Sunday, 16 November 2014

Crazy times

I'm on a lunch break from school at the moment, listening to 5 Seconds of Summer and being assisted by our dear cat Miller. He's an oldie our Miller, he recently turned 9 (?) human years old - I guess that's not THAT old when in comparison some of my friends cats are happy and healthy at 15. But our cats never live past 10 years, which is sad. Anywho, Miller has been on death's door for the last 6 or 7 years (apparently) after he contracted cat aids. Well he's still sticking around like a bad smell, but in a good way! However lately he hasn't done all that much and his claws are flippen sharp! And he sits on my lap and insists  that I'm quite uncomfortable -_- Ugh, but in the meantime he is purring away and giving me lots of cuddles, so he's quite sweet when he wants to be :)

What's been going on around here? I've finished two of my three exams, with my last due on Thursday morning. Chemistry was hard! Like, I knew it was going to be hard, but I was quite confident that I'd studied enough. Pfft, biggest joke ever! I'm sure I've failed one of the papers, ironically the one I was the most confident about. Luckily there is another internal exam available to do, so I emailed my teacher and said "send me that book!" argh. It's quite annoying, because it's just added something extra onto my "to do" list, but hey, life throws curveballs doesn't it? If it didn't, it wouldn't be life. However, Biology went quite OK - although the exam room was absolutely freezing. It was hailing outside.
     It was funny in my chem exam, because after the supervisor had said all the rules and regulations - and trust me, after four years of NCEA I could recite them in my sleep - she offered we could begin five minutes early, unless however, somebody had a problem with that. Two guys, I think jokingly, disagreed with the idea and they were scolded. Lol, she acted quite grumpy at them, and said "fine then, but you will sit in SILENCE" hehe. Quite amusing really. But then came exam session number two - a full session this time and yet again she offered we could start a few minutes early - unless there was a disagreement. I do kinda disagree with it, although I'm not stupid enough to alert the public schoolers to my presence more than I have to. So I sit quietly. But one girl said it would stuff with her time management, and somebody else agreed. Then - instantaneous applause from all of the students in the room, from years 11 to 13. I couldn't help but grin!

So now I've got just five internals to do, and my chem teacher suggested that seeing as the official end date was the 28th of this month, to get them sent in by the 20th, which would allow time for marking and thus the results coming through this year. So I'm currently trying desperately to stay head down tail up (I actually don't have a tail btw....despite my Dad saying it was cut off at birth ;) ) as well as prepare for my final exam Thursday morning. So I've got a lot to do! Thankfully three of these internals are report based, so it's basically just lots of typing and researching. Two chem tests have calculations and all the other joys of the world....So Thursday will be the last day of school for me, forever!!! Woohoo!!!
     Then, Friday Mum and I are catching the Naked bus to Auckland to go to my sisters' place. Go find a dress for me for the Young Farmers Gumboot Ball and then go to the dress fitting for her wedding, so all the bridesmaids are trying on our dresses too.

Quite a lot of work related things are driving us insane at the moment. We had two potential new staff members come, Dad went to a client and gave them a free milking in return for him being able to do a training/interview milking. Obviously the employee to be would have to be paid for that. So the old guy worked out, and Dad sent him off to do about four days worth of milkings - however on Friday he showed up and said that he couldn't really cope with the physical activity so he couldn't work for us. Mum and I didn't get a good feeling off of him anyway. Then this girl came a couple days later and had the same thing. She had two training milkings, Mum and Dad booked her in for milkings this weekend coming, but now she's not too sure whether she will be available. So as Mum said, do you want to work for us - yes or no?! Umm, yeah  ummm. No. Gee Thanks! -_- It's so annoying, we take time out of our days to spend time with these people and get them going, but they change their minds. It's super frustrating! However there's this uni student who's looking for work over summer, he's still keen so I think something will get sorted out tomorrow. Fingers crossed he works out, for Summer atleast, because we've got work coming out of our ears - yes, even with the payout drop! It's mental!
     Every day in January is booked for about two different milkings...already. *Takes a deep breath*

Currently though I'm still getting a bit peeved with this constant weather fluctuations. It's rainy then sunny, then rainy, then blowing like heck, then sunny! Make up your mind!! Can't believe that Christmas is a mere few weeks away o.O


  1. are you doing ncea 2 or 3? my 16 year old daughter is doing level one at the moment and she is cursing having to do maths lol, things are so much harder than when I was at school...

    1. Level 3, I've spread my NCEA years over 4 years with doing correspondence and working at the same time. It's been a long long time since level 1 maths lol, I think there was one on trig? That wasn't that hard but everything else, gah, I swear they add random stuff we don't need - hello, algebra?