Thursday, 22 May 2014

Soon: It Will Begin

For me, the 40 hour famine begins in two hours time...I'm not very impressed that there are two packets of chocolate biscuits within these walls begging to be eaten. If they're still there after 8 o'clock tonight...and they're eaten in front of me..Oh how cruel would it be! :O

Anywho so I'm going without food and internet until Saturday lunch time, my goal was $50 and thanks to four generous sponsors I've raised $60. I'm hoping to still raise more money for Malawi, hoping for $100, so we'll see what happens! I'm excited now that it's finally here and happening :D
But I'm glad I'm going without internet too, as I can see myself updating my blog every hour...hour 1, I'm coping all right. Hour 20, I've got a little headache, but I seem to be keeping myself occupied so I'm not doing too badly. Hour 35. Omgosh, I'm famished. People keep eating in front of me. I feel like ripping the food from their hands and devouring it myself....Hour 39, oh wow, one hour to go...I think I might die of starvation....HOUR 40!! My goodness! I thought this day would never come! *stuffs herself until she's sick* maybe that won't happen. But it's better to be without the internet so I don't keep people up to date lol

I got an email from my statistics teacher today, asking me whether I'd do any externals so I could go for a course endorsement? This had me wondering a little, does this mean my report for the internal I did was higher than achieved? No, surely not? "Hi, did you receive the assessment I sent in?" - "Yes, and I awarded you excellence"


So stoked right now, I seriously can't believe it! First credits for this year. In maths. Excellence...omgosh...

With that excellence under my belt and my excellence in bio TMA the other day, my enthusiasm has burst forth and I really want to catch up and do well. Bring on tomorrow, starvation and school work...unfortunately for all my subjects there are a lot of times I need to use the internet, which won't bode well for me...Ok, bring on Monday!

Today I started work at the usual place at 6am. Dad had to drop me off there and at youth group last night because my car has happened to brake down. Convenient aye? The battery died and it seems it took the starter motor down with it. Leaving it to be towed into the auto electricians to be fixed up. I'm imagining a $500 bill.
Anywho, so today at work I had to go and help with milking and drafting out the 140 cows, who calved this autumn, from the main mob. I stayed at the owners house for breakfast (bacon and eggs :D) and then afterward we had the cows to sort. Since they've calved, they need to be mated and for that they needed to have their tails painted and stickers stuck to just above the tails. We wouldn't usually use the stickers, but some farmers do so it's more obvious when the cow is on heat. But yeah, it was a glorious job and it took us three straight hours to do it, but we had a good system.
I would use a brush to remove loose hair from where the sticker was going, then the other person placed the sticker and considered whether the cow needed an injection, then I would circle back around and paint the tails. It took forever, but we got it done eventually, and I'll get about $90 from doing it all - a good days work!

HM Rage is in about a weeks time. I really really hope heaps of people go and we can scavenge a bus and bus driver from somewhere. Driving in separate cars to Matamata will be OK, but driving together in a bus would be so much more fun! I did my application form last night, so it makes it all the more real :)

Anyway, nothing new to post. Hope my friend Xj will have a good birthday on Saturday and everyone else has fun doing the famine!!

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  1. Well done on your Excellence!!!!
    And thanks for the birthday wish. ::)