Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Dentist: Hmmm

The weather this week has been absolutely fantastic! In fact, it's been excellent since Thursday (if I'm correct). Yeah yeah, more rain is scheduled to dampen my cheer, but hey. The sun is out!

You're probably waiting to hear how my dental check up went...well you're gonna have to just wait and have patience ;) I'll get there soon. On some more interesting things now.....

Where I raise my calves I also milk every so often, so this weekend just gone was one of those occasions. I don't know what it is about this farm, but I really really like working there! Nick doesn't like it too much for some odd reason, so he's always happy to hand over the work to me - I quite happily take it. The shed is only small; 16 aside herringbone, a cute little cowshed, and the cows are great. I milk on my own while the farmer does heaps of feeding out, and pops in from time to time. There's a radio, so naturally, I sing along. Who wouldn't? I really like this new song out - Life of the Party - anyway I sing along and hope like heck nobody catches me out. Lol.
Yesterday I didn't need to go out again in the afternoon, seeing as there were only two pens to feed, what is the point? So "the boss" feeds them at night to save me the hassle. I'm only feeding them as she had an accident, which lead to a knee replacement...you get the idea. Anywho, it was jolly weird yesterday, saying "see you tomorrow" instead of "see you tonight". I've been there, twice a day (except for the odd occasion) for the past 8 weeks, so it is quite strange for me.

On Wednesday at Youth, our leader did have a great presentation for us Creation V. Evolution. Yet again, not many came, but for a change, everybody was voicing their opinions and ideas. It was cool! The leader mentioned Charles Darwin, Galapagos Islands...and Canaries(?) at one point...for which I had to hold my hand up the entire time, waiting for a chance to say that, well, they were actually Finches. How shocking :D The Galapagos Islands, Charles Darwin, the changes of Finches due to environmental changes - it's one of my favourite biology examples. On Friday I think we're going to the hotpools - not our normal ones, so it'll be nice to go. The pools are one of our favourite trips, so usually a big group goes. Should be fun!

Okay Okay. So. I went to the dentist...and who did I see there? Amy! A fellow blogger buddy - I'm sure it was her. With a few things mentioned on here, and then putting a few things together...please confirm Amy? If it was you, that's funny. Cos if that's the case, I've kinda known but not known, yet still known you for quite a few years. Interesting aye?
Now, it actually amuses me at times, going to the dentist - because I'm not quite sure what to say when the dentist says "how can I help you?" Yeah, ummm, don't find any holes? Pretty please? I'm always stressed when it comes to booking the appointment, and then the lead up to it, and then walking up those steep stairs. But once I walk in the door, I'm like...calm. What happens, happens, I tell myself.
Then I wait, and wait and wait, they call me in, I sit on the seat, get given some sunglasses and a couple X-Rays later, a little digging around. Then...it's done.
This time, I had the X-Rays, a little digging around. He looks at the X-Rays, then takes another! *gulps* crap crap crap. What's he found? Then the nerves kick in, my arms and legs started to shake slightly - my teeth would've chattered if he didn't have his hands in there (:P) Don't get me wrong, I've never ever had a horrible dentist appointment in all of my not very many years, but it's just the whole idea of them that stresses me out. The stories etc. So when he baffles me with good news, I breathe a sigh of relief, but wait for the unmistakable "but".
"There's no holes.....but those wisdom teeth need to come out...all four of them...infections....referring you to so and so...best get them all done at the same time...."

*sighs* I have been waiting for this penny to drop for quite a few years - ever since I left the dental nurse and saw the dentist, that first time he said "those wisdom teeth will cause issues". Not a word about them has been uttered until now, now that I'm over 18 and it's gonna cost me a fortune to get it done! Ugh! And there's no way I can avoid them now. So I was the only one of my siblings to be blessed with Dad's straight teeth, however I got Mum's sensitivity hypo/hyper somethingorother problem and her wisdom teeth too. Lucky me. Nick got slightly stuffed up teeth, but healthy nonetheless. I guess it's like a banana - just cos it's brown on the outside, doesn't mean the inside is gonna be yuck too....

Now I wait for the appointment from this oral surgeon guy...shall I hold my breath? ;)


  1. Dickens? Erm...Darwin? :P

    Oh 4 teeth out. fun! Have you had any -ripped- removed before?

  2. See! Just checking you were awake ;) hehehehe

    Nope o.O You?

    1. Hahaha whatevs :P I see you changed it though. Lol

      Yep. When I was little I kept getting abcesses from a hole in a baby tooth and was given a general anesthetic to have it removed. When I was 12/13 I had a hole go to the nerve and we decided to just pull it and then use braces to bring the one behind it forward and close the gap. 4 1/2 years later I finally got the braces off :P I have one wisdom tooth there now so I have a normal number of teeth and I'm still waiting for the other three.

  3. ha ha that was me! wait, which day were you in? If it was Monday then I think I know who you are. LOL.
    you got me guessing now and you should've said who you are when you saw me.

  4. Monday at 11. Lol, I was gonna say...but didn't wanna in case I had it wrong. But I was pretty positive. It's a pretty small place around here ;)

  5. I've had two teeth out before. It wasn't that bad, except for the sickening crack when the dentist broke the tooth in half and then had to go in a second time to get the roots out. Nasty. He had to give me two times the usual amount of local anaesthetic because my teeth decided they wouldn't go down and out without a fight. My wisdom teeth, however, are coming through perfectly. All four of them. :D

    1. Only two times? :P Not sure how much I had but it seemed like the rest of my face went numb before my mouth!! :/

    2. Joyville lol. Quite a few people seem surprised when I say I've got four wisdom teeth...perhaps some only get a couple? Hmm, I dunno. Dentist is a good paying career but I'd hate to do it!! :P

    3. I had two shots of nine. Nine in the roof of my mouth, twice over..

    4. Ouch!! Did you pass out lol?!