Tuesday, 27 January 2015

BMW: Big Money Worries?

Quick apologies for those of you who've have comments outstanding and waiting to be published. Typically lately I only turn on my computer once a week if I need it, and to update this if I have the time. My phone seems pretty good for emails, bank and Facebook - except for publishing comments on my blog. Lol So don't be surprised if it takes a while for yours to be loaded :)

I think I jinxed myself, talking about my car and how it may just give me more issues, and that I should be looking around for a new one, just in case. Friday night coming home from work the "Trac Off" light came up on my dashboard. Before then, that afternoon I'd been having trouble with the transmission surging and not having too much power. Called Dad, he said I'd be fine to drive it home, so I did, but it struggled its way there.
The transmission has been giving me grief these past few years, Nick says it's "missing" in the gear changing? Sometimes when you put your foot down, it takes a little bit to get up to speed, otherwise it's fine. Friday, it was literally shaking and shuddering. Once home, Nick had a good look, agreed with the transmission issue and heard a hissing noise. Saturday morning he took it into our auto shop and they reckoned it was a vacuum leak in the brake booster (ironically, I'd been having trouble with my brakes for quite a while, but the guys said it was fine - hmm). Anywho, the people there said it would cost an exceptional amount of money and they weren't prepared to even try looking for a part to fix it, or suffer the struggle of doing the labour either.
Toyota Cavaliers = Japanese cars that are rebadged Chevy's. Designed to last five years, this one is a 1998....you can't get parts, or instructions and getting into the actual engine...nightmare. Does anyone want to buy it?!

This weekend I've had Nick, Mum and Dad pick me up and drop me off at work, a pain in itself but we managed. I said that I'm stuffed if I'm paying out yet more money on that blimmen car, and that I'm feeling like driving it off a cliff!
     Onto the internet to hunt for cars we went, Turners, dealers, Trade Me - the works. Trying to find a car that was in my price range, no older than 2000, with the sort of specs that I require, ie, Automatic and something not too powerful. Insurance is expensive enough with me being on Restricted, under 25 and under 20, without adding a large engine into the mix.
     Don't ask me why, but Dad started looking specifically for BMW's and Volkswagon's. He found a range of different three door BMW 318Ti hatchbacks for me too look at, oh, and a convertible :P  After I eliminated over priced ones, and those that were well out of the area, I found two that I liked. A 2004 blue one, that was at my top end price. And a 2002 red one, $1000 cheaper with only 90 thousand KM's on the clock.

Yesterday we went to Glenfield in Auckland to see the latter one. It was really nice! Jumped in it, quite comfortable and considering it's 13 it doesn't look too bad. Issue being it doesn't have a CD player, but it appears that you can plug in iPods to it, and the radio reception seems pretty good. I can't drive with no music...will make me fall asleep. Dad and I took it for a spin, Dad drove it on the motorway to give it a good blow out. It hasn't been driven for about three months, so needed it.  Then I drove it a short distance back through town to the dealer. For me, it will take a while to get used to driving it. However, I've been driving only my car for the last, I don't know how many years.

There were a few issues with it, for instance, Dad saw white spots in the oil - which apparently means water has gotten into it. There was also an odd tapping sort of noise when it's running. Also, the fuel dropped extremely fast. We went north on the motorway, turned around at Silverdale, then the fuel light came on. We didn't think we'd get back. So that was very concerning for us, but the guy thinks that since there was only about $20 worth of fuel in there, and since it's been sitting around for so many months, the sensor was slightly out. He also considered the thought that there may be condensation in the oil, yet again because it hasn't been running. There's no leaks or anything.
     We're worried the guy may be a dodgy backyard dealer, but he's got some pretty flash cars on his lot. I guess you can never really tell, but you can't be too careful either. However, he's taking it to get a service and WOF for us today so they'll be able to find out if there is actually issues with it. And they're spending the day driving it around quite a lot to see how it runs. All going well, they'll drive it here for us tomorrow. For a $6000 car, they're putting in quite a lot of genuine dedication, he's not gaining any profit from it at all, so I suppose all we can do is trust him.

A lot of people are saying to me...ooohh, BMW, I dunno...pretty jolly expensive you know, especially if it breaks down...I actually snapped on FB yesterday, after putting up a picture of it, and asking for opinions. Everyone bleated "expensive" like underfed sheep as soon as they saw the BMW part.... As I said, my choice, my money, my problem! (To which Mum told me to get rid of that part of my comment. Argh, I hate walking on eggshells just in case somebody may get offended. -_- sheesh.)
But you know, it isn't really anybody else's problem, it won't affect anybody else. I understand they may be being helpful, but gosh! Every car has issues! There is no such thing as a perfect car, and I'm desperately trying to remain optimistic.

The way I see it is that I really really need a car, because mine isn't fixable. I'm sick of spending money like I have been on a car that's going further and further downhill. And yeah, it's a nice little car, has had one NZ owner, looks pretty well looked after and has low K's on the clock for its age. I don't want to buy a car that I won't like either, especially when it's most of my savings that's going into it! Who knows, I may have it a month before I have problems. I may have it 2 or 3 years. You can never really tell. From the reviews that I've read about them, they seem like pretty easy going little vehicles :)

Still waiting on the guy to ring. May get it, may not. Time will tell!


  1. Sounds interesting. Hopefully you get a good deal for your money. With no dodgy dealers.

    1. Seems like it has worked out quite well!

  2. Hmmm, car for sale... Does it drive at all??? I can stick it in the Gisborne Speedway Demolition Derby... :P

    $6000 for a BMW? I know a couple of people that'd kill for that... :P If it works, it gets you to and back from your job, and doesn't break down every second day, and works better than your existing one currently does, well, that's a good buy, I'd say...

    1. Yes, it does drive. And, Ironically, the issues have quietened themselves down now. However I'm glad to be getting rid of it....you're welcome to it! Yup, it was a pretty good price :)

  3. There is such a thing as a perfect car :p The parts for the bmw are expensive, but yes only if you need them.