Friday, 3 October 2014

Acceptance into Colombo

So here we are, in October, and it feels just like yesterday that I began this blog! Who would've thought I'd be almost a year through it? It's quite a lot different to having my old school blog, where most of the fun was in the comment section because of the ridiculous thoughts that came to the minds of my school mates and I. Here, the comment section is mostly empty, but I only have a couple readers. But I like this one better, and I don't write every little scrap of thought that comes to mind anymore - I've grown a filter :)

But here we are, the second month into spring and it's warming up finally! I think Spring, like Autumn, are the seasons who are an example of people who're never quite sure what they want to be, or where they want to go. They keep changing their minds, just like one day it's beautifully sunny, and the next seems like something out of "Into The Storm". Although, it keeps us on our feet doesn't it?
What better way to live life on the edge than not quite knowing what the weather will bring? lol

Today just happens to be the day that's very wet and windy, yet this morning was luxurious while feeding the calves! Now I'm snuggled up on the couch with blankets, dressing gown and the heat pump going, while every so often the heavens are opened and we get doused in rain again. Joyville. But hey, I'm being quite productive today! I've made a yummy chocolate cake and finished a chemistry assessment, and have the next book under way. I was doing the assessment yesterday and just could not get a few things, but today, bam! Easy peasy. It's funny how that sometimes happens...

Last Saturday's Paintball with the Young Farmers was awesome. The weather, low and behold, was perfect. Not too hot, yet not too cold. And a good handful of us went, including four from our club. It was fun! We were given oversized camo overalls and body protection. Sorta like a vest thing that went under the overalls, which was pretty darn big and bulky. No wonder oversized overalls were needed! We played three games over a few hours; a King of the Hill type game, a Resident Evil: Zombie apocalypse game, and one that was kinda just a free fire, one strike and you're out type game. I think my team won overall, and afterwards we went in search of a place to have lunch. It was backtracking a bit for Nick and I, but we found a nice restaurant, had lunch and compared battle scars. Some people were obliterated - however, they were the people who chose not to wear the protective vest/armor. I walked out with yellow hair thanks to somebody who hit the top of my helmet and the paintball exploded everywhere, a grazed hand and a bruised shoulder that is still yellow and sore. And it was nice to hang out with different, like minded people again. Nick and I were, like normal, the youngest there, but everyone was really cool.

Sunday afternoon I caught up with Sam and Chantelle, we watched Letters to Juliet which was so sweet, and I think we're doing the cliff top walk at the beach soon for our next catch up. It's really nice being able to see them every few weeks/month, but it's so jolly hard to organise around work! Then on Monday I went to see the specialist dentist about my teeth. He took the X-Ray (which was really awesome by the way!) and told me the great news that he'd only be looking at taking out two wisdom teeth, and not the four like I was told. Phew! Basically one is impacted, one is partially up and the two top ones aren't anywhere near coming through yet, so he'd have to go digging. Meaning it's great for me, cos I only have to spend half as much. And in a couple years time once the others are further down, then I can look at getting them out, cos right now it's pointless. So sometime soon, when he next comes up this way I'll get them taken out.

Now I think I've done pretty well holding off this information like I have, but I've seriously got to spill the beans......I've been offered a place at uni in my favourite choice of accommodation - Colombo Hall! Yesterday I got the email, and I was literally shaking like a leaf full of adrenaline, waiting for it to load. I can't believe I got into Colombo! It's the best hall - in my opinion - right in the middle of everything. Right outside the bus stop, the science towers, a couple minute walk to the food court. Yes, it'll always be streaming with people, but at least I won't have to leave too early to get places :) I'm confused though as to why my friend wasn't offered a place there, because I thought she'd applied before me. But maybe they try to fit people with similar interests and what they're studying together...or something? Not that it matters, because if all goes to plan she won't need to go to Massey :D Now I've just got to convince the printer to stop being obnoxious and actually allow us to print things, and sign the contract and send it in with the security deposit before the 17th. Easily done, I just need to offer the printer a pay rise or something....Then after the 20th they send a link for you to choose your room - clever! I'm thinking, since it is a three story building, to go with one on the second or third floor. Third floor will keep me nice and fit because of all the stairs ;) and it'll be nice and high up so hopefully a little more quiet and private with some pretty neat views! Second floor, just as good, just a little less stairs. Ground floor, yeah nah. I wouldn't want a room that everyone could see into - especially in such a busy area of campus. But, I'm buzzing about the offer, it's so cool! It seems like it's all working out so far, so maybe uni is meant to be?

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  1. Wow! Sounds like you've been busy. Well done on getting Colombo!