Tuesday, 30 December 2014

A Year Ago: Reflections and whatnot

Well, I've been blogging for a good long time now on Blogspot.  On the 31st of December 2013 I decided to start blogging on here, so what, that's a year ago today? One thing Mum said to me, "Don't put your whole life on there." Of course not Mum, I'm intending on filling it with my favourite philosophical posts about the world. He He, well that didn't work out too well!!! I'm pretty positive I've managed to keep my anonymity quite well, however my main readers know who I am anyways, but one day maybe I may have a bit of a crowd reading my blog! Let me tell you a secret, I speak much more on here than I probably ever do in person - hope you're feeling lucky and special lol.

So a year has gone by, I've written 55 posts, this is #56. I've had 2360 views (as of now) and general views from all over the globe. The highest portion are from New Zealand, of course, however I've also got quite a few people either passing through, or reading, from the US. China, France, Germany, Poland, Austria, Romania, Canada, Venezuela, Indonesia, and Denmark.Quite interesting :)

And wow, what a year it's been! Certainly bumpy with some very sudden twists and turns, but nothing that we haven't gotten through. But along with that there have been good things to add to the mix of life. I've seen friends that I haven't seen in years, finally met friends that I've known for years and been able to rekindle old friendships too. Sure there are the people I may have spoken to heaps in the past, but this year we've drifted on our separate merry ways, but hey.

I joined the Young Farmers, met some new people. Had some fun times, and some not too fun times and made new acquaintances out of it. I finished High School. I turned 19.
I also realised that pre unconfirmed thoughts of people aren't as they appear, and have been secretly surprised with the turn out. Almost everywhere I've worked this year has been in a happy workplace environment and I learned new things from it, which completely strengthened my confidence and abilities too!

You know, there's all that rubbish that circulates on FB about life and whatnot basically saying, "What doesn't kill you makes you stronger, and makes you a better person overall" Normally I'm just like, yep, seen that before. But yeah, it's true in some aspects. I don't like to fill my life with mushy statements like that, however some of them are good!

Regarding Christmas, ours was pretty quiet. Mum, my sister and I went to the Christmas Eve carols/service. I caught up with Sam there too, which was nice to do it together. Mum and I reckon it's gonna be our new tradition! Dad and I milked Christmas morning, then came home for pancakes for breakfast. Opened some neat presents, watched the movie Lucy and had a nice simple lunch of homemade chicken kebabs and salads. I milked that afternoon and everyone went to the west coast to have a try at fishing. Normally we go to the east coast, but the tides and whether weren't right. Boxing Day came around, we spent it sleeping! (I still slept super well that night too).
     The 27th was my birthday, 19 years young (eek). It was pretty simple. I don't actually know what I did? Watched my favourite recorded TV show, David Attenborough - Galapagos. Sam came over that afternoon, then that night we went out for dinner with Nick and some young farmers at our local Tavern. Jamie McDell and Jason Kerrison (from OpShop) were there, singing. So it was neat to hear them and finally meet Jamie - even got a highfive and a picture for proof! haha

Now we're just about at the end of 2014 - I honestly won't be sad to see it go! No plans for New Years, we never celebrate, just work for me! I'm on day 2 of 7 straight milkings at one farm. The afternoons are getting hot o.O and I'm beginning to feel concerned that in about 2 weeks, the exam results will be in. Every time I think about it, I swear I feel more sick :(

*raises a glass and hopes for the best*

2015, come at me! I'm prepared for the best year ever! Hopefully some big new changes, new people, new beginnings. Some cool new things happening for me next year will be sweet, Thank you!


  1. Excellent reflections! And very true. I hope you had a good birthday.

  2. Well, I think we know who the viewer from China is... :P

    What's Lucy about? Best of luck with the new year though, 9 days into it!!! :P

  3. I did thank you Xj :)

    Andrew, Miriam won't be the viewer from China, as the great firewall locked her out, and she was only reading mine and Xj's blogs via the "follow by email" section. She'll be able to follow them properly now that she's back in the country :)

    1. Oh right, okay. That firewall doesn't stop does it??? :P

      lol, that is a kinda random plot... It sounds like it would require a lot to turn it into a decent movie, to be honest, but... It does sound interesting, though... :P

  4. Oh yes, and Lucy. It's about this woman who is taken and blackmailed into drug trafficking. Gets this new nasty drug stuffed into her, on the way it bursts, gets into her bloodstream and turns her really powerful. As a sidestory during the movie Morgan Freeman is this big scientist guy who's explaining how humans only use a tiny percentage of brain power. However she manages to get 100% brain power, gains all this information and pretty much explodes after 24 hours.

    Lets just say the preview looked really good, but the movie itself was kinda not that interesting :)

  5. Just thinking... If the aforementioned viewer from China couldn't view it due to the GFoC, how did you still get views from China? Unless it was someone who can get past the firewall...
    Kayger! Your blog is being read by Chinese security officials, or China-based hackers!!! :P
    Haha, computers are weird things... Last time I saw, it had ours based in Hamilton, and you know how accurate that is... :P

    1. Lol, I'm not sure who's viewed it, but there's been only about 10 views I think....Although, from what I know, China doesn't follow the same rules everywhere. Do you remember the woman who committed suicide and was describing it on Facebook as it happened? Well Miriam couldn't get FB, so in other areas the restrictions must be different, therefore they'd be able to see my blog in other places. And they may be seeing it, or they may just be passing through - as you can click the "next blog" button at the top of the page, which cruises you through random blogs :)

      The Chinese security officials do sound intriguing though!