Saturday, 25 October 2014

Exams, crazy youth antics, new chicks, milkings, busy!!

Two weeks until my Chemistry exam...yikes! That is just too close, far too close for comfort o.O However...things are going well! I'm actually getting things done, and not only am I getting things chucked out of the way, I'm also getting good marks. What better combination? Stats internal....excellence..phew! Another excellence in Stats, yay!
     I sent in a Biology internal, although it confused me a tad. I got an excellence in the pre assessment, however the internal itself was basically the same thing. What could I have done so that it didn't sound like I was basically copying my pre assessment? There's a question!
    And I'll also get the pre assessment done for a Chemistry internal done this weekend - pity I didn't get my teacher to email through the internal assessment. Darned long weekends -_-

So with two weeks to go, and only the information for two papers under my belt, uh, brain, I'm considering the benefits, if any, of attempting to get through the three booklets for the Equilibrium paper? It's sorta that Catch 22 again, where I could get extra time for studying for just two papers, and then have an extra hour in the exam to do really well on those two papers, and also risk UE if I just happened to fail one of those papers o.O OR I could do these three booklets at a rush, and risk it in the exam not having that extra time on my hands...hmm, I'm not too sure aye. I really am pushing it this year a bit...but, I'm still getting good marks, which is the main thing! Any assessment I send in is almost always coming back with an M or E.
     Decisions Decisions! My stats teacher emailed yesterday, to ask if I'd do another internal, and that if I sent it in over Christmas, he could mark it in March..uumm hello! We're talking UE here, you know that. I can't get UE in March. So I said, "there's two weeks, there's two internals. Plenty of time to get them done!" Forever optimistic! :D
    So things are going good, one more bio internal to do, two chem internals, but I'm basically ready for them, and two stats internals. Two weeks until exams start.

The other day I chose my room at Colombo with Massey's room choosing portal. It's the first year they've used it, so typically, there were issues. Sounds a little like OTLE! However it worked, I got a room on the third floor, and took the room that seemed to stare at me. I know it's a first in first served basis, so it being "reserved" for me, I'm assuming no body else had chosen it before me? Surely, one would think it would've disappeared from the online thing. Anywho, it's in a wing with two RA's, and it's out of the way of the kitchen and stairwell and semi close to one of the bathrooms, but at the same time it's not too far away. It looks like the room for me from the basic map, even though the rooms are identical lol.
So far I know one person who's also going to be there, kinda know them, kinda don't. Another Te Kura student, from Taranaki who's in my biology online tutorial class. But they're planning on studying nanoscience. Rather them than me! :)

Youth group last week was interesting....sadly Jo wasn't there because she was sick, but the other two leaders, Jas and Jeff, did a pretty good job. The idea behind what they made us do was good. But what they made us do was just right out there terrible. Very evil indeed! So basically Jas talked about Lot and how he and his family fled, Gommorah? Soddem? I can't remember the city name, anywho, and his wife being turned into a pillar of salt etc. So Jas got us to brush our teeth, and whoever could brush them the longest would win three chocolate bars. The catch was this...we had to brush our teeth with lard, aka pig fat. OMG! The whole thought of it still makes me gag, my golly it was absolutely disgusting.
     Everyone was just happily brushing away for two minutes and nobody gave in. One girl suggested to swallow it to get it out of your mouth. Don't do it. I nearly threw up right there on the spot...After that I gave up. If I was that desperate for chocolate, I'd go buy some. So everyone else kept brushing except two of the guys who didn't need to do it. Another two minutes gone and they all kept brushing - this time having to brush with a massive chunk of the fat with the promise of chocolate at the end. Once they were done, Jas handed out chocolate to those of us who didn't do the challenge, including me. The others got nothing! Jas compared the idea to God not following up on promises and how annoying and betrayed you'd feel. Those kids were feeling pretty darn annoyed Jas didn't follow up! But they got chocolate after that anyway :) So basically he was talking about God always fulfilling promises whether we want them or not, and using Lot as an example. Because they were strictly told "do not look back'' as they ran from the city, and Lots' wife looked back, and she was turned into a pillar of salt. That's the basic run down of it anyway. But here's a suggestion. Don't ever brush your teeth with lard, if you're like me you'll still feel ill the next morning. Probably doesn't help that I don't eat pig....

So much is coming up, this weekend I'm milking the whole time including Monday - which is fantabulous because it's double pay :D Wednesday is Mum and Dad's 20th Wedding anniversary, and I milk at yet another new farm (for me) on Wednesday, except this farm does 16hr milkings, so milking starts at 6pm! Gonna be weird! Thursday is the young farmers monthly meeting. Saturday is the district Young Farmer of the Year competition which Nick has entered into, just to see what it's like. I was gonna go down there and help out/watch but with the 16hr milkings continuing for almost a week, I've got a milking at about midday. So inconvenient! But hey, it's money for jam and I'll just have to go down for the after party/dinner thing. Oh yeah, and by now we're in November. Where the HECK has the year gone?!?!

Added then, the beginning of November, I'll have some baby chickens! Two clucky chooks Pepsi and Mumble have been sitting on eggs, it was meant to be about 6 eggs, but I think I got it to about 8, and then the other three girls have been giving them more eggs -_- So I'll be curious to see how this works, two mothers, wonder whether they'll job share, or take certain ones for themselves or what?! Will be interesting to see what happens :)
Time for bed, hopefully I'll get more than 4 hours sleep tonight, keeping my fingers firmly crossed!

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