Tuesday, 10 February 2015

The Wedding

My sister's wedding has been and gone and it went much better than expected. I guess I can now cross "attend a wedding" off my bucket list and at the same time I finally had my first full weekend off work since, like, November.

We finally managed to find the place on Friday afternoon, much later than anticipated. We took two vehicles as for some reason the four of us with all our gear somehow wouldn't all fit in the one UTE....? We got a little lost on the way, but eventually we got there. Went to the place and had a quick rehearsal/figure out what the plan was going to be, caught up with Nana and the cousins.       
     Saturday was a relief to see some sun, as it had been quite wet beforehand. I basically spent the whole day at the house that had been hired, getting hair done, nails painted, make up done. Trying to help sort things...it took hours. Then the photographer arrived, and I behaved (lol) I let him take pictures of me without cowering in a corner like I normally would, kind of no use hiding when you're a bridesmaid!
      Finally the time came, we all left looking great, got to the Firth Towers in Matamata where it was being held. We got my sister on the horse (as she was to ride up there on him), got all the flowers right in our hair, fixed up a flower girls dress. Random people were tooting as they drove past us. Then finally we were walking up the path alongside the road, flower girls, then me, then three more bridesmaids, then my sister. Ouch, already my feet were killing me in my shoes!
     We arrived, everyone watching, smiling for the cameras, hiding behind a tree so she could get off the horse, take the horse away. My cousin started playing True Colours on the guitar so I gave the flower girls the go ahead. He started singing, that was my cue. 10 minutes or so later it is all done and finished, we walk out and done! Okay, now there are photos, and photos, and more photos and omgosh why did I wear these shoes?! Then everyone leaves and the bridal party stick around for a few more photos. Then we're all in the cars on the way for more photos elsewhere, we take a route much longer than necessary and almost run out of fuel. I reminded everyone that this isn't Shortland Street! haha

The bridal party, minus the bride and groom finally arrived at the reception where we joined all the guests and stood outside for what felt like hours, before the two important people turned up from having more photos taken. Then we continued to stand outside and "chat" while we waited, and waited to go inside the barn. Yay, all the guests are finally all seated. My Uncle, the MC, calls in the parents. Then the bridal party paired up and we were called in, described as we went. I'm yet to ask my Uncle when on Earth I became 2IC of our company....? Thank goodness I got to walk in with one of the better groomsmen...two of the others were just...nah. :/
     All the speeches were done, Dad embarrassed my sister - talking about the boyfriends prior in his speech (lol). Then we got dinner, thank goodness, I was starving. Later on the cake was cut, then we had dessert, mmmm delicious! To my horror I found out I had to get up and dance with the rest of the party. Yet again, I'm grateful for the half pie decent groomsman, rather than the guy I walked out of the wedding with. We had to endure half of the first song, then half of the second song before the guys was like, awkward enough for you too? Ok, we'll make our way to the side, then disappear....Phew! Then I danced with my cousin for about two seconds, that was also quite awkward. Then danced with my BIL.

I think it was about 11pm before we got back to the motel, I was so so tired! I'm super glad it's finally done and dusted - now we can go back to normality! There are some decent pictures already, so if you wanted to see some let me know, and I'll flick you a couple in an email. The professional ones are going to take about 2 weeks - there were a couple thousand!

I've got until Thursday off work, which is driving me nuts. Five and a half days off work doesn't do my bank balance any good, but I'm so bored! I wasn't made to sit around and be lazy doing next to nothing. The humidity here isn't helping, because I want to do stuff, but can't be bothered to suffer the heat, which is frustrating!

A friend shared a blog post she'd read the other day, which was describing a girl giving paddle boarding a go - but every time she tried to stand up, the waves knocked her down. They had to tell her, that she had to start off kneeling then progress to standing, but don't just stand there waiting for something to happen, you've gotta use the paddle to keep your balance! Which they likened to life in general, and how you can't just sit around waiting for things to come to you, you've got to get out there.
This is what I really need and want to do, I'm sick of sitting and waiting - but I've no idea what direction to look in, which makes sitting around waiting the easy option, but at the same time, annoyingly frustrating and boring. Sometimes I wish those neon flashing lights would just show up, every so often, so I can figure it out. But yeah right, life wasn't designed to be fair and easy!


  1. Ooh, ooh, ooh! Pictures to me please!!! I bet you looked gorgeous!! It does sound like a long day though. I suppose I'll be going through all of that soon too. -_- my sister will put me in high heels just because it's looking compulsory that sisters are bridesmaids and she's bound to do it just out of spite because I said I would never wear high heels, not even at my own wedding. Gosh, I hope I don't have to wear red or black...

    Glad it's out of the way, though?

    1. I wore ankle height boots, because black shoes were compulsory and well, you saw the photos, I'm still much much shorter, even though the rest wore flatter shoes...AND I had to wear stockings too, to try and make the shoes a little more tighter - as they're slightly too big. So full length, plus some foot ones for extra thickness which in the end did next to nothing and my poor feet were scorching hot and sore :(Shoulda just worn my sandals lol.

      Black, I know a friend who all the bridesmaids wore black....kinda odd though, at a wedding...haha so long as you don't have to wear stilettos! Lol :D

      Very glad it's over!

    2. Ooh, pictures would be fun to see...
      Haha, high heels... Us guys are lucky, never have to worry about that...
      Although, when my cousin got married, she was waay taller than the groom, which for some reason is unacceptable... So she had flat soled shoes, while he had about inch thick soles, and even then he had to be careful how he stood for pictures... :P

    3. Girls being taller than guys is generally unusual, and looks odd because of that. Pictures sent, ten points if you remember what I look like lol

    4. Thanks! Haha, that guy with the long beard looks like a guy I know... But I doubt very much that you know the one I know... :P But they would pass as identical twins... :P
      Haha, considering I've only ever seen a 2cmx2cm picture, but I think I picked you... :P
      Yeah, I guess it is unusual... Its just funny when you know they're trying to cover it, and fail... :P

    5. That guy with the beard..yeah... o.O

    6. Wait, wait, wait! I nw which is you. Do I get ten bucks per photo? :D I'll expect my cheque in the mail, thanks!

    7. He's not from around Gisborne/BoP is he? Surely there aren't *that* many people like that???

    8. ten bucks per photo - sheesh! You'll make me go broke!

      I honestly wouldn't have the foggiest Andrew...

  2. Haha, no worries. :)
    I doubt very much he would be... :P