Sunday, 11 January 2015

Two weeks through 2015, 50 To Go! o.O

I can't believe that we're already 11 days through 2015, I mean. This year is already just flying on by! What's with this?! So far this year I've been exceptionally busy with work. I've mostly been going flatstick with milkings, with twice a day milkings every day since the 29th December, with one morning off this Monday just gone. Yep, I'm tired, but I'm also tending to generally wake up at a minute to 5 every morning - so annoying, that one minute could last an hour - I eventually haul myself out of bed, but gosh it's a struggle. Yet again, it's the driving that wears me down, I actually have to put in an effort to drive, at least with milking I can go on autopilot! :P

I started milking at one of my least favourite sheds on Tuesday and had to endure it up until Friday morning. It's a 500 cow Jersey farm, 36 aside herringbone. The cows don't really like coming into the shed, or leaving it and it drives me insane trying to get them to move. I've milked in a lot of sheds where the cows are slow, but none that frustrate me so much as this one. It doesn't help that the guy I'm working with is a horrible, lazy, creepy old man who disappears during milking and won't turn up for a couple rows. It's a two person cowshed, and after 3+ hours of being abandoned for long intervals, I literally feel like sitting in a corner to cry, it's that frustrating. What makes it worse is in the afternoon, when he finally comes back from one of his outings, he'll let rip on the cows and makes out as if he's been in there the whole time like myself, suffering in the heat. It's no wonder the cows don't want to come in with him around, and the heat is so intense it just adds to the drama.
     Thankfully I got the weekend off, and went to my usual weekend farm and had a great time! Dad took over at the horrible farm this weekend and confirmed everything I had to deal with. Sadly, I'm back in there tomorrow for another four days. However, I'm putting up with it and not complaining until after my time there is finished. I don't like rocking the boat, otherwise I'll then have to deal with attitude from him. Quite frankly, I'm happy to tolerate it for the next few days and clock in the 7 hours a day for two milkings - it's money that I desperately need right now.

Mum says, "just think about your room at uni and how it's gonna look once everything is in it". I say, I really don't want to think too much about that until this Wednesday has come and gone. As a friend said, "I don't want the 13th to end", well neither do I. When my results come out it's gonna be a very stressful day, and I'm seriously not looking forward to it! Dad keeps saying, oooh only a few days now! Which cops "the look" from me. They keep saying, "don't worry, you'll have passed" and all I keep thinking is "what could I have done wrong? What if my raving didn't get me anywhere in biology this year? What if, what if, what if. It's driving me nutty :(

I'm working this whole full week until Saturday morning, Saturday Mum and I catch the bus to Auckland again for my sisters hen's party that night. Nana is flying up from Rotorua and our (Great Aunty) Sue is driving up too. With the additional bridesmaids that I know, some more than others, that's the only people I'll know. I think the girl who's organised it has planned a night on the town, but Nana and Mum aren't very keen on that, so I'll be able to stay with them and go back to my sister's apartment to get some sleep. The next day is my brothers' birthday - the big 20. That night I'm back into the milking for the rest of the month. So that will clock in three milkings off for me this month, it's gonna be a long rest of the month, but I need to do it to pay my deposit on the 31st January for my accommodation. Wow, life is getting expensive these days.

Wednesday the 14th, I just want it to be over! :(

We spent our new years, the same as many other years. Working, and working around the house. Mum and Dad hired a little digger to dig some trenches. There's a wet patch/drain in our section so now there's drainage coil in there, hopefully next winter it won't be so wet out there. Dad also had some fun digging up and cutting the telecom cable. It was about five metres in from the boundary fence and only a foot deep - no wonder he hit it! Thankfully our phone wasn't affected, so we could call them to let them know to fix it. We had a tad bit of amusement when we were called back by telecom, and the lady was like, "I'm testing to see that you can call in and out, and whether you would be able to visit your neighbours to see if they've got phone?" And I'm just like, well duh, we called you to let you know, and now you've called us. Obviously we can get calls in and out. And why the heck would we visit our neighbours? It wasn't our fault! (hehe, fault)


  1. lol, I know the feeling of waking up early... Like being run over by a truck, kinda...
    With the driving... How's that??? :P Haha, I'd probably be more awake in one of those, to be honest... too scared it would fail... :P

    That shed sounds sad... But I agree, probs best not to complain until you're finished... It's always hard working in sheds like that...

    And, today's the 13th... who's waiting up until midnight tonight??? :P
    Relax... don't panic... Just like Corporal Jones in Dad's army, "Don't Panic!, Don't Panic!"... Then, slightly later... "Captain Mannering, sir, permission to panic?" :P

  2. Wow! Sounds like a tough time,

    Just out of curiosity, with an engaged sister myself, is it expected that sister's become bridesmaids? If so, I have a whole lot of planning to update. -_-

    1. I think it's general rule of thumb that if there is a sister then she is bridesmaid. My friends sister had three other sisters. So the two older were bridesmaids and the younger was a flower girl. Don't think you'd get away with being a flower girl ;) hehe. But even if you end up being a BM, you don't necessarily have to do any planning. I'm not, although I'm not having much to do with it at all so I'm free from planning. I'm just being a BM, nothing special so just turn up on the day.

    2. Drat!

      No, thankfully you only have to do planning if you're maid of honour.

    3. And when there are 6 sisters?? haha :P

    4. Good luck to the groom on finding six groomsmen. :P

    5. PS. @Xj. When is your sister's wedding?

    6. They haven't set any dates yet. He doesn't have a job yet, so they will figure out their status at the end of the year. So we won't really know much until the end of the year. Mum is hoping not until mid next year at the earliest.