Sunday, 2 November 2014

They're starting to hatch!!!

What's been happening on the home front? Lots. Again. It gets kinda boring doesn't it?

I've hurt my wrist, who knows how. There's no bruise, not abrasion, no swelling, just jolly sore. Might've bashed it on something, or sprained it somehow...probably at work, mighta been kicked by a cow. I don't know. All I know is that it's flippen annoying, and makes it hard to type. It's been like this for a few days now, so I know it's not a general "it'll go away" thing, like I usually say. I've tried deep heat, a hot water bottle, carrying on using it as per normal - ie: milking lol. Try NOT to use it. Now I've got a bandage on it to kinda support it or something. I dunno. Either way, nothing is working, so I'm baffled. Don't worry! It's my left hand :D Phew!

I'm up to working at 18 different cow sheds in the district now, as of last week. They're 16 hour milkings there, meaning there's around about a 16 hour time difference between each milking. So I've been milking at all hours of the day. 11:30 am, then 5:30 am, then 6's not been too bad, but I found the mid day one to be quite time consuming. You know, it's the main part of the day, so trying to fit school around it was quite difficult. But nevertheless, Nick is finishing up the last couple days, I've decided my wrist is too sore and it's FAR too much of a risk to be working this close to my exams. The fear of getting injured in a freak accident has never worried me so much as this year, and with only about a week to go, I need to spend every waking minute studying. D:

Yesterday Nick competed in his first Young Farmer of the Year competition, district finals. He did OK, not as well as he wanted to do, but actually pretty good considering. He had no idea on what modules there were, as he's never even watched the competition, and as you would expect he was a little nervous - which came through. Though he came 8th out of 12 people, and got 4th in fencing and quads, which is really good! Considering he was also the youngest there, he did really well :) The national winner from earlier this year was from our district, so it's pretty cool to be involved and for our district/region to take it out again, that'd be pretty darn sweet!

General update on the chickens.....we have one little nugget sized bundle of fluff!! It's seriously uber cute, although we've raised quite a few clutches, it really tugs at the heart strings, seeing these little munchkins...heck, even Dad is trying not to be too interested, but we know that secretly he loves seeing the baby chicks too. :D I know that the eggs were supposed to hatch over the next week, so hopefully this little one won't be the only one, and hopefully we get more pullets rather than roosters this time round...fingers crossed...seeing lots of baby chickens grow up is really quite special. They grow up really fast, but when they run to you from day one, and for the likes of Curry who's been with us about 5 years, you tend to get quite attached :)

Short update for today :)


  1. Chicks...will they eventually end up on the table? Or sold on?

    Well done to Nick! And I hope your wrist gets better soon. can you get kicked by a cow and not know about it? I've been kicked by a cow (and horses) and when you get kicked, trust me, you know about it...and fast...

    1. We've only got five chooks and a rooster currently, so any girls will be just adding to the numbers. Any roosters may end up on the table or one may replace the one we've got already. We have to replace the rooster every few years otherwise they tend to get a bit on the rough side :)

      Hmm yeah you do! Though quite often I may get a slight kick to the hand or bashed with the cups and not really take much notice. So that's all I can put it down to...lucky for me I have never been actually "kicked" so much as a little threat every now and then :P