Saturday, 31 January 2015

New Beginnings! :)

So here is a picture of my new car - isn't it cool?! The guy brought it up here for us, and I drove it home from town. Was a tad rough and extremely touchy, the accelerator was quite tight and the steering quite heavy, so wasn't the best to drive.     But seeing as I've been driving the cavalier for the last two or three years, with hardly any other vehicle experience....and it's possible that the steering and pedals in it were rather loose. However now that I've been driving this quite a bit I'm really used to it, and it's driving nicely!  There's an iPod connection in the glovebox, and it seems to be hardwired in for intentional use  - awesome! Can't play CD's, but currently actually having radio reception is amazing.

So far I've only had one issue that popped up on Thursday - the airbag light. I'm not quite sure what's up with it, but since I noticed it it hasn't turned off. It's possible that it's never been driven on metal roads, so something may have shifted around on the rough ground. Anywho, I texted the guy and on the maintenance check nothing showed up on the computers, but he reckoned if it persisted he'd get it checked out again to see what is going on. Fingers crossed he'll stick to his word and pay for the check, as I hadn't even had it 24 hours before it showed up. Unfortunately that probably means we've gotta go back to Auckland for that...don't like Aucks....

Nick and I went to the first Young Farmers meeting on Thursday night, it was pretty good and a lot of events were put into planned discussion; another quiz night, a "Young Farmers' Amazing Race", speed-dating/networking night, plus more. As well as planning for fundraising and what to spend it on, and advertisement - monthly newsletters to go around town in the attempt to rally more members. We've also finally got club T-shirts!

Also, yesterday I decided to have a looksee at what courses I could possibly do through the likes of NorthTec, Open Polytec or Primary ITO. Mum and Dad are already planning on sending me to the one day Licence to Milk course through P-ITO which is normally held in winter, to give me an actual qualification in milking - IE: making me look good on paper :P Nick's already done it.
     However I looked around the two tec websites, and omgosh, *yawns*.  There is the possibility that I'll do a business/computer course, which would put me towards a National Certificate in AgriBusiness - eventually. I think so anyway...BUT I had one of those "lightbulb" moments - Telford! Why have I only just thought of this?! I typed it in and, ding! Correspondence courses, lots of them.

I have decided to do a Certificate in Dairy Knowledge, Level 4 which is a one year course that can be started whenever. Will cost less than $300, and they send me the work and I send it back. Much like the assessments I did through the STAR gateway course a few years back, however these papers will just be a tad more higher up there - being level 4 and all...I'm excited!
     It's pretty awesome, and I'll be able to stay at home and continue to work, while studying for basically no cost whatsoever. Then next year I'll be able to move onto some form of National certificate in Agriculture. And from there, possibly into a diploma of sorts.

My sister's wedding is a week away, today. Eeeek


  1. Cool car! Kinda cute actually...

    Just one question... What was the Young Farmers speed dating thing about???

    Enjoy the wedding, hopefully!

    1. Haha it is pretty cute aye? Quite sporty, not a nana car and not too flash looking either - oh and nice and small so it's easy to park :P

      Young Farmers speed dating, hasn't happened yet but gonna be next month to tie in with valentines apparently (lol) it's just something that most groups do, to get to know people as a social thing. Although I've never been to one, I know the general idea...we're holding it and a few groups from the area will join up with us. Basically it's a quick "get to know someone then move onto the next person" sorta thing - you've got a minute to talk to a guy, or in your case, a girl, before time is up and you move down the line. And you can go in there with the intention of "finding your soul mate" (lol!) or just general networking - meeting new people.
      Apparently it's quite fun - although I know a few people who'll be going in eyes peeled to hopefully meet somebody...young farmers groups are full of terribly single desperate people haha

      They reckon they'll have coloured cow tags on hand - certain colours for certain statuses, single, taken, don't even go there, etc :)

  2. Haha, so it genuinely is "speed dating"... :P lol, enjoy it... :P

    1. Yup, genuine speed dating haha, it should be fun