Monday, 23 February 2015

Blank Space

Yesterday I was thinking of a whole heap of things to write about, alas, I have forgotten....So I'm here, yet again, with a blank.

I have been reading! And it's been magical, finally I've managed to force myself into books again, if only ones that I've already read before because I knew I'd enjoy them. Just the Infernal Devices that I read last year, yep the same ones that I read in less than 24 hours each. I think it's been two weeks and I'm just about finished book two! But I find myself with the same frustration as last time, what the heck is that girl up to?? And why did she choose HIM?? And stop being so jolly stupid! but then I think about it, and if the plot didn't enact the way it does, there wouldn't be a story. So I should be more grateful...haha and I am back to my normal self, not wanting to put the book down and getting annoyed when I have to. It's a good feeling!

Pippa is doing fantastically, she's now about 500 grams and growing by the day and she's moulded herself into our world  - although she's still a little jittery at times, she'll get there eventually.
     Loud noises scare her, especially the trucks as the bang past our house.Which is a good thing, as perhaps that will entice her to stay well clear of the road when she's older. Even going outside scares her, at times she just takes off running for the nearest cover as if she thinks the sky is falling on her.  
     In a few weeks time however, she'll have no excuse as Dad won't put up with an inside cat for longer than he has to and I can imagine that once she gets the taste for going outside, we won't be able to stop her. She's very determined and demonstrates that well when she continuously climbs the curtains....naughty kitty...and she doesn't like me reading either because that's boring you know! I suddenly find her biting my fingers, biting the book, biting whatever she can get her sharp prongs onto - now though I just give her the bookmark to eat! She's also claimed MY beanbag as her own little zone. Dad was right - your kids do take everything!

I spent my Saturday milking, then picking up hay for fundraising, then milking, then picking up more hay. I spent my Sunday exhausted, almost unable to move yet still needing to milk. It was torture. I've never actually had the pleasure of picking up conventional hay bales, as every time that we made them I was too young, so I spent my day rolling them into piles for the guys to pick up. And I thought that was hard! The bales weren't exactly heavy, but were 100% awkward, dusty and sharp. Now I have the joy of a sore back, strained arm muscles, blistered hands and a rash all up my arms to go with it. What did I get out of it? Nothing. Our Young Farmers club will be getting $1 per bale picked up and stacked, and to think that five of us picked up about 400, and then four of us finished off the other 400 (as one person didn't come back). It may not seem like much, but it sure was exhausting work!! Never to be repeated!!!
It just happened to be after we were almost finished that we discovered the guy had no brakes on his tractor - and to think that we'd all been sitting on the trailer full of hay up and down hills etc, with an old guy without brakes driving. Fantabulous! Not o.O

These days I do the occasional milking, typing out mounds of paperwork, newsletters, memo's etc for the business, reading (lol) and chasing after Pippa when she's in one of her playful-must-attack-everything-within-reach moods. Soon I'll be starting my level 4 study! I can't wait to begin it - may sound sick but I've been missing doing study related things...

Massey term officially started today, Orientation has been and gone. I feel a little weird, not being there and all that - but hey. I met Miriam's Mum and brother on Friday(?) when they passed on a gift from her - a purse that contained many smaller ones inside - like a Russian doll but much more user friendly. They're super nice :)

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  1. Haha, the hay bales sound like a bit more fun than what we do... Did you have one of those special loaders that lifts it up for you?

    Dad and I always get 350 bales a year, just the two of us... So I know how you'd feel. We don't use one of those loaders, so the last few bales get chucked about 3 metres, and if its dusty enough, you gotta keep your eyes closed and mouth shut... :P