Sunday, 30 November 2014

Praying for things to look a little brighter...

I wish I could say, 'I've finished school!' But alas, as yet I can't. Friday was the cut off date to get the last credits put through to NZQA, at about lunch time Friday I sent in my final report on 1080 for Chemistry, and then, I was done! Yay! Or maybe not. I went out to work around four and missed a call from my teacher saying that I urgently needed to add one last thing or something or other.
     Got home about 6, attempted to ring him but got afterhours, emailed and told him he'd have to ring me instead. He'd also emailed me earlier, so I edited what I needed to, then emailed it back through. Then never really heard back. So I was feeling almost certainly ill by this stage.

 Mum had spoken to him on the phone when I was working, and she is pretty sure he said he would send out the certificate for it, but he just wanted to be sure I knew what I was actually meaning and in my rush I must've missed it - easily done. So this was a little reassuring. Mum and Dad had planned we'd go out to watch the new Hunger Games movie and I missed his next email at 7:30. Pretty much just said I also made an error in my other assessment, and he'd call me Monday and talk about grade statuses and what not. Oh, how I wished he could've just said, "Look, I've given you a pass, not a high grade but just an A. So long as you can email through where you can see you've made a silly little error, so I can be sure you are capable..." Yeah, right.
     It wouldn't have been so much of a problem if I had've gotten it done earlier in the week. But I couldn't get a hold of my teacher, which pretty much left me high and dry for a couple days. I actually had to call another teacher in the South Island, who then called him. It's extremely frustrating and scary - my life next year basically sits in the balance, while I wait to hear of the verdict. It's not a happy time. Also doesn't help when so many people are "so excited" about me going to Palmy next year, and they can't stop talking about it. It's like, flippen heck, why do all these people have to know about everything?!
My last exam was done about a week and a half ago, and I haven't even done the usual things I do to treat myself at the end of exams. Usually I'd go and get my hair done for summer, or go and buy the new music I've been waiting for. Gosh, the new Taylor Swift and One Direction (please don't judge lol) CD's have been out for well over a month, not to mention the 5SOS music I've been eager to get too, and I haven't even thought of it til now. My Kobo is still sitting lifeless beside my bed, quite abandoned. What have I been doing this past week and a half? So much. Almost thirty hours of milkings in a week - double what I'd normally do -, plus the hours and hours of computer time, staring at the screen typing and researching. Only to be left where I am now, a bucket full of worry.

But I'm feeling pretty gutted for my friend who was turned down for a medical course she applied for. I know the sickening feeling seeing an email from a scholarship provider, and the heart dropping moment when the word "sorry" comes into play. But being turned down on such an awesome three year course must be devastating...But everything can only go up from here, right??

I've lost the two little chicks I dubbed Domino and Chekaz last week. They'd been getting quite mobile and every night they were out I'd spend ages trying to catch them and lift them up the ramp into the chook house - it's about a metre off the ground. But this one night I went with Mum to go pick dad up from a job, I admit I just chucked food at them and the pigs and left to go, not thinking too much of it. The next morning I went out to there house...and it was so quiet. Usually the little things are tweeting their lungs out, but, nothing. I searched high and low, the three mothers/babysitters were more interested in food. I listened intently for little tweets, trying to find their way home again. Absolutely nothing was disturbed either, no feathers. The others weren't stressed. So all we can think is that the nasty ginger tom cat that's been hanging around decided he was hungry, and jumped the 1.8m fence to get them or a stoat was passing through. I'm thinking the latter, stoats are evil twisted things. So it's quite sad, they were nearly a month old too...

We had the Gumboot Ball last night, it wasn't absolutely awesome, but it was OK. It's not a ball - per se, just a bit of a party in a restaurant/pub/bar thing with a live band. About thirty people came, almost all wearing gumboots and dancing was classified as standing amongst a group of people just moving around with the music. It was nice to try and forget about a few things for a night, and I did my usual 'be polite and talk' when one of the guys my age came to talk to me. And when he suggested I join in with the dancing, I did my typical, oh I will on the next song. Which provided the brilliant escape route I like to make, and I didn't have to speak to him again for the rest of the night, a good choice really as later on he seemed quite drunk. My escape plan didn't last long though, as one of the girls made me join in.
     It was fun, but some songs just aren't the best, you know? It's a little awkward when you don't know the song!
     We left just after midnight and someone suggested to go to mcdonalds. Ok, but at least it'll be quiet. But nope, somebody else suggested to move on to another bar - hmm. So I used my ID for the first time to get into this place with the rest of them, but I wasn't very happy about being there. Especially as it was packed, like literally, there was no room for personal space - something I often need in high amounts. Thankfully after five minutes we left again for home, but not before a guard tapped me on the back and asked if I had been ID checked at the door. Gee, even being dressed up, I still look too young. Just as well though, I'm not intending on going back to a place like that again.
     But at least now I know what sort of Young Farmer things I want to be involved in, paintball, yes. Partying. NO.

Monday, 24 November 2014

Biology = Finished :)

Super happy right now, actually relieved. As I called my Biology teacher to ask about the two internals I'm waiting on marks for, and she has (finally) marked them and has given an A and an M. So I let out this total *poof* sigh of relief that those credits are now in the system! NCEA Biology is now finished!! Yay!
As for Statistics...I had the exam on Thursday, which was my last exam and it went fantastically. I managed to take my time and answered everything, pretty positive I answered it all correctly, so I left the auditorium with a grin smeared across my face lol. There was a little bit of trouble in that exam though, which had me a little confused but amused at the same time. Because I was at the front of the room I'm not actually sure what happened, but I believe that somebody was actually dragged from the room by the supervisor....I know at the beginning they were very excited and didn't want to quieten down, and when everyone tore the plastic wrap off, many threw theirs across the room. Which, annoyingly, I had to collect, along with the other students who sat at the front of the room. But yeah, something happened, and they all started sniggering during the exam, which prompted a  "shut up!" from the lady. Then, nek minut, she was storming down the room, a chair and desk seemed to be scraped along the floor, more stomping of the feet and then the door was opened and slammed shut! I was like....what did I just miss?!?!?! :O After that, a heap of students "finished" and left quietly, but after they were outside a chorus of laughing sounded, yet again prompting the supervisor to basically run out there and scream her lungs out there at them. I wouldn't be surprised that she noted the disturbance of the students to be sent to NZQA, I mean, a couple years ago I was told each time you used the bathroom it was noted, and after so many NZQA would be told. Understandable though, when apparently somebody cheated last year with a water bottle....Moreover, I do wish to imagine that the student was dragged out by the ear, but I'm still waiting on confirmation of this lol

However, considering these students are seniors, it's not a good look, at all. Though the school has many trouble makers.

As for the stats internal, I'm almost finished. I managed to finally get the TMA sent in, with an apology for it being so late and with the intention to have the internal part done and sent back by Wednesday afternoon. My teacher is usually pretty quick to mark, so I'm pretty sure it'll be sorted quickly. Unfortunately that just leaves chem, which is in the process, I'm now waiting on my teacher in that to get back to me....

On Friday Mum and I took the bus trip to my sister's in Auckland city, where we stayed at her place in her apartment, 8 storys high and looking down on Vector Arena. It was pretty weird for us country bumpkins! The three of us went, on foot, to Queen street, as my sister was told she needed to have her shoes for her wedding dress fitting, the main reason we went there. So at the same time I looked out for a dress for the Gumboot Ball.We were out there for hours, in amongst all the Asians. Not that I'm racist, but my gosh, there's a lot of them in Auckland! Eventually she found the shoes that she wanted, boots actually.  A sort of suede brown. And I found this really neat dress. Mum and my sister tried to convince me on this white dress, that had lace material over top. Sorta with a half back, it looked nice, but I'm not one who likes something to feel like a second layer of skin. They assured me it look awesome, but I'm like. Nope. So instead I got this other white dress, quite plan but still really nice. Fabulous because it was on Queen street, and only cost $25! Extra bonus, it's so casual and light so it'll make a nice summer dress, and something to have on hand at uni too. Brilliant. :)

And tomorrow I've got three milkings to do, one probably starting at 5am and I'm thinking about 3 1/2 hours. Then a 2 hour milking at 11:30. Then back to the first shed for the arvo milking at 3pm. Money money money, as I keep thinking... o.O

Sunday, 16 November 2014

Crazy times

I'm on a lunch break from school at the moment, listening to 5 Seconds of Summer and being assisted by our dear cat Miller. He's an oldie our Miller, he recently turned 9 (?) human years old - I guess that's not THAT old when in comparison some of my friends cats are happy and healthy at 15. But our cats never live past 10 years, which is sad. Anywho, Miller has been on death's door for the last 6 or 7 years (apparently) after he contracted cat aids. Well he's still sticking around like a bad smell, but in a good way! However lately he hasn't done all that much and his claws are flippen sharp! And he sits on my lap and insists  that I'm quite uncomfortable -_- Ugh, but in the meantime he is purring away and giving me lots of cuddles, so he's quite sweet when he wants to be :)

What's been going on around here? I've finished two of my three exams, with my last due on Thursday morning. Chemistry was hard! Like, I knew it was going to be hard, but I was quite confident that I'd studied enough. Pfft, biggest joke ever! I'm sure I've failed one of the papers, ironically the one I was the most confident about. Luckily there is another internal exam available to do, so I emailed my teacher and said "send me that book!" argh. It's quite annoying, because it's just added something extra onto my "to do" list, but hey, life throws curveballs doesn't it? If it didn't, it wouldn't be life. However, Biology went quite OK - although the exam room was absolutely freezing. It was hailing outside.
     It was funny in my chem exam, because after the supervisor had said all the rules and regulations - and trust me, after four years of NCEA I could recite them in my sleep - she offered we could begin five minutes early, unless however, somebody had a problem with that. Two guys, I think jokingly, disagreed with the idea and they were scolded. Lol, she acted quite grumpy at them, and said "fine then, but you will sit in SILENCE" hehe. Quite amusing really. But then came exam session number two - a full session this time and yet again she offered we could start a few minutes early - unless there was a disagreement. I do kinda disagree with it, although I'm not stupid enough to alert the public schoolers to my presence more than I have to. So I sit quietly. But one girl said it would stuff with her time management, and somebody else agreed. Then - instantaneous applause from all of the students in the room, from years 11 to 13. I couldn't help but grin!

So now I've got just five internals to do, and my chem teacher suggested that seeing as the official end date was the 28th of this month, to get them sent in by the 20th, which would allow time for marking and thus the results coming through this year. So I'm currently trying desperately to stay head down tail up (I actually don't have a tail btw....despite my Dad saying it was cut off at birth ;) ) as well as prepare for my final exam Thursday morning. So I've got a lot to do! Thankfully three of these internals are report based, so it's basically just lots of typing and researching. Two chem tests have calculations and all the other joys of the world....So Thursday will be the last day of school for me, forever!!! Woohoo!!!
     Then, Friday Mum and I are catching the Naked bus to Auckland to go to my sisters' place. Go find a dress for me for the Young Farmers Gumboot Ball and then go to the dress fitting for her wedding, so all the bridesmaids are trying on our dresses too.

Quite a lot of work related things are driving us insane at the moment. We had two potential new staff members come, Dad went to a client and gave them a free milking in return for him being able to do a training/interview milking. Obviously the employee to be would have to be paid for that. So the old guy worked out, and Dad sent him off to do about four days worth of milkings - however on Friday he showed up and said that he couldn't really cope with the physical activity so he couldn't work for us. Mum and I didn't get a good feeling off of him anyway. Then this girl came a couple days later and had the same thing. She had two training milkings, Mum and Dad booked her in for milkings this weekend coming, but now she's not too sure whether she will be available. So as Mum said, do you want to work for us - yes or no?! Umm, yeah  ummm. No. Gee Thanks! -_- It's so annoying, we take time out of our days to spend time with these people and get them going, but they change their minds. It's super frustrating! However there's this uni student who's looking for work over summer, he's still keen so I think something will get sorted out tomorrow. Fingers crossed he works out, for Summer atleast, because we've got work coming out of our ears - yes, even with the payout drop! It's mental!
     Every day in January is booked for about two different milkings...already. *Takes a deep breath*

Currently though I'm still getting a bit peeved with this constant weather fluctuations. It's rainy then sunny, then rainy, then blowing like heck, then sunny! Make up your mind!! Can't believe that Christmas is a mere few weeks away o.O

Friday, 7 November 2014

Year 13: almost done! It's coming up so quick I can almost taste it :D

I know it's only five days since my last post, but I figured, why not?

Everything is going pretty swell here, not that I want to jinx anything...but it's going mostly swell anyhow. School is plodding itself along just nicely. When just a few weeks ago I was freaking about how much I had to do, I'm happy with how far I've come since then. Currently I've just got the pre-assessment for redox that I'm procrastinating on hehe and two actual internal assessments for chem -redox and spectroscopy. Just one booklet left to study for Biology, then the internal assessment/report on homeostasis. Also I've only got to do one more Stats internal assessment, and four more chapters in the booklet for the stats External. Nice! It has come about that I've decided not to bother on one other stats internal, and I also figured to not even consider the equilibrium external for chem, meaning not having to cram any learning for that.
This time on Tuesday I'll almost be finished my final NCEA Chemistry exam, so it's about 3 1/2 days away, so this weekend I'll pull out the studying for it and biology, which is on Thursday morning. Feeling very positive and optimistic.

Although my biology teacher is annoying me quite a bit, with no replying to emails and not sending any marked work back in a while. I'm still waiting to hear that I passed the internal I sat nearly 3 weeks ago, seriously not good enough that I emailed her Monday and she still hasn't replied. So I've emailed her and left her a phone message. Come Monday my learning adviser will be getting a call to see what's going on! Thank goodness I'm not waiting on anything to do with externals o.O

On Tuesday Dad gave mum the complimentary call to state that he'd just been in a head on car accident down the road from us on his way to one of the farms we work on. So we drove down and found that he had been going around a blind corner, come across another car and they smacked into each other. It is a gravel road that is quite skinny, so really only one car can fit on it at a time, it just so happened that he and somebody else went around at the same time and they collided when the brakes locked up on the gravel.  Just as well they were only going slowly, otherwise it could've been a heck of a lot worse. Dad was towing the big trailer with the bike and spray trailer on it, so when he slammed on the brakes the tie-downs snapped, sending it through the front gate - which used to be a nice metal plate, but it was mutilated! And because he got a lift-kit for the ute, there wasn't much damage to it. Thankfully it wasn't twisted structurally and only needs a new front bumper, grill and bullbars and stone guard. The bullbars saved our ute, but they destroyed the other vehicle - a little station wagon and basically acted kinda like an air bag I guess, and prevented a lot of pressure on the ute. I suppose the other vehicle got an unintended nose job!
There were also two babies in the other car, so it was jolly lucky all around. Oh yeah, and calling 111 and saying there was a head on accident, will not only bring the cops which you ask for, but also the Fire Brigade - complete with some trained friends of mine who were hauled out of one of their last days of school - Ambulance and eventually a doctor and a nurse turned up. Two tow trucks also heard about it so they came out too - not that they were needed as the other car lived on the road and was towed back with a tractor. However they were all sent on their merry way to find some more important work to do.

Yesterday Dad spent the day fixing his trailer and my sister came up to plan and make her wedding invitations and whatnot with us. I helped a bit, but mostly did schoolwork. Once her and Mum had figured out what looked best, they got into it, but she was still here until about 7pm doing them, and they weren't all finished either. I think they looked pretty cool, but there's still more work to do on table settings and such. Her wedding has come around pretty quick, been almost two years but that time has flown! We managed to tie in some purple ribbon on the cards that looks very similar to the bridesmaid dresses. :)

Oh yeah, and only two chicks ended up hatching which is a shame - I really wanted to have about 8 or so running around but we always only ever get two or three. But they're still cute and it seems really weird for three chooks to be babysitting only two chicks. Anywho, they're the mothers and nothing I suggest gets taken into account - golly I can barely pick up the chicks without Mumble attacking me. She is the sort of chicken who is so temperamental that she'd probably rip out your eyes and not be guilty in the least!

Sunday, 2 November 2014

They're starting to hatch!!!

What's been happening on the home front? Lots. Again. It gets kinda boring doesn't it?

I've hurt my wrist, who knows how. There's no bruise, not abrasion, no swelling, just jolly sore. Might've bashed it on something, or sprained it somehow...probably at work, mighta been kicked by a cow. I don't know. All I know is that it's flippen annoying, and makes it hard to type. It's been like this for a few days now, so I know it's not a general "it'll go away" thing, like I usually say. I've tried deep heat, a hot water bottle, carrying on using it as per normal - ie: milking lol. Try NOT to use it. Now I've got a bandage on it to kinda support it or something. I dunno. Either way, nothing is working, so I'm baffled. Don't worry! It's my left hand :D Phew!

I'm up to working at 18 different cow sheds in the district now, as of last week. They're 16 hour milkings there, meaning there's around about a 16 hour time difference between each milking. So I've been milking at all hours of the day. 11:30 am, then 5:30 am, then 6's not been too bad, but I found the mid day one to be quite time consuming. You know, it's the main part of the day, so trying to fit school around it was quite difficult. But nevertheless, Nick is finishing up the last couple days, I've decided my wrist is too sore and it's FAR too much of a risk to be working this close to my exams. The fear of getting injured in a freak accident has never worried me so much as this year, and with only about a week to go, I need to spend every waking minute studying. D:

Yesterday Nick competed in his first Young Farmer of the Year competition, district finals. He did OK, not as well as he wanted to do, but actually pretty good considering. He had no idea on what modules there were, as he's never even watched the competition, and as you would expect he was a little nervous - which came through. Though he came 8th out of 12 people, and got 4th in fencing and quads, which is really good! Considering he was also the youngest there, he did really well :) The national winner from earlier this year was from our district, so it's pretty cool to be involved and for our district/region to take it out again, that'd be pretty darn sweet!

General update on the chickens.....we have one little nugget sized bundle of fluff!! It's seriously uber cute, although we've raised quite a few clutches, it really tugs at the heart strings, seeing these little munchkins...heck, even Dad is trying not to be too interested, but we know that secretly he loves seeing the baby chicks too. :D I know that the eggs were supposed to hatch over the next week, so hopefully this little one won't be the only one, and hopefully we get more pullets rather than roosters this time round...fingers crossed...seeing lots of baby chickens grow up is really quite special. They grow up really fast, but when they run to you from day one, and for the likes of Curry who's been with us about 5 years, you tend to get quite attached :)

Short update for today :)