Friday, 27 February 2015

NCEA Level 3 - finally!

I logged on to NZQA to finally discover that my final credits have been updated and now I've officially got NCEA level 3 - sighs with relief much? So now I'm able to order my ROA and two certificates that I received last year to fill up my clear file a bit more. It's about time!

I'll tell you what is about time though, my Telford pack arriving. They've taken my money and confirmed my enrolment for March 1st start, also saying that the first of the topics will arrive in time for a March 1st start...which is on Sunday, and yet only one more possible day for the stuff to arrive!? I'm getting giddy waiting to begin it, but until it gets here, I'm just a sitting duck.
     However I'm not not busy with other things, as Mum and Dad are now 'employing' me to type and design. Newsletters, advertising, forms and sheets of all descriptions, staff manuals and Ts&Cs. You name it, I do it. At the same time I'm also fixing up my parents' use of folders and files - I'm telling you, they're stuck in the dark ages when it comes to file management. Whenever Nick or I need to find something, we have to seriously go digging!
     Today I've separated client V staff folders up, and put all client based doc's into the client folder and such forth. It's so quick and easy, you sorta wonder why they didn't do it to begin with, and so many empty files, or irrelevant files. Or files with pretty much the same name but very different contents - it's madness!
     After this level 4 dairy course Mum and Dad have suggested to move onto AgriBusiness level 4, which would then lead onto a Diploma in Agribusiness in later years - which would be brilliant to have when we eventually franchise our company.  However, at the moment I just want to get this Dairy course out of the way first, and it is the basis for all the other courses I could do later on. I'm sort of of the opinion that I don't want to be studying all these things and get all these qualifications unnecessarily, but then I've no clue as to where I want to head.

I'm in a confused headspace currently, where I don't want to be doing a tonne of office work the rest of my life, but then I also know I can't milk cows the rest of my life either. I really need to sort out my direction, but it's difficult!!

These last two weeks have been a little, er, frustrating so to speak. Miriam will be finishing her first week of study at Massey and it's annoying to not be there with her. I based the rest of my life around this first week for so many years, that it's now difficult to see past it. Am I regretting it, yes. Am I missing it, no. It's simple now to forget all those complicated formulas and all that information I'll no longer require to fully know, but at the same time I just really wanted the experience of it all. Which is why I'm now grasping in other directions to find my purpose, to no avail just yet. It'll come - one day soon though, I hope.

The other day I had the utmost joy of realising a friend had deleted me as a friend on FB. You know that sort of, 'hey I wonder what they're up to...wait "add friend"?'  They deleted me, what the heck? It's annoying because ever since they moved overseas they've hardly spoken to me (and some of you may know who I'm talking about), but beforehand I thought we were OK friends, perhaps turned simple, I dunno, acquaintances...I tried to keep in contact but got the cold shoulder. Did the typical birthday wishes and got a "like" whilst everyone else got some overly dramatic thanks. They also wished all the mutual friends happy birthdays, and suddenly I was excluded from that wish list as well. And now to see I've been deleted, yet they still chat away happily with those mutual friends. Talk about a kick in the guts, like, what did I even do to you? I'm absolutely positive that I didn't accidentally delete them, and why would I?
     It mad me sooo angry that they could be so pigheaded but, two can play at that game. If I ever have the utmost joy of seeing them in person, I'll just walk on past as if they're like all the other tourists. And as a recent post on FB said something like, "When a friend deletes you, and you are amazed at the ability of the trash taking itself out...'' I've sorta got the upper hand here, but I'm still so confused...
I know a few people would probably wonder why I bother and that it's only social media, but that's the thing. Social media, these days the only way to keep in contact with some people you want to know, at times I wonder why I don't just deactivate my account - but then that'll create the upmost controversy too.

A little bit on the glass half empty side of things. Gotta refuel on some optimism, but it's so expensive these days! I mean, have you seen the price per litre?!

Monday, 23 February 2015

Blank Space

Yesterday I was thinking of a whole heap of things to write about, alas, I have forgotten....So I'm here, yet again, with a blank.

I have been reading! And it's been magical, finally I've managed to force myself into books again, if only ones that I've already read before because I knew I'd enjoy them. Just the Infernal Devices that I read last year, yep the same ones that I read in less than 24 hours each. I think it's been two weeks and I'm just about finished book two! But I find myself with the same frustration as last time, what the heck is that girl up to?? And why did she choose HIM?? And stop being so jolly stupid! but then I think about it, and if the plot didn't enact the way it does, there wouldn't be a story. So I should be more grateful...haha and I am back to my normal self, not wanting to put the book down and getting annoyed when I have to. It's a good feeling!

Pippa is doing fantastically, she's now about 500 grams and growing by the day and she's moulded herself into our world  - although she's still a little jittery at times, she'll get there eventually.
     Loud noises scare her, especially the trucks as the bang past our house.Which is a good thing, as perhaps that will entice her to stay well clear of the road when she's older. Even going outside scares her, at times she just takes off running for the nearest cover as if she thinks the sky is falling on her.  
     In a few weeks time however, she'll have no excuse as Dad won't put up with an inside cat for longer than he has to and I can imagine that once she gets the taste for going outside, we won't be able to stop her. She's very determined and demonstrates that well when she continuously climbs the curtains....naughty kitty...and she doesn't like me reading either because that's boring you know! I suddenly find her biting my fingers, biting the book, biting whatever she can get her sharp prongs onto - now though I just give her the bookmark to eat! She's also claimed MY beanbag as her own little zone. Dad was right - your kids do take everything!

I spent my Saturday milking, then picking up hay for fundraising, then milking, then picking up more hay. I spent my Sunday exhausted, almost unable to move yet still needing to milk. It was torture. I've never actually had the pleasure of picking up conventional hay bales, as every time that we made them I was too young, so I spent my day rolling them into piles for the guys to pick up. And I thought that was hard! The bales weren't exactly heavy, but were 100% awkward, dusty and sharp. Now I have the joy of a sore back, strained arm muscles, blistered hands and a rash all up my arms to go with it. What did I get out of it? Nothing. Our Young Farmers club will be getting $1 per bale picked up and stacked, and to think that five of us picked up about 400, and then four of us finished off the other 400 (as one person didn't come back). It may not seem like much, but it sure was exhausting work!! Never to be repeated!!!
It just happened to be after we were almost finished that we discovered the guy had no brakes on his tractor - and to think that we'd all been sitting on the trailer full of hay up and down hills etc, with an old guy without brakes driving. Fantabulous! Not o.O

These days I do the occasional milking, typing out mounds of paperwork, newsletters, memo's etc for the business, reading (lol) and chasing after Pippa when she's in one of her playful-must-attack-everything-within-reach moods. Soon I'll be starting my level 4 study! I can't wait to begin it - may sound sick but I've been missing doing study related things...

Massey term officially started today, Orientation has been and gone. I feel a little weird, not being there and all that - but hey. I met Miriam's Mum and brother on Friday(?) when they passed on a gift from her - a purse that contained many smaller ones inside - like a Russian doll but much more user friendly. They're super nice :)

Sunday, 15 February 2015


On Friday an ad came up on Facebook of a little grey kitten needing a good home, she'd been found in a ditch on the side of the road but the person who found her couldn't keep her himself. I thought, omgosh, so cute!

I thought about it for a while, then decided what the hay, and messaged him and told him our home would be perfect for her. That night I went to pick her up, she was tiny. Only about three weeks old he thought...

I took her home and she was covered in fleas, a few ticks and sooo skinny you could feel her spine and ribs. She was also pretty timid, not overly, but certain things and noises scared her. We think she was a little feral kitty, but because she is so young, and so hungry she accustomed to humans quite quickly and is now very snuggly!

  She's got a lot to grow into, her eyes seem to pop out of her head and this mini couch from my childhood is very little and is now typically a cat zone. Our adult cats usually take up the whole thing, this little one however.... :)

I took her down to the vets on Saturday for a quick looksee, she's still a bit young to be completely sure she's actually a she - although they're pretty confident. And later they called us to suggest that she's around 4 weeks old, as her mental state suggests it. She's well toilet trained and is always keeping herself nice and clean - which is a relief! They got a little bit of wormer into her and gave us some Drontal spray for the fleas.

Mum and I have named her Pippa, she's super adorable and is somewhat of a toddler. She's there one minute, gone the next. Leaving me in a bit of a panic for two seconds until she's peeped around from somewhere. The other cats aren't too sure on her - Cocoa is her typical self, not liking anyone now including Pippa, Frodo is very cautious which surprised me as I thought she'd see her as a new little playmate - although she resembles Tiny a heck of a lot.
I never thought I'd get another grey kitten, and I'm sure she'll grow up to look almost identical to what my Little Bug looked like, sometimes I nearly call her Tiny too, so I'm trying desperately to get used to Pippa and not muck it up....
Miller however is being very gentle, he's almost always accepted new arrivals and perhaps being a male and really old has something to do with it, I think her being his "mini me" may have something to do with it.

She's keeping me nice and busy, keeping a close eye on her 24/7, feeding every couple hours and constantly taking her to her litter box cos any accidents won't be lived down... :/ She has bursts of energy and then suddenly she's sound asleep - it's super cute!

The next few weeks are touch and go, she weighs just over 300 grams currently, and needs to have doubled that by the 24th. Fingers are all crossed that she'll grow up nicely.

Tuesday, 10 February 2015

The Wedding

My sister's wedding has been and gone and it went much better than expected. I guess I can now cross "attend a wedding" off my bucket list and at the same time I finally had my first full weekend off work since, like, November.

We finally managed to find the place on Friday afternoon, much later than anticipated. We took two vehicles as for some reason the four of us with all our gear somehow wouldn't all fit in the one UTE....? We got a little lost on the way, but eventually we got there. Went to the place and had a quick rehearsal/figure out what the plan was going to be, caught up with Nana and the cousins.       
     Saturday was a relief to see some sun, as it had been quite wet beforehand. I basically spent the whole day at the house that had been hired, getting hair done, nails painted, make up done. Trying to help sort took hours. Then the photographer arrived, and I behaved (lol) I let him take pictures of me without cowering in a corner like I normally would, kind of no use hiding when you're a bridesmaid!
      Finally the time came, we all left looking great, got to the Firth Towers in Matamata where it was being held. We got my sister on the horse (as she was to ride up there on him), got all the flowers right in our hair, fixed up a flower girls dress. Random people were tooting as they drove past us. Then finally we were walking up the path alongside the road, flower girls, then me, then three more bridesmaids, then my sister. Ouch, already my feet were killing me in my shoes!
     We arrived, everyone watching, smiling for the cameras, hiding behind a tree so she could get off the horse, take the horse away. My cousin started playing True Colours on the guitar so I gave the flower girls the go ahead. He started singing, that was my cue. 10 minutes or so later it is all done and finished, we walk out and done! Okay, now there are photos, and photos, and more photos and omgosh why did I wear these shoes?! Then everyone leaves and the bridal party stick around for a few more photos. Then we're all in the cars on the way for more photos elsewhere, we take a route much longer than necessary and almost run out of fuel. I reminded everyone that this isn't Shortland Street! haha

The bridal party, minus the bride and groom finally arrived at the reception where we joined all the guests and stood outside for what felt like hours, before the two important people turned up from having more photos taken. Then we continued to stand outside and "chat" while we waited, and waited to go inside the barn. Yay, all the guests are finally all seated. My Uncle, the MC, calls in the parents. Then the bridal party paired up and we were called in, described as we went. I'm yet to ask my Uncle when on Earth I became 2IC of our company....? Thank goodness I got to walk in with one of the better groomsmen...two of the others were just...nah. :/
     All the speeches were done, Dad embarrassed my sister - talking about the boyfriends prior in his speech (lol). Then we got dinner, thank goodness, I was starving. Later on the cake was cut, then we had dessert, mmmm delicious! To my horror I found out I had to get up and dance with the rest of the party. Yet again, I'm grateful for the half pie decent groomsman, rather than the guy I walked out of the wedding with. We had to endure half of the first song, then half of the second song before the guys was like, awkward enough for you too? Ok, we'll make our way to the side, then disappear....Phew! Then I danced with my cousin for about two seconds, that was also quite awkward. Then danced with my BIL.

I think it was about 11pm before we got back to the motel, I was so so tired! I'm super glad it's finally done and dusted - now we can go back to normality! There are some decent pictures already, so if you wanted to see some let me know, and I'll flick you a couple in an email. The professional ones are going to take about 2 weeks - there were a couple thousand!

I've got until Thursday off work, which is driving me nuts. Five and a half days off work doesn't do my bank balance any good, but I'm so bored! I wasn't made to sit around and be lazy doing next to nothing. The humidity here isn't helping, because I want to do stuff, but can't be bothered to suffer the heat, which is frustrating!

A friend shared a blog post she'd read the other day, which was describing a girl giving paddle boarding a go - but every time she tried to stand up, the waves knocked her down. They had to tell her, that she had to start off kneeling then progress to standing, but don't just stand there waiting for something to happen, you've gotta use the paddle to keep your balance! Which they likened to life in general, and how you can't just sit around waiting for things to come to you, you've got to get out there.
This is what I really need and want to do, I'm sick of sitting and waiting - but I've no idea what direction to look in, which makes sitting around waiting the easy option, but at the same time, annoyingly frustrating and boring. Sometimes I wish those neon flashing lights would just show up, every so often, so I can figure it out. But yeah right, life wasn't designed to be fair and easy!