Thursday, 4 September 2014

I don't know - my newest catch phrase these days....

This past week has been rather interesting. Youth group, hot pools, good old school work, milking over the weekend, Mum and Dad went away for a couple days to Rotorua to see Nana, calves, actually getting to leave the district yesterday to go north and shopping at the Warehouse, being so blaise I didn't even look at price tags (lol), and a quiz night at our local pub/restaurant/bar last night! Busy busy busy.

On Friday the hot pools were great, although much to my surprise, only nine of us went. It was different from the pools we usually go to. I went down one slide - an open one that basically went straight down and bam into the pool at the was....not my favourite type of hydroslide! The other one I actually wimped out on, as there were two side by side and they basically twist around each other all the way down - sort of like a corkscrew. That, and the water was ice cold. There was the movie pool, but we couldn't hear the movie - though it was bliss as it was about 48 degrees! :D So, I prefer the pools out towards the west coast, they're simple, but nice.
When Mum heard I'd chickened out on the slide, she said, "and you wanna go sky diving?" Well, yes, I do! Two completely different things. One doesn't involve being in cold water in the dark, twisting around and around and around!

On Friday Mum and Dad went north to pick up some things that Dad had ordered for work, and Mum bought a couple books. One was the most recent from my favourite series by Richelle Mead. I had been planning on reading it after exams in November, so I didn't get distracted, but she got it and said she'd read it anyway. Come Saturday it was pretty crappy, so between milkings Mum convinced me just to relax and read I did. It was finished on Monday morning and I loved it. But now I've gotta wait another year until she finishes the next one... :/
Sunday it was decided that Mum and Dad would shoot down to Rotorua to see Nana, as we haven't seen her in a while, her birthday is coming up and in a couple weeks time Dad would be too busy with crop spraying to take Mum down there. So Nick and I fed both lots of calves Monday and Tuesday, and they got back Tuesday night.
Yesterday we went north, first time for me in weeks. Mum and I just walked the warehouse, had no success in finding some good and not too expensive togs for summer. Looked for some jandals/sandals but that was also a fail. (Mum and I've got weird shaped feet, so finding shoes is difficult). I did however, get a really nice pair of three quarter jeans and top, which I wore last night when we went out.

The quiz night: Awesomeness.
Nick has been planning this for a while. It's an event that our local young farmers club did, at our local restaurant, to raise money for the Westpac rescue helicopter and for a fun night out for them and the community. Nick came up with the idea about a month ago, and went around town and got some amazing sponsors to donate a tonne of prizes for the night. 13 teams of 4-6 people could fit in the restaurant, so Mum, Dad and I made a team with a couple of friends, a heap of the sponsors put in teams, also the guys where Mum feeds calves made a team, plus a heap of random community members made teams too. A couple hours before the quiz the last table was taken, and when the night actually started another team just waltzed on in, even though they hadn't bought a So there ended up being 14 teams. It was a really fun night, we won the science and technology category round. The guys who we feed the calves for came second, so they were pretty stoked.
Over $800 was raised for the rescue helicopter, which is really neat! The night was really successful and everyone had heaps of fun...hopefully the town will be talking about it for a while and the Young farmers will hopefully score some new members. Now Mum and Nick have been talking about more events they could do in the future.

Oh yeah! So much excitement in the fact that finally the auto electrician has found the part to fix my windscreen wipers! Yay! They've been, literally, stuck up for weeks. They still work, just stop in the up position right in my window of vision - excellent, no? So next week when I send it in, it'll finally be fixed again! Can't wait!!!

Plans for this week? Nil. Continuing with calf feeding, not for much longer I think - only 8 left to calve and the owner is trying to see whether she will soon be able to cope doing it all herself. So I'll soon be redundant... :( But I'm gonna ask them to give me a yell when they are taken to their runoff, so I can see them let out. There's nothing cooler or sweeter, than seeing my babies let out of the shed and put into a big paddock for the first time, seeing them run around, throwing up their heels...and the coolest thing being is since they won't be my calves anymore, I won't have to worry when I see them fly through all the fences in their excitement :D hehe
Gotta get a heap of school done, I'm stressing out a bit about the workload left to do, and the possibility of failing an exam in November. I don't want the mortification of not getting UE when so many people know I'm intending on uni...also stressing about the idea of uni quite a bit. I've got to finish the accommodation application before the end of this month, and figure out what papers and majors I definitely WANT to do....There's just so much on offer, I just don't know! It's scary to think that what I choose now will create my life for the next 3, 4, 5 years...It's just so much to think about, how will I know I'm making the right decisions?!
Yet my youth leaders tell us, "don't worry too much about exams, and uni etc - you've got the rest of your life, don't stress..." How can one NOT stress?! Argh!


  1. Sounds like you've been busy! I haven't been to the hot pools in literally years, don't think anyone wants to see a 43 year old mum in togs. LOL

    1. haha, you definitely see some funny things at hot pools :)