Friday, 27 February 2015

NCEA Level 3 - finally!

I logged on to NZQA to finally discover that my final credits have been updated and now I've officially got NCEA level 3 - sighs with relief much? So now I'm able to order my ROA and two certificates that I received last year to fill up my clear file a bit more. It's about time!

I'll tell you what is about time though, my Telford pack arriving. They've taken my money and confirmed my enrolment for March 1st start, also saying that the first of the topics will arrive in time for a March 1st start...which is on Sunday, and yet only one more possible day for the stuff to arrive!? I'm getting giddy waiting to begin it, but until it gets here, I'm just a sitting duck.
     However I'm not not busy with other things, as Mum and Dad are now 'employing' me to type and design. Newsletters, advertising, forms and sheets of all descriptions, staff manuals and Ts&Cs. You name it, I do it. At the same time I'm also fixing up my parents' use of folders and files - I'm telling you, they're stuck in the dark ages when it comes to file management. Whenever Nick or I need to find something, we have to seriously go digging!
     Today I've separated client V staff folders up, and put all client based doc's into the client folder and such forth. It's so quick and easy, you sorta wonder why they didn't do it to begin with, and so many empty files, or irrelevant files. Or files with pretty much the same name but very different contents - it's madness!
     After this level 4 dairy course Mum and Dad have suggested to move onto AgriBusiness level 4, which would then lead onto a Diploma in Agribusiness in later years - which would be brilliant to have when we eventually franchise our company.  However, at the moment I just want to get this Dairy course out of the way first, and it is the basis for all the other courses I could do later on. I'm sort of of the opinion that I don't want to be studying all these things and get all these qualifications unnecessarily, but then I've no clue as to where I want to head.

I'm in a confused headspace currently, where I don't want to be doing a tonne of office work the rest of my life, but then I also know I can't milk cows the rest of my life either. I really need to sort out my direction, but it's difficult!!

These last two weeks have been a little, er, frustrating so to speak. Miriam will be finishing her first week of study at Massey and it's annoying to not be there with her. I based the rest of my life around this first week for so many years, that it's now difficult to see past it. Am I regretting it, yes. Am I missing it, no. It's simple now to forget all those complicated formulas and all that information I'll no longer require to fully know, but at the same time I just really wanted the experience of it all. Which is why I'm now grasping in other directions to find my purpose, to no avail just yet. It'll come - one day soon though, I hope.

The other day I had the utmost joy of realising a friend had deleted me as a friend on FB. You know that sort of, 'hey I wonder what they're up to...wait "add friend"?'  They deleted me, what the heck? It's annoying because ever since they moved overseas they've hardly spoken to me (and some of you may know who I'm talking about), but beforehand I thought we were OK friends, perhaps turned simple, I dunno, acquaintances...I tried to keep in contact but got the cold shoulder. Did the typical birthday wishes and got a "like" whilst everyone else got some overly dramatic thanks. They also wished all the mutual friends happy birthdays, and suddenly I was excluded from that wish list as well. And now to see I've been deleted, yet they still chat away happily with those mutual friends. Talk about a kick in the guts, like, what did I even do to you? I'm absolutely positive that I didn't accidentally delete them, and why would I?
     It mad me sooo angry that they could be so pigheaded but, two can play at that game. If I ever have the utmost joy of seeing them in person, I'll just walk on past as if they're like all the other tourists. And as a recent post on FB said something like, "When a friend deletes you, and you are amazed at the ability of the trash taking itself out...'' I've sorta got the upper hand here, but I'm still so confused...
I know a few people would probably wonder why I bother and that it's only social media, but that's the thing. Social media, these days the only way to keep in contact with some people you want to know, at times I wonder why I don't just deactivate my account - but then that'll create the upmost controversy too.

A little bit on the glass half empty side of things. Gotta refuel on some optimism, but it's so expensive these days! I mean, have you seen the price per litre?!


  1. My dad works with AgriBusiness...

    I wouldn't know personally, but yeah, I'm sure being unfriended sucks. That definitely constitutes that the friendship is totally over. But you do have to stop and think if the friendship is really benefiting both friends emotionally. I've found if a friendship is dragging me down, emotionally wearing me out, or stressing then it brings down the rest of my positive outlook on what is happening in my life.

    1. mmmhmm, that's basically the way it is and you mentally delete them as a friend in your head but are still interested in what's going on sorta thing...but yeah

  2. Congrats on level 3!!

    Lol don't start on social media . . . some ppl are nice to your face but you wish you'd never seen they had an account! Ok maybe that's a bit dramatic . . . :P

    Lol fueling up on optimism . . . Dad saw last months data usage and was like OUCH! oops hehe . . . :P

    1. Hmmm data usage aye? Lol, maybe they should get a cap for it or something so you can't go over? :P

    2. yeah we have a limit, but when we reach it we can buy data blocks :P

  3. Hey, some interesting news... Heard on the news this morning, NZQA made the L3 exams harder this year, to make it harder to get UE... So more students failed than normal, and more than NZQA expected. So students who just missed out this year, actually would have beaten those who just scraped in last year. Interesting, aye?

    1. yeah cos they had made it harder by upping it from two subjects at 14 to three subjects. But yeah, I can imagine them doing that. You know there was a 4000 student shortage this year? It was no wonder the uni was trying to beg me to still come by offering me different things. Foundation course, then a university prep certificate course.