Monday, 24 November 2014

Biology = Finished :)

Super happy right now, actually relieved. As I called my Biology teacher to ask about the two internals I'm waiting on marks for, and she has (finally) marked them and has given an A and an M. So I let out this total *poof* sigh of relief that those credits are now in the system! NCEA Biology is now finished!! Yay!
As for Statistics...I had the exam on Thursday, which was my last exam and it went fantastically. I managed to take my time and answered everything, pretty positive I answered it all correctly, so I left the auditorium with a grin smeared across my face lol. There was a little bit of trouble in that exam though, which had me a little confused but amused at the same time. Because I was at the front of the room I'm not actually sure what happened, but I believe that somebody was actually dragged from the room by the supervisor....I know at the beginning they were very excited and didn't want to quieten down, and when everyone tore the plastic wrap off, many threw theirs across the room. Which, annoyingly, I had to collect, along with the other students who sat at the front of the room. But yeah, something happened, and they all started sniggering during the exam, which prompted a  "shut up!" from the lady. Then, nek minut, she was storming down the room, a chair and desk seemed to be scraped along the floor, more stomping of the feet and then the door was opened and slammed shut! I was like....what did I just miss?!?!?! :O After that, a heap of students "finished" and left quietly, but after they were outside a chorus of laughing sounded, yet again prompting the supervisor to basically run out there and scream her lungs out there at them. I wouldn't be surprised that she noted the disturbance of the students to be sent to NZQA, I mean, a couple years ago I was told each time you used the bathroom it was noted, and after so many NZQA would be told. Understandable though, when apparently somebody cheated last year with a water bottle....Moreover, I do wish to imagine that the student was dragged out by the ear, but I'm still waiting on confirmation of this lol

However, considering these students are seniors, it's not a good look, at all. Though the school has many trouble makers.

As for the stats internal, I'm almost finished. I managed to finally get the TMA sent in, with an apology for it being so late and with the intention to have the internal part done and sent back by Wednesday afternoon. My teacher is usually pretty quick to mark, so I'm pretty sure it'll be sorted quickly. Unfortunately that just leaves chem, which is in the process, I'm now waiting on my teacher in that to get back to me....

On Friday Mum and I took the bus trip to my sister's in Auckland city, where we stayed at her place in her apartment, 8 storys high and looking down on Vector Arena. It was pretty weird for us country bumpkins! The three of us went, on foot, to Queen street, as my sister was told she needed to have her shoes for her wedding dress fitting, the main reason we went there. So at the same time I looked out for a dress for the Gumboot Ball.We were out there for hours, in amongst all the Asians. Not that I'm racist, but my gosh, there's a lot of them in Auckland! Eventually she found the shoes that she wanted, boots actually.  A sort of suede brown. And I found this really neat dress. Mum and my sister tried to convince me on this white dress, that had lace material over top. Sorta with a half back, it looked nice, but I'm not one who likes something to feel like a second layer of skin. They assured me it look awesome, but I'm like. Nope. So instead I got this other white dress, quite plan but still really nice. Fabulous because it was on Queen street, and only cost $25! Extra bonus, it's so casual and light so it'll make a nice summer dress, and something to have on hand at uni too. Brilliant. :)

And tomorrow I've got three milkings to do, one probably starting at 5am and I'm thinking about 3 1/2 hours. Then a 2 hour milking at 11:30. Then back to the first shed for the arvo milking at 3pm. Money money money, as I keep thinking... o.O


  1. lol, I love those exam room riots... haven't had any this year, except for one boy whose phone rang... twice... :P
    But man, those lot sound pretty wild!!!

    1. Hey Andrew! Finally lol

      His phone rang twice? I'm surprised it wasn't taken off him the first time? Yeah, generally this college, you know it's not BAD, just there's those few people and the rest are just easily amused. Followers.

      Lol, didn't even realised but I said that "chem is in the process" hmmmm pun unintended

  2. lol, yeah, finally... :P

    The first time, the supervisor just went up, told him to turn it off and put it back under the seat, and then just apologised to us for the disturbance. The second time, He just marched straigthj down there, took the phone, and took it to a room at the front... :P
    And the rest of us boys are just sitting there, smirking... :P GBHS is a failry relaxed place to do exams...

    lol, I didn't even register... :P