Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Frustrated: Pollen or cold?

Today's been rather lazy - to a point...Yep, I worked; three hours this morning and one tonight, but other than that I just haven't been bothered for anything at all. I even woke up at 5:30 this morning for work and decided I wouldn't be going to youth tonight - crazy aye? Just one of those days where I simply can't be bothered for anything, and the cold weather, the increasing workload and this annoying nose issue that may or may not be related to pollen has clouded my vision terribly. I dislike winter very much.

Anywho, life goes on. Work began at 6am this morning for a change (not) as Mum and Dad were having a sleep in. So off I went with my brother to feed Mum's calves and then mine afterward...feeding calves with Nick times, extremely frustrating and tiring. However, it wasn't too bad. Nick (like many males) has not an ounce of patience for calves, but it wasn't too bad today. I came home and almost needed a bucket under my nose as it was running like a tap, then Mum and I sat down to last nights' MKR. We already knew who left because good ol' facebook spoiled it for us - you'd think we'd learn?
I went and had my hair cut to clean it up somewhat, then while I waited to be picked up I went and bought a milkshake of all things at one of our many cafe's in town. How stupid am I, to buy a milkshake, in winter? was disgusting so only had half before I ditched it. Why didn't I use my noggin and get a hot drink? Honestly.
Then, if my brain hadn't been too foggy already today, I checked my email and realised that I'd completely forgotten about my biology tutorial today. I seriously needed to go to that one, they'll record it of course but it's pretty boring watching a recording.... :/

I said I wouldn't go to youth tonight cos I'm just so tired and was struggling to keep my eyes open all day and wasn't keen on people - until one of the leaders let us in on what he was going to do tonight, so I changed my mind - funny how that happens aye?

On a good note though - I finally went and did my soil samples that I am so behind on; haven't sent them yet though... Also, I gave up on my current chemistry assessment and moved onto another topic - and I'm getting it! Yay! I've also pre-applied for Massey so I'm in the system now and I'm mostly done with the accommodation application.
This is the start of my 8th week on my calves and they're almost finished! Only about 15 cows left to calve now, but if I don't know any better they'll take weeks and drag out. Now my afternoon work is very minimal, and come Saturday I'll only have one pen and any newbies to feed twice a day. It's going good still :)
It's gonna be jolly weird once I'm done as it's beginning to feel like my "home-away-from-home", if you will. I haven't gotten into any trouble yet, but there's still time! Lol
The people there, well...they're a little - umm...- slow(?) to catch on to a joke? I'm not sure how to describe it, they're not stiff, just...yeah. So I say something smart and it takes them a while to get it and a little longer to decide whether they'll laugh or I'm not to sure when or whether to ask them when I'm moving in (as a joke, of course!)

What else, what else?

One of our old homeschooling families is moving out of town - to Taranaki of all places. Often on a Friday night the Mum's will get together and have dinner at one of the restaurants around here. Last Friday it was the personal farewell of this particular Mum, and I took the advantage and caught up with two of my friends while our mothers caught up. It was nice to see them! The older girl is now a full time working vet nurse and the other has just finished school and is working at a pharmacy. Now we're trying to organise to catch up more often - for lunch perhaps? But it's so hard to work around work! Back in the day of homeschooling, if we wanted to stay over for a night or three we'd just call and it was done. But now, "I've got this" "I've got that" and then trying to work around my work which is very...difficult and constantly changing. They've got particular days, and I guess you could say I've got sorta "on-call" work.
One of them has October 18th off work and is suggesting that as the best possible option...but we're still in August! Argh! Just to add to the day, week, month, no wait - year - of so many things that are frustrating!

I've got the jolly good trip to the dentist on Monday, so until then.


  1. Hahaha and we thought we would have more freedom when we grew up :P Do I know those two gals lol? ;)

    Dentists. Oh lovely :P Have fun!!!!!!! :P pfft lol

    1. Yep, Chantelle and one other :)


    2. Oh cool! I haven't seen her in ages . . . !

      Let us know how it goes :P haha

  2. I don't blame you for having one of those lazy days. Methinks you don't have them enough!!!

  3. ahhh so you're going through calving? busy time of year for you. MKR - yes I have been watching it every week - so glad the mums beat the bitchy girls, didn't like them. lol. As for pollen vs cold, this winter has been a bad one i think, we've had colds numerous times now and the privet trees are out which always aggravate my sinuses. As for the dentist, I work for two and they're both awesome :-)

    1. So am I, Chloe and Kelly didn't appear to deserve to win - but did you read about the behind the scenes info. Turns out C&K weren't so bad after all as it was completely and utterly staged. So wrong -_-
      Yep, this winter is a shocker - normally I'm pretty immune.

      For me, going to the dentist is like sitting an exam. You go in there shaking like a leaf and you either leave happy or not. I know it's good to go, but I seriously don't like going! Nothing against the dentist of course :P