Sunday, 12 October 2014

Rescue Helicopter

Lots and lots of things going on lately. Well, not much is going on but I'm feeling super busy! I spent the entire holidays knuckled down into school, and got quite a bit done :) My teachers will come back to two biology assessments, two chemistry assessments and one statistics assessment. So I'm happy. There's still four weeks until my exams start on the 11th November, but internals have all got to be in by the seventh, and I'm hoping to spend that last week studying in general. Chemistry is actually going well these days, especially Organics, simply because it's so much fun and quite interesting! Just two and a half more books and I'll be ready for two internals, and 3 books for the last external. Not bad! Okay so I technically should've gotten it all done months ago, but hey, I've had work :)

Speaking of work, yesterday was the last day of calf feeding and Mum and Dad did it. The farmers decided to wean the two older groups on Friday and called us that night to tell us the news. Sneaky sneaky. I had my usual milkings this weekend, so this morning Mum and Dad got a sleep in....literally. I got home from work at 8:30 to find them lazing in bed with a coffee enjoying the sunshine! Pfft! All right for some aye! ;) But tomorrow, for the first time in a good while, I WILL sleep in because there's no calves to feed and no cows to milk! Hooray! Bet ya I'll wake up at 6.... :/

I'm sorta at a bit of a catch 22 when it comes to school/uni and work at the moment. I need to earn another three thousand so that I can pay for the bulk payment for my accommodation in February, which needs to be paid on the 1st. So at the moment I'm trying to get as much work as possible, while also not wanting to work so I can be ready for exams. So it's a tad frustrating, but I'm sure I'll manage. Currently though, exams come first and apart from two milkings on Tuesday, I've got nothing else booked for me. Luckily this has been a busy week so I've earned twice as much as usual and a Bonus Bonds win would be good for a change! ;)

My lucky friend overseas gets to start her end of year exams tomorrow - I certainly don't envy her! But it must be a jolly pain having to start 3 weeks earlier than everyone else...I don't think I could work with those sorts of deadlines. The only deadlines I seem to just stick to is applications for things such as scholarships and whatnot. My application always seems to be done and sent right at the 11th hour, and it was no different with the Young Farmers scholarship. While we're on the subject though, I've got a few more to apply for thanks to Mum. There's Dairy NZ, Rural Women and Beef & Lamb and I've also applied for Balance agri nutrients. I'll tell you what, it's great being in a farming industry where I can apply for these scholarships - it'll be pretty awesome to get at least one of them! A little bit of money will go a long way at the moment - thank goodness for these past few years of saving, otherwise I'd be in the same boat as my cousins, except without the ability for my parents to cover my expenses like they have....

Yesterday, Nick and I went with a few other Young Farmers members to the Westpac Rescue Helicopter to hand over the money raised at the Quiz Night held last month. They raised a whopping $800 for them and the two guys we saw were shocked, especially when they realised it was all raised on just one night. From their expressions I have to think that generally small group donations aren't usually that big, so it was pretty neat going there and giving it to them. We also got the general tour of the choppers while we were there, got to sit inside them and heard some stories and what not. It's definitely given me more of an appreciation for them and what they do, and it's cool we could give the money to a charity who's actually going to get a good benefit out of it. Yes, all charities need money, but these rescue choppers and the crews are the good sorts who do deserve it.
Apparently it costs $4000 per hour per chopper to run, after they included general costs of wear and tear, wages and fuel, so our $800 probably won't go too far. It'll be sucked into the hungry gurglar like the flip of a penny. For every person they rescue, ACC will only pay them 1/3 of the costs back and they've got no Government funding at all. Pretty blimmen sick really, when they save so many lives and quite often a lot of call outs aren't needed after all, so it's sad. But it's good as farmers to be appreciative of the people who will quite likely save our life one day due to a farming incident! It'll be my life ambition to never have to get up close to one of those choppers ever again though! Other than to donate of course!

Finally, last night I think I possibly rid myself of my friendly buddy. He's been calling me again and again these last couple days to no avail, and caught me out last night when he rang the homeline. Obviously we can't have the number saved as "don't answer" like on my cellphone, so silly me answered. Once I realised who it was I put on my best show of attitude, I'm quite good at it when I want to be - ask Mum and Dad ;) and answered the same typical questions. "What do you want?" "I'm Working!" then I finished it up with a I'm NOT INTERESTED STOP CALLING ME and got a lovely reply of a hangup. hehe. I was so mad he'd called yet again, my hands were shaking. I don't usually get that mad. I think I was probably more angry that he continuously swore at me because his hearing isn't up to scratch and he couldn't hear me...well diddums. Nobody should dare pull that stunt with me. If I'd had the chance I would've added a few extra things in like, "Is your head so thick you can't take a hint?" But unfortunately he cut the call short, quite sad! It was quite rude though I think for him to initiate a call and then be the one to hang up, I shoulda hung up as soon as I knew who it was but no matter how annoyed and angry I am at somebody, I'm not one to press end....well except for the scammer who called last week, but that's another story.
Anyway, one hopes that he got the idea, but one has to wonder because now his friend who I no longer speak to because of this whole drama and his part in it, is messaging me and asking if I'm going to youth on Wednesday. Yeup, I am going, but am I stupid enough to reply? No. I like to be the one who "sees" a message and doesn't answer for a change. It's not something that I would do, but sometimes it's gotta be done ;) Feeling evil :P


  1. Ugh. IPad glitched. I have to write out my whole message again.

    I had to fend off a "Mr Collins" earlier on in the week too. You'd think after months of not talking to them that they'd get the point. It's completely not your fault you got mad, some guys just don't know when to stop pushing. I'd have been surprised if you hadn't gotten mad,

    1. Oh how's the iPad going? Mr. Collins hehe, I'd forgotten I'd called him that ;) Sometimes we really have to wonder whether their heads ARE actually screwed on the right way....

    2. I suppose, realistically, it could be seen as a compliment. But then again, desperation isn't pretty.

      The iPad is great. Except for a few minor things that I work around.