's two weeks, there's two internals. Plenty of time to get them done!" Forever optimistic! :D
    So things are going good, one more bio internal to do, two chem internals, but I'm basically ready for them, and two stats internals. Two weeks until exams start.

The other day I chose my room at Colombo with Massey's room choosing portal. It's the first year they've used it, so typically, there were issues. Sounds a little like OTLE! However it worked, I got a room on the third floor, and took the room that seemed to stare at me. I know it's a first in first served basis, so it being "reserved" for me, I'm assuming no body else had chosen it before me? Surely, one would think it would've disappeared from the online thing. Anywho, it's in a wing with two RA's, and it's out of the way of the kitchen and stairwell and semi close to one of the bathrooms, but at the same time it's not too far away. It looks like the room for me from the basic map, even though the rooms are identical lol.
So far I know one person who's also going to be there, kinda know them, kinda don't. Another Te Kura student, from Taranaki who's in my biology online tutorial class. But they're planning on studying nanoscience. Rather them than me! :)

Youth group last week was interesting....sadly Jo wasn't there because she was sick, but the other two leaders, Jas and Jeff, did a pretty good job. The idea behind what they made us do was good. But what they made us do was just right out there terrible. Very evil indeed! So basically Jas talked about Lot and how he and his family fled, Gommorah? Soddem? I can't remember the city name, anywho, and his wife being turned into a pillar of salt etc. So Jas got us to brush our teeth, and whoever could brush them the longest would win three chocolate bars. The catch was this...we had to brush our teeth with lard, aka pig fat. OMG! The whole thought of it still makes me gag, my golly it was absolutely disgusting.
     Everyone was just happily brushing away for two minutes and nobody gave in. One girl suggested to swallow it to get it out of your mouth. Don't do it. I nearly threw up right there on the spot...After that I gave up. If I was that desperate for chocolate, I'd go buy some. So everyone else kept brushing except two of the guys who didn't need to do it. Another two minutes gone and they all kept brushing - this time having to brush with a massive chunk of the fat with the promise of chocolate at the end. Once they were done, Jas handed out chocolate to those of us who didn't do the challenge, including me. The others got nothing! Jas compared the idea to God not following up on promises and how annoying and betrayed you'd feel. Those kids were feeling pretty darn annoyed Jas didn't follow up! But they got chocolate after that anyway :) So basically he was talking about God always fulfilling promises whether we want them or not, and using Lot as an example. Because they were strictly told "do not look back'' as they ran from the city, and Lots' wife looked back, and she was turned into a pillar of salt. That's the basic run down of it anyway. But here's a suggestion. Don't ever brush your teeth with lard, if you're like me you'll still feel ill the next morning. Probably doesn't help that I don't eat pig....

So much is coming up, this weekend I'm milking the whole time including Monday - which is fantabulous because it's double pay :D Wednesday is Mum and Dad's 20th Wedding anniversary, and I milk at yet another new farm (for me) on Wednesday, except this farm does 16hr milkings, so milking starts at 6pm! Gonna be weird! Thursday is the young farmers monthly meeting. Saturday is the district Young Farmer of the Year competition which Nick has entered into, just to see what it's like. I was gonna go down there and help out/watch but with the 16hr milkings continuing for almost a week, I've got a milking at about midday. So inconvenient! But hey, it's money for jam and I'll just have to go down for the after party/dinner thing. Oh yeah, and by now we're in November. Where the HECK has the year gone?!?!

Added extra....by then, the beginning of November, I'll have some baby chickens! Two clucky chooks Pepsi and Mumble have been sitting on eggs, it was meant to be about 6 eggs, but I think I got it to about 8, and then the other three girls have been giving them more eggs -_- So I'll be curious to see how this works, two mothers, wonder whether they'll job share, or take certain ones for themselves or what?! Will be interesting to see what happens :)
Time for bed, hopefully I'll get more than 4 hours sleep tonight, keeping my fingers firmly crossed!

Thursday, 16 October 2014

Farming: Something to think about

I'm struggling on ideas on how to write this post, I've sorta got the ideas there, but wording them and bringing them all together is what is getting me at the moment. So please, be prepared! And like normal, please be aware that these are my opinions and my thoughts on things, I'm not here to be judged, I'm just here to write down what I'm thinking. Today is one of those kinda typical controversial topics (eek).

I'm gonna talk about farming related things, because currently, there is just so much going on - in Dairy especially. The payout is one thing, issues with the crazy weather at the moment is another. And there are a lot of people dying - either because they're killing themselves from the stress or it's something else like an accident on a quad that probably didn't need to happen. There is a lot of controversy going on; from the townies having a whinge and thinking they know everything there is to know about what we farmers do and are doing to ruin it for everyone else; ACC is running around being politically correct and telling us what to do. The list just goes on, and farming seems to be becoming more based on paperwork than just milking the cows.

What fueled this thought process of mine? It was waking up the other morning after a blissful sleep in, checking my Facebook and seeing a shared news article on yet another quad bike accident - another death. I thought to myself - why? Is it just general stupidity? A member of staff trying to be the hero to show off in front of his colleagues? Maybe the whole day had been utter crap, everything had gone wrong as it does on farms quite often, and this person just thought about what might've been going on at the time, and wasn't really thinking about what was going on around him. As a result, he died. Something to do with a quad and an effluent pond. I don't know the particulars, I'm not one to judge or gossip and bleat about what this person should've done and randomly point my finger at somebody to blame. That's not me. I'm just sitting in bed reading this and feeling absolutely dumbfounded about how easily it can and does happen. That poor family, losing somebody so quickly and having him be one of those "statistics" that there is such a big opinion about. Also, what a kick in the guts for other families who have lost people, to see a list of names of people who have also recently died from quad related accidents. What the heck is this?

I understand that it's good to be proactive and remind people about the dangers involved around four wheelers, but I personally believe that reminding people about the past isn't going to do anything other than bring back more bad memories of when other people had a family member hurt or killed. When Dad rolled his quad a month or so ago it scared the heck out of us. He was fine, sure - one of the lucky ones. But if he'd died, I wouldn't want to be reading an article and seeing his name there as a statistic! Although this is possibly only something little, it is part of the big picture.         
     People are judgmental towards farmers, especially when somebody dies. And I don't think that's fair. If somebody dies from a drunk driver, sure go ahead and be judgmental towards drunk drivers, it needs to be done. But 99.99% of the time, farmers are there doing GOOD THINGS! We don't like our people dying, we are horrified if somebody commits suicide. If our animals break out onto the main road and are killed or injured, I know all I'd want to do is go somewhere and cry - but what about that nasty storm we might've just had? What if they were running because they were scared of what was going on around them? Heaps of our animals have been hurt, those animals that we've worked out butts off to care for, yet the first thing you do is point the finger and us and say "It was YOUR FAULT".
     That would be just like saying to somebody who'd run their child over in a driveway, "Well, maybe if you'd shown more care, then it wouldn't have happened?" You don't blimmen well do that, so why do people do it to farmers? Remember that 99.99% of the time, we do everything in our power to look after our farm and our animals because they are our livelihood, without them we would be nothing. It's the same thing when those 10 calves were hit by trucks recently when they broke onto the road. Who knows what happened for those calves to be up and running wild in the early hours of the morning when generally they'd be asleep? Nobody knows, but what we do know is that 10 happy, healthy calves that have probably recently be weaned are now dead because they got hit by trucks. Marvelous way to die? It's not fair when we work for hours on end in our busiest time of year to raise the calves that will keep food on our tables in a couple years time, to find that a bunch are all dead overnight. An old saying is, "You have live stock, you have dead stock" but it's not fair when straight away people point the fingers at us and tell us that it was lucky nobody (person) died. Because of course it's gonna be our fault! Who else is there to blame?!

People constantly call farmers rich, I know from personal experience from my own townie relatives that they pass judgement on us. The townies are extremely unforgiving and remember everything to a fine detail when we do something wrong. One farmer beating his cows will instantly have the entire industry cowering under the glaring eyes of the animal activists who believe that if one person does it, everyone will. But (heaven forbid) if we do something good....if you're following me you'll understand that there will be no comment at all.

Recently, the country has been getting its eyes opened to all the farmers out there who just can't handle the pressure anymore and decide to just make it stop. It's one of those topics that nobody wants to hear about, but everyone needs to be aware. You know, life isn't all rosy like a lot of people think it is. When everything is going well, when the weather is perfect and the payout is high, we're judged on being "typical rich farmers". But when everything is actually pretty scary, like this year. Many people just turn a blind eye. The weather has been crap across most of the country this winter, the spring has been quite wet so far and knowing our luck we'll probably get a drought for the third season in a row. But to top it all off, the payout has crashed. That's not our fault, it's nobody's fault.      
     But what I'm saying is, a lot of farmers are going to be struggling this season and next and maybe, instead of everyone turning a blind eye because it doesn't affect them, maybe they should actually open their eyes and SEE what is happening and do something about it.
    Yes, it is getting out there...slowly. But maybe if the urban community actually begin to support the farmers of this country, maybe we wouldn't lose so many of our people. It's hard enough getting youth interested and good at farming these days (rather than seeing it as an easy pocket filler), let alone losing the backbone in the older generation sooner than we need to.

So my suggestion is, don't be too quick to judge, don't blame all of us for one person's mistakes and try to be more forgiving. For all it's worth, farmers are just trying to do their best in what is being offered to them, which lately isn't much. And next time you go to your supermarket and buy a bottle of milk or some meat, remember that it isn't synthetic. It was only packaged in factories, but it was grown in the field.

Sunday, 12 October 2014

Rescue Helicopter

Lots and lots of things going on lately. Well, not much is going on but I'm feeling super busy! I spent the entire holidays knuckled down into school, and got quite a bit done :) My teachers will come back to two biology assessments, two chemistry assessments and one statistics assessment. So I'm happy. There's still four weeks until my exams start on the 11th November, but internals have all got to be in by the seventh, and I'm hoping to spend that last week studying in general. Chemistry is actually going well these days, especially Organics, simply because it's so much fun and quite interesting! Just two and a half more books and I'll be ready for two internals, and 3 books for the last external. Not bad! Okay so I technically should've gotten it all done months ago, but hey, I've had work :)

Speaking of work, yesterday was the last day of calf feeding and Mum and Dad did it. The farmers decided to wean the two older groups on Friday and called us that night to tell us the news. Sneaky sneaky. I had my usual milkings this weekend, so this morning Mum and Dad got a sleep in....literally. I got home from work at 8:30 to find them lazing in bed with a coffee enjoying the sunshine! Pfft! All right for some aye! ;) But tomorrow, for the first time in a good while, I WILL sleep in because there's no calves to feed and no cows to milk! Hooray! Bet ya I'll wake up at 6.... :/

I'm sorta at a bit of a catch 22 when it comes to school/uni and work at the moment. I need to earn another three thousand so that I can pay for the bulk payment for my accommodation in February, which needs to be paid on the 1st. So at the moment I'm trying to get as much work as possible, while also not wanting to work so I can be ready for exams. So it's a tad frustrating, but I'm sure I'll manage. Currently though, exams come first and apart from two milkings on Tuesday, I've got nothing else booked for me. Luckily this has been a busy week so I've earned twice as much as usual and a Bonus Bonds win would be good for a change! ;)

My lucky friend overseas gets to start her end of year exams tomorrow - I certainly don't envy her! But it must be a jolly pain having to start 3 weeks earlier than everyone else...I don't think I could work with those sorts of deadlines. The only deadlines I seem to just stick to is applications for things such as scholarships and whatnot. My application always seems to be done and sent right at the 11th hour, and it was no different with the Young Farmers scholarship. While we're on the subject though, I've got a few more to apply for thanks to Mum. There's Dairy NZ, Rural Women and Beef & Lamb and I've also applied for Balance agri nutrients. I'll tell you what, it's great being in a farming industry where I can apply for these scholarships - it'll be pretty awesome to get at least one of them! A little bit of money will go a long way at the moment - thank goodness for these past few years of saving, otherwise I'd be in the same boat as my cousins, except without the ability for my parents to cover my expenses like they have....

Yesterday, Nick and I went with a few other Young Farmers members to the Westpac Rescue Helicopter to hand over the money raised at the Quiz Night held last month. They raised a whopping $800 for them and the two guys we saw were shocked, especially when they realised it was all raised on just one night. From their expressions I have to think that generally small group donations aren't usually that big, so it was pretty neat going there and giving it to them. We also got the general tour of the choppers while we were there, got to sit inside them and heard some stories and what not. It's definitely given me more of an appreciation for them and what they do, and it's cool we could give the money to a charity who's actually going to get a good benefit out of it. Yes, all charities need money, but these rescue choppers and the crews are the good sorts who do deserve it.
Apparently it costs $4000 per hour per chopper to run, after they included general costs of wear and tear, wages and fuel, so our $800 probably won't go too far. It'll be sucked into the hungry gurglar like the flip of a penny. For every person they rescue, ACC will only pay them 1/3 of the costs back and they've got no Government funding at all. Pretty blimmen sick really, when they save so many lives and quite often a lot of call outs aren't needed after all, so it's sad. But it's good as farmers to be appreciative of the people who will quite likely save our life one day due to a farming incident! It'll be my life ambition to never have to get up close to one of those choppers ever again though! Other than to donate of course!

Finally, last night I think I possibly rid myself of my friendly buddy. He's been calling me again and again these last couple days to no avail, and caught me out last night when he rang the homeline. Obviously we can't have the number saved as "don't answer" like on my cellphone, so silly me answered. Once I realised who it was I put on my best show of attitude, I'm quite good at it when I want to be - ask Mum and Dad ;) and answered the same typical questions. "What do you want?" "I'm Working!" then I finished it up with a I'm NOT INTERESTED STOP CALLING ME and got a lovely reply of a hangup. hehe. I was so mad he'd called yet again, my hands were shaking. I don't usually get that mad. I think I was probably more angry that he continuously swore at me because his hearing isn't up to scratch and he couldn't hear me...well diddums. Nobody should dare pull that stunt with me. If I'd had the chance I would've added a few extra things in like, "Is your head so thick you can't take a hint?" But unfortunately he cut the call short, quite sad! It was quite rude though I think for him to initiate a call and then be the one to hang up, I shoulda hung up as soon as I knew who it was but no matter how annoyed and angry I am at somebody, I'm not one to press end....well except for the scammer who called last week, but that's another story.
Anyway, one hopes that he got the idea, but one has to wonder because now his friend who I no longer speak to because of this whole drama and his part in it, is messaging me and asking if I'm going to youth on Wednesday. Yeup, I am going, but am I stupid enough to reply? No. I like to be the one who "sees" a message and doesn't answer for a change. It's not something that I would do, but sometimes it's gotta be done ;) Feeling evil :P

Friday, 3 October 2014

Acceptance into Colombo

So here we are, in October, and it feels just like yesterday that I began this blog! Who would've thought I'd be almost a year through it? It's quite a lot different to having my old school blog, where most of the fun was in the comment section because of the ridiculous thoughts that came to the minds of my school mates and I. Here, the comment section is mostly empty, but I only have a couple readers. But I like this one better, and I don't write every little scrap of thought that comes to mind anymore - I've grown a filter :)

But here we are, the second month into spring and it's warming up finally! I think Spring, like Autumn, are the seasons who are an example of people who're never quite sure what they want to be, or where they want to go. They keep changing their minds, just like one day it's beautifully sunny, and the next seems like something out of "Into The Storm". Although, it keeps us on our feet doesn't it?
What better way to live life on the edge than not quite knowing what the weather will bring? lol

Today just happens to be the day that's very wet and windy, yet this morning was luxurious while feeding the calves! Now I'm snuggled up on the couch with blankets, dressing gown and the heat pump going, while every so often the heavens are opened and we get doused in rain again. Joyville. But hey, I'm being quite productive today! I've made a yummy chocolate cake and finished a chemistry assessment, and have the next book under way. I was doing the assessment yesterday and just could not get a few things, but today, bam! Easy peasy. It's funny how that sometimes happens...

Last Saturday's Paintball with the Young Farmers was awesome. The weather, low and behold, was perfect. Not too hot, yet not too cold. And a good handful of us went, including four from our club. It was fun! We were given oversized camo overalls and body protection. Sorta like a vest thing that went under the overalls, which was pretty darn big and bulky. No wonder oversized overalls were needed! We played three games over a few hours; a King of the Hill type game, a Resident Evil: Zombie apocalypse game, and one that was kinda just a free fire, one strike and you're out type game. I think my team won overall, and afterwards we went in search of a place to have lunch. It was backtracking a bit for Nick and I, but we found a nice restaurant, had lunch and compared battle scars. Some people were obliterated - however, they were the people who chose not to wear the protective vest/armor. I walked out with yellow hair thanks to somebody who hit the top of my helmet and the paintball exploded everywhere, a grazed hand and a bruised shoulder that is still yellow and sore. And it was nice to hang out with different, like minded people again. Nick and I were, like normal, the youngest there, but everyone was really cool.

Sunday afternoon I caught up with Sam and Chantelle, we watched Letters to Juliet which was so sweet, and I think we're doing the cliff top walk at the beach soon for our next catch up. It's really nice being able to see them every few weeks/month, but it's so jolly hard to organise around work! Then on Monday I went to see the specialist dentist about my teeth. He took the X-Ray (which was really awesome by the way!) and told me the great news that he'd only be looking at taking out two wisdom teeth, and not the four like I was told. Phew! Basically one is impacted, one is partially up and the two top ones aren't anywhere near coming through yet, so he'd have to go digging. Meaning it's great for me, cos I only have to spend half as much. And in a couple years time once the others are further down, then I can look at getting them out, cos right now it's pointless. So sometime soon, when he next comes up this way I'll get them taken out.

Now I think I've done pretty well holding off this information like I have, but I've seriously got to spill the beans......I've been offered a place at uni in my favourite choice of accommodation - Colombo Hall! Yesterday I got the email, and I was literally shaking like a leaf full of adrenaline, waiting for it to load. I can't believe I got into Colombo! It's the best hall - in my opinion - right in the middle of everything. Right outside the bus stop, the science towers, a couple minute walk to the food court. Yes, it'll always be streaming with people, but at least I won't have to leave too early to get places :) I'm confused though as to why my friend wasn't offered a place there, because I thought she'd applied before me. But maybe they try to fit people with similar interests and what they're studying together...or something? Not that it matters, because if all goes to plan she won't need to go to Massey :D Now I've just got to convince the printer to stop being obnoxious and actually allow us to print things, and sign the contract and send it in with the security deposit before the 17th. Easily done, I just need to offer the printer a pay rise or something....Then after the 20th they send a link for you to choose your room - clever! I'm thinking, since it is a three story building, to go with one on the second or third floor. Third floor will keep me nice and fit because of all the stairs ;) and it'll be nice and high up so hopefully a little more quiet and private with some pretty neat views! Second floor, just as good, just a little less stairs. Ground floor, yeah nah. I wouldn't want a room that everyone could see into - especially in such a busy area of campus. But, I'm buzzing about the offer, it's so cool! It seems like it's all working out so far, so maybe uni is meant to be?

Tuesday, 23 September 2014

No interesting title ideas

Today is a marvelous day with some pretty jolly sunlight dancing out there. I've missed it! This continuous rain has been getting extremely vexing with about 10mm more or less every day. As Mum would say, it's driving us all to distraction. Dad is desperate to get out and start spraying out for the crops, but everywhere you go is just a bog. Very dull it is!

But life goes on...and I think it's raining again....*sighs*

Not too much to update here, other than the fact it has been a busy few weeks and still it continues. I voted for the first time on Saturday - as did many of my friends. And success, National got in again. We figured John Key was the better of two evils... I've also joined the Young Farmers club here, paid the (extremely expensive) $70 fee (yeap, I'm tight with money), just so that I could apply for the scholarship the national young farmers board thingy offers. Only $1500 but hey, if I got anywhere with it, it'll go towards a good thing.
     So last night I went with Nick to my first meeting...it was....a tad boring. But that's just cos I didn't know anybody and didn't really know what they were on about. It was a regional meeting too, so about 20 of the higher up members from around the region were there. I think there are four top positions in each club? Chairman, Vice Chairman, secretary and treasurer. And then the four top positions over the whole region. Nick is vice chair in our club, so that is why we went to the meeting, had a nice dinner etc. It was OK.
     Wednesday I've got youth, Thursday night is the district meeting and Saturday is a regional game of paintball that we're going to. I've played paintball before - Nick hasn't. It'll be interesting to see if all of those years on the xBox have paid off! Lol It's gonna be an expensive week though... o.O two dinners out, plus a full day of paintball, and my car is in the doctors again -_- But good thing is that I've now saved up enough money for my teeth!

In other news, my accommodation application is "Complete", as of when I checked yesterday. So that means that I've scored myself a room in one of the three buildings I chose, without any issues otherwise I'm sure they would've contacted me, so I'm in the system! It's quite exciting.

And I've started mowing the lawns again, first time in the back section since early winter. It's just too wet out there, and seeing as it used to be a paddock, that had plenty of fertiliser, and it hasn't been grazed in over a year...it hasn't quite understood what being a lawn is? So as you can imagine....you walk out there and it's just sloshing, and the grass is knee high in places. So inch by inch every few days I go out with the lawn mower and munch a bit more. Yesterday was great cos it was howling a gale...bad thing was that it hooked one of our sheets of glass and smashed it...good thing is that it would've been drying the ground - even if just the hills. It's a start anyhow. In summer the back lawn looks fantastic, right now, a few cows would be handy!

Other good news is that I've only got two biology books left to study! Whoop whoop!!!! Totally have taken a turn for the better with school lately. I've got one internal ready to do as soon as it arrives, the other two books are also towards an internal. Things are picking up. They always do at this time of year :) Chemistry isn't as good, but hey, I'll get there, I always do. Right now I'm feeling full of positive energy and enthusiasm. Quite literally, it's weird. For instance, I get school done, I bounce around the house and decide to mow some lawns. Then I come in and do some baking. Honestly, I feel like there is something wrong with me! I haven't felt like this in months! But it's great!

The weekend had me milking at my favourite shed again, I saw my calves and they look fantabulous. They still weren't fully outside, so on Sunday morning I said to him, just get them out, you can't keep holding off forever. He knew, he agreed but said they were hiding in the shed because it was pouring with rain. I said to him to stop treating them like they're chickens, they'll be fine. They have to go out sometime!
So come Sunday afternoon, it was nice and sunny and I watched them from the yard, put the calves into the closest paddock. It was great, they were running around and throwing up their heels, doing the "heifer dance". Later I told him they looked happy and he said yep, it was on your instruction. (In other words...if it rains tonight....) Lol
They'll be fine. :)

Right now I'm hiding away, freezing my toes off in my office, looking forward to leaving town and going to Uni. Mum says I should decide sooner rather than later on what type of laptop I'll want for then. Then if I got it, I could sit in bed and do my school, rather than freeze in here - as I need to use the internet and my phone isn't the best for viewing things. But I'm a little unsure about getting a laptop, I'd rather wait until I knew that I was going, so I didn't have two computers for no reason! But right now, it is essential that I leave town in February and look at new horizons.
     Don't get me wrong, this is a great little town...but not when everyone thinks you're a catch. And when those who think that aren't too great themselves....Ugh. This person keeps texting me, and ringing, I made the mistake of answering once cos I thought it was a teacher. Now though, I've got the contact name for this number as "don't answer!". I don't reply to the texts now that I know who it is, and when he rang I said I never got the texts and that I was busy and had to go. Since then he's asked me out in a text and I thought he'd gotten the idea when I never replied...that was a few weeks ago. Until today, when he actually called the homeline wanting to talk to me. Umm, nah.
     Mum lied (thankyou Mum!!) and said I was working, and that I was going out with mates tonight (I wish lol).  I wish he'd leave me alone, I'm not one to be rude and say "I do not like you Sam I Am", but soon I'm just gonna have to...some people are very desperate and I don't deserve it! Sheesh

Dad reckons (seeing as everyone in the town is somehow related) that they're looking for new blood. *sniggers* gonna have to look elsewhere mate. So Palmerston North, the big city with lots of people is looking very inviting right now....

Tuesday, 16 September 2014

$10 Special

You know how we read about some authors, and how they wake up in the middle of the night with this storyline in their head, and they have to start writing it all down before they lose it? Well, that was me last night, laying in bed waiting for sleep to come and thinking about all this election crap and talk about government surveillance etc etc. And it got me thinking of this fabulous beginning of my newest blog post. My mind was literally spinning with ideas and such forth, so I took it upon myself to begin writing it on my phone - because I sure wasn't leaving my cosy warm bed to sit at my computer. And so it began. After a few hundred words, and the realisation that it was past 9:30, I stopped and figured that my email would save it as a draft. Finally, I went to sleep.

Well apparently my phone version of my email doesn't save drafts, so I am back to the beginning again. Darn, but hey, I'll try to make it just as good. 
Now, please don't assume that I know what I'm talking about - quite frankly, I don't really. This is just my personal opinion and ideas on the topic.

There's been so much talk and speculation about the "spying", and it's typical that it'd be brought into focus near the election, creating heaps of drama and rife between government and citizens. You know, personally I think Edward Snowden is pretty darn awesome, giving out the information like he did, but I'm just in two minds about all this possible spying.

1: What are they even achieving? Ok, so keeping an eye on the USA and other massive countries like that I can sort of understand, but New Zealand? We're so jolly small that why would they do it, and what exactly would they get out of it? Do they just video us for their own amusement and watch it on their lunch breaks? There is just so much red tape on the entire subject that it is simply too hard to keep up anyway.
     Also, it's not as if they're secretly setting up little cameras in our homes to watch how we live, we're not unusual animals who are being monitored for specific behaviours in a zoo for crying out loud. I think we should be more concerned with random unknown people around the world hacking our computers and watching us through our webcams because they've got nothing else to do.
     It would be a breach of our personal privacy if they are actually "spying" on us, there's no doubt! But the thing is, once you leave your home you're going out into the world, there is no stopping anybody from doing what they do.
     It's like photographers, take a photo in a private place such as at a home or workplace, they really need permission from the people who are in the photo. However, if they were to walk out onto a busy street in Auckland during lunch hour, they could take as many photos as they like because it is a public place. So if the Government is "spying" on us in this "public place" is it really spying anyway?

2: What information are they taking, and who are they giving it to and what is its use? It's not as if they're trying for statistics, we've got departments who do that for them legally. And there are only so many people at the top of the human body and that's the Prime Ministers, Presidents and Queen. What are all these people gonna do with our information anyway? Seriously?!

However you would get away with calling me naive when it comes to elections, and government issues and whatnot. I despise politics with a passion, and generally block it out when it comes on the news. But I am curious, and I am going to vote, if only because I would feel guilty for being part of my generation who have no interest in the government. In my personal opinion (it's that fancy word that I use far too often but I enjoy doing it anyway), I think they should change the way of voting. But for now, I'm going to put a picture in your mind and I want you to try to see it.

A $10 special is something you can get from here in town at one of our many fast food outlets on the main street. It's one of those meals that's just perfect for any occasion and there is always plenty to go around. A big scoop of deep fried chips, a few battered fish, some potato fritters and a few sausages, covered in a large dusting of salt and wrapped in our local newspaper. You can take it anywhere, to the beach, the park, home, add a good helping of good ol' Watties and you're set. There is just nothing better. There are many implications with this meal, you may have guessed a few. There is the coating of salt that could possibly be mistaken for snow it's that thick, there's our local newspaper, complete with black and coloured ink, holding all the hot oily food. Need I mention the potential double dipping of the Watties?! And how about the fact that the servings are not going to be even? There really is a lot to think about.

Now imagine four friends, sitting at a picnic table on the grassy verge near some sand dunes by the beach, they are all quite unique in their thinking patterns, which I'm about to describe. The first guy just digs in, he's so jolly hungry he doesn't look back.
     His friend is a little less aggressive, she picks daintily at the meal and would prefer to have her own sauce, but doesn't mention anything for concern of being laughed at. She's a "go with the flow" type of person on most occasions.
     The third is a little bit more considerate, and possibly brings up in conversation what chemicals they could possibly be eating that has leached out of the ink and into the hot oily food. But, once the meal is over, the idea is long forgotten. This sort of thing may flash in his mind every so often, but he's easily distracted by the bigger things - like an empty stomach.
     Finally the fourth friend is very passionate about everything she comes across, she speaks her mind without a filter and does what she likes without fear of judgement. She stops everyone before they begin and makes them portion out the food, and takes the sauce bottle and gets her own because double dipping is disgusting. Not only that but she dusts off as much salt as she possibly can, and makes a mental note to eat a very healthy meal tomorrow with little salt to balance it all out.

Now that you've got that, I want you to think of these four friends as voters. The first guy will probably vote if and when he feels like it, he isn't concerned at all.  The second will probably vote for the same party as her parents. The third will seriously think about what party to vote for, may bring it up in discussion every so often, but will vote for the party he thinks is better for him, and will likely vote for the same party every time. And the fourth will consider all the options, will talk non stop about it right up until election day and will vote for the party that will benefit the entire country the best.

Thinking about these comparisons that I've come up with, I seriously have to wonder on the whole election. Each party is coming up with good ideas and bad ideas, all different. So either way, whoever you vote for is going to have pros and cons, the pros are great and that's what you're actually voting for, and you just have to live with the cons that will come into government too. And when you think about it, the promises a Party makes only ever seem to come into play on their last year anyway! It takes two of their three years to put words into action, so what really is the point?! I'm going to mention again, my honest opinion, and that is this: Why aren't we voting for promises, not Parties? Think about it, if every party promised ONE thing, and it was anonymous, it would change a lot of things. Instead of voting for one of the 15 or so Parties, we would vote for one of 15 or so promises/changes. And with electorates, people always seem to vote for the same party relevant person, but if each person was to offer something for that district, again anonymously, then maybe things would be different for better reasons?!
     People are so biased these days, and everything is so confusing, it's no wonder that Generation Y is avoiding voting. All we see on TV is election election election, and this government person did this, and this one did that. It's madness. But, that's just my personal opinion ;)

Tuesday, 9 September 2014


My car has a name now - Christine - from Stephen King. Why, you ask? Well just because she just keeps causing trouble. I dropped her at the auto electrician's yesterday to get the windscreen wipers fixed (Finally). He said she'd be ready by 3pm, so when I came back in and he gave me "the look", I knew things weren't going to plan!! Apparently it's the right part to fix her, it's just that she, literally, won't behave. So there she stayed all night for him to carry on today. Fingers crossed she has sorted out her attitude, because I really can't afford to pay for her appointments...who knows, maybe she likes the guy or something?! *rolls eyes*
     Anywho, I suggested she was Herby - reinCARnated (lol) but Mum has said she's definitely like Christine, so that is her name. At first glance, I couldn't see a Christine in her, but once you take a good look at her behind the scenes, it is definitely obvious.
     I've probably spent up to a grand on her this year...argh

I've made the decision to just bite the bullet and yank out these teeth of mine - don't worry, I won't be doing it myself. Now I'm just waiting on the call from the dentists to tell me when they can fit me in. Ideally, I wouldn't be doing it. It's so jolly expensive! You'd think seeing as it is such a common thing, that there would be SOME form of cheaper option or subsidy or something! But there's not, and thus my uni fund is basically gone :/ And I was doing so well too....Yes, I should be grateful that (generally speaking), I am a healthy individual and don't have many health bills, save for the annual dentist visit and optometrist. I should consider myself more lucky than some, but sometimes I'm just like...yeah...nah...But, it needs doing, so be it. And since I'm finished with work now - apart from helping mum at her job, then it won't affect me too much.

Sunday was true to its name this week, it was absolutely scorching! Dad and Nick spent time working on the spray ute, and I fell asleep in shorts and singlet on the deck. Wow, it was good. We got Dad some cool things for Fathers day, such as five climbing trees/plants. We were at a loss on Saturday as to what we could get him, so when he brought up the subject of planting out the back lawn into a pretty garden, we decided to head to Mitre 10 Mega. Originally we were gonna go for the vouchers, and let him decide. But once we found these plants, we were sold. They've got some pretty gorgeous flowers too; purple; white; orange; pink. The perfect bee attraction.
     Mitre 10 had a huge range of Magnolias' for sale too, leaving me gaping. Back when we lived in Te Awamutu, there was a Magnolia that dominated the front yard - it was gorgeous. Ever since then I've wanted one, but they grow so big! Until now I never realised the colour range you could get!
     We are hopefully buying a small piece of land next to our place, so we have more room for all the farm gear we need, it's still in the beginning stages with the family who own the farm next door. Fingers crossed we get it, and the first tree/s we buy WILL be of the Magnolia species. Then I can really put my mark on this place :D It's weird, I've never felt so attached to a specific tree before...

Cowshed kitty in front of a fire for the first time
Sunday night we went down to the cinemas to watch Into The Storm. It was great! What had me really amused was how the meteorologist in the storm chasing crew had a young daughter - Gracie - who she nicknamed "Little Bug". Back when I still had Tiny, I called her Little Bug. I don't know why, or where it came from, but one day I just called her that and it stuck...so I was amused how this movie had used the same name as my kitten and made me miss her again.
     We've gone nearly a year without our dogs, and it's crazy to say that I no longer miss their presence. I marvel at the quietness without the barking, and how I can not bother going out there, because the chooks can cope without me for a day since they're mostly free range. But with Tiny, I'll always have to wonder what life would be like if I still had her, and it's only in my imagination that I see her at her first Christmas last year.

 I'm looking forward to Christmas this year. It'll be my last Christmas as an 18 year old (no kidding right?) but it'll also be my first Christmas not being a high school kid. You know, some days I get really down and stressed about exams and uni prospects, and am I making the right choices? Then there are days like today, where I just think, you know what - what will happen will happen. I can only control so much, everything else is just what is meant to be and sometimes I can't change that. Instead I've just gotta work with what life throws at me. If I get UE, then hoorah, I'm going to Palmerston North. If I don't, well I'm gonna be pretty darn upset but hey, I'll work around it and figure something out. So right now, I'm happy, I'm going to study really hard and do my best. But after the 20th November, I'm going to forget about it all and move on.
     And a good way to do that, is going to be going into Auckland with Mum after exams are done and staying with my sister for the night. We're going with her to try on her wedding dress again, and to try on my bridesmaid dress and have a girly night, just the three of us. It'll be good.

 Some days I wonder if I could rewind the clock, to the 1st December last year and start again. I would suggest to Mum that we stay home for the day. Tiny may have stayed at home, away from the road, she would've celebrated her first Christmas. From there, I would somehow edit the way I did things last time. Maybe Mum wouldn't have gone through what she did, and Grandad would still be with us. Instead of having a crappy start to the year because of everything that happened, I would be well ahead with school, sitting scholarship exams and everything might've been so much different - but would it have been for the better? Probably not. Sometimes I really wish we could turn back the clock, but all of this would've happened eventually wouldn't it? That's what I've got to remind myself. Everything that will happen, will happen. There's no stopping it.

I think when it comes to next year, instead of walking tentatively down the steps into the pool, the cold water lapping my feet, I think I'm gonna go straight to the deep end and dive in head first, without a doubt to weigh me down. Things might turn out differently that way :)

Thursday, 4 September 2014

I don't know - my newest catch phrase these days....

This past week has been rather interesting. Youth group, hot pools, good old school work, milking over the weekend, Mum and Dad went away for a couple days to Rotorua to see Nana, calves, actually getting to leave the district yesterday to go north and shopping at the Warehouse, being so blaise I didn't even look at price tags (lol), and a quiz night at our local pub/restaurant/bar last night! Busy busy busy.

On Friday the hot pools were great, although much to my surprise, only nine of us went. It was different from the pools we usually go to. I went down one slide - an open one that basically went straight down and bam into the pool at the bottom....it was....not my favourite type of hydroslide! The other one I actually wimped out on, as there were two side by side and they basically twist around each other all the way down - sort of like a corkscrew. That, and the water was ice cold. There was the movie pool, but we couldn't hear the movie - though it was bliss as it was about 48 degrees! :D So, I prefer the pools out towards the west coast, they're simple, but nice.
When Mum heard I'd chickened out on the slide, she said, "and you wanna go sky diving?" Well, yes, I do! Two completely different things. One doesn't involve being in cold water in the dark, twisting around and around and around!

On Friday Mum and Dad went north to pick up some things that Dad had ordered for work, and Mum bought a couple books. One was the most recent from my favourite series by Richelle Mead. I had been planning on reading it after exams in November, so I didn't get distracted, but she got it and said she'd read it anyway. Come Saturday it was pretty crappy, so between milkings Mum convinced me just to relax and read it....so I did. It was finished on Monday morning and I loved it. But now I've gotta wait another year until she finishes the next one... :/
Sunday it was decided that Mum and Dad would shoot down to Rotorua to see Nana, as we haven't seen her in a while, her birthday is coming up and in a couple weeks time Dad would be too busy with crop spraying to take Mum down there. So Nick and I fed both lots of calves Monday and Tuesday, and they got back Tuesday night.
Yesterday we went north, first time for me in weeks. Mum and I just walked the warehouse, had no success in finding some good and not too expensive togs for summer. Looked for some jandals/sandals but that was also a fail. (Mum and I've got weird shaped feet, so finding shoes is difficult). I did however, get a really nice pair of three quarter jeans and top, which I wore last night when we went out.

The quiz night: Awesomeness.
Nick has been planning this for a while. It's an event that our local young farmers club did, at our local restaurant, to raise money for the Westpac rescue helicopter and for a fun night out for them and the community. Nick came up with the idea about a month ago, and went around town and got some amazing sponsors to donate a tonne of prizes for the night. 13 teams of 4-6 people could fit in the restaurant, so Mum, Dad and I made a team with a couple of friends, a heap of the sponsors put in teams, also the guys where Mum feeds calves made a team, plus a heap of random community members made teams too. A couple hours before the quiz the last table was taken, and when the night actually started another team just waltzed on in, even though they hadn't bought a table....lol. So there ended up being 14 teams. It was a really fun night, we won the science and technology category round. The guys who we feed the calves for came second, so they were pretty stoked.
Over $800 was raised for the rescue helicopter, which is really neat! The night was really successful and everyone had heaps of fun...hopefully the town will be talking about it for a while and the Young farmers will hopefully score some new members. Now Mum and Nick have been talking about more events they could do in the future.

Oh yeah! So much excitement in the fact that finally the auto electrician has found the part to fix my windscreen wipers! Yay! They've been, literally, stuck up for weeks. They still work, just stop in the up position right in my window of vision - excellent, no? So next week when I send it in, it'll finally be fixed again! Can't wait!!!

Plans for this week? Nil. Continuing with calf feeding, not for much longer I think - only 8 left to calve and the owner is trying to see whether she will soon be able to cope doing it all herself. So I'll soon be redundant... :( But I'm gonna ask them to give me a yell when they are taken to their runoff, so I can see them let out. There's nothing cooler or sweeter, than seeing my babies let out of the shed and put into a big paddock for the first time, seeing them run around, throwing up their heels...and the coolest thing being is since they won't be my calves anymore, I won't have to worry when I see them fly through all the fences in their excitement :D hehe
Gotta get a heap of school done, I'm stressing out a bit about the workload left to do, and the possibility of failing an exam in November. I don't want the mortification of not getting UE when so many people know I'm intending on uni...also stressing about the idea of uni quite a bit. I've got to finish the accommodation application before the end of this month, and figure out what papers and majors I definitely WANT to do....There's just so much on offer, I just don't know! It's scary to think that what I choose now will create my life for the next 3, 4, 5 years...It's just so much to think about, how will I know I'm making the right decisions?!
Yet my youth leaders tell us, "don't worry too much about exams, and uni etc - you've got the rest of your life, don't stress..." How can one NOT stress?! Argh!