Sunday, 15 February 2015


On Friday an ad came up on Facebook of a little grey kitten needing a good home, she'd been found in a ditch on the side of the road but the person who found her couldn't keep her himself. I thought, omgosh, so cute!

I thought about it for a while, then decided what the hay, and messaged him and told him our home would be perfect for her. That night I went to pick her up, she was tiny. Only about three weeks old he thought...

I took her home and she was covered in fleas, a few ticks and sooo skinny you could feel her spine and ribs. She was also pretty timid, not overly, but certain things and noises scared her. We think she was a little feral kitty, but because she is so young, and so hungry she accustomed to humans quite quickly and is now very snuggly!

  She's got a lot to grow into, her eyes seem to pop out of her head and this mini couch from my childhood is very little and is now typically a cat zone. Our adult cats usually take up the whole thing, this little one however.... :)

I took her down to the vets on Saturday for a quick looksee, she's still a bit young to be completely sure she's actually a she - although they're pretty confident. And later they called us to suggest that she's around 4 weeks old, as her mental state suggests it. She's well toilet trained and is always keeping herself nice and clean - which is a relief! They got a little bit of wormer into her and gave us some Drontal spray for the fleas.

Mum and I have named her Pippa, she's super adorable and is somewhat of a toddler. She's there one minute, gone the next. Leaving me in a bit of a panic for two seconds until she's peeped around from somewhere. The other cats aren't too sure on her - Cocoa is her typical self, not liking anyone now including Pippa, Frodo is very cautious which surprised me as I thought she'd see her as a new little playmate - although she resembles Tiny a heck of a lot.
I never thought I'd get another grey kitten, and I'm sure she'll grow up to look almost identical to what my Little Bug looked like, sometimes I nearly call her Tiny too, so I'm trying desperately to get used to Pippa and not muck it up....
Miller however is being very gentle, he's almost always accepted new arrivals and perhaps being a male and really old has something to do with it, I think her being his "mini me" may have something to do with it.

She's keeping me nice and busy, keeping a close eye on her 24/7, feeding every couple hours and constantly taking her to her litter box cos any accidents won't be lived down... :/ She has bursts of energy and then suddenly she's sound asleep - it's super cute!

The next few weeks are touch and go, she weighs just over 300 grams currently, and needs to have doubled that by the 24th. Fingers are all crossed that she'll grow up nicely.


  1. cute!! Seriously, what are you doing to me?! I'll get kicked out if I arrive home with a kitten suddenly one day :P

    1. Lol, isn't she just? haha Dad wasn't too impressed, but he's coming around slowly. So long as she keeps herself tidy and doesn't get up to too much grief.... :D