Sunday, 17 January 2016

Nick's 21st

As you all might have noticed, I've been slightly quiet on here lately - we've just been so busy! Yesterday we had my brother, Nick's, 21st birthday party and it pretty much went without a hitch - thank goodness!

We've been so busy trying to tidy the place up before we had people around. Just a general tidy up outside, hanging some doors so people couldn't wander around inside the house too much, finishing our iron fence, to name a few things. We ran out of iron for the fence prior to Christmas and some good clients of ours drove past quite often getting more and more frustrated that we still hadn't finished it. So they called us up, told us they had plenty of iron off their old shed, to come and take it all and finish the fence prior to the party. They were awesome, not even excepting any payment for it. So we finally got that done on Friday night! It's nice to see it finished, I mean, we started it in September, so. lol

My Nana arrived on Friday, as did my Great Aunty Col and her partner Chris and they've been here ever since - I think everyone is leaving tomorrow. Which has been good as Nana and Col have been able to help Mum with cooking up the food and such while I worked outside. The whole food preparation and all that has never fully been my thing, especially when there are so many people in the kitchen fighting for bench space and all the utensils and pots. So I was out mowing the lawns at midday yesterday....don't mow the lawns at that time of the day again, it's torture! All I know was that it was more than 25 degrees, for the first time in weeks. Phew!

It was fun though, in the end we had a fair few family members show up, my sister and BIL eventually arrived in time to help sort the lamb on the spit, my Great Uncle Brian and his partner Sue came, as well as some old family friends from Hamilton. After that it was mostly just a few mates from around here and some of our clients that Nick enjoys hanging out with. So it was pretty neat, I think there were 30 odd people here, and it was the nice atmosphere where everyone just chilled out outside, most people were farmers so it was a typical conversation topic, it was pleasant.

Alesha and I, being the horrible, mean sisters that we are, said our speeches about Nick. going over all the - I don't know how he made it this far, what with all the things he pulled apart etc etc. Both of us picking on him in a sarcastic manner, going over some of those memories on stories that Mum and Dad knew nothing they were left staring at Nick, going, are you serious?! See because I'm slightly younger than Nick, I was the one who could say I had known him my whole life...a whole 20 years where he has annoyed the life out of me! haha, but I managed to spit out that after all these years he wasn't too bad a brother after all. :D And I got it all on camera too!

Pretty much everyone who came gave him some awesome gifts. You know, like the last few 21st's I've been to there have been a few people give presents but most people just come for the free food and the socialising. Like, he was given an engraved knife, heaps of money or vouchers, fishing stuff, etc. So he was stoked. All this for someone who wasn't fussed about having a 21st party, lol!

But towards the end of the night, there were only a few of us there (it's really odd, being a host of something for a change!) our neighbour Sam was the first to turn up and the last to leave, Mum and Dad deciding that he is actually a really nice person to hang out with - think he's a couple years older than us? But one of his mates turned up at his house, so he picked him up and brought him over. Turns out it was a guy we knew as kids, he'd forgotten us. But man he can't really hold his alcohol. After a few drinking card games with my BIL (who had also managed to get quite drunk), there were some funny stories coming out of this guys mouth. Let's just say I was doubled over, in fits of laughter because I've never seen anyone drunk before. Like, I don't condone over drinking - I refuse to drink a drop of it at all and I don't even think he'd really drunk all that much. It was hilarious, he just would not shut up. The filter had been deactivated. You hear of people spouting out the truth when they're drunk...haha yeah, well. Sam was in stitches. Kept trying to tell him they better get going but this guy, he was pretty chilled out hanging with us. By the time they managed to leave, stumbling across the lawn and driving a few metres up the road, it was 1:30am. And then we're like, oh, now we have to tidy up....thankfully we just had to stack up the chairs and bring the electronics back inside before falling into our own beds.

The food was great, there is so much left over. There was a slight issue with the lamb...falling off the spit. When you smell something burning, and then realise the meat is on the base of the spit, it's not good! We got an old friend from our early homeschooling days to bake his cake, it was and is, incredible. It's a chocolate mud cake with chocolate icing, covered in chocolates - most of them homemade. All of the tools actually look real, one girl asked Nick why on earth he had a crescent on his plate, before realising it was in fact, gold tinted chocolate. Gosh it's sickening though, I would think we've still got more than three quarters of it left...thank goodness I'm going away tomorrow!!

This guy I know, Aidan came. That was certainly interesting, he's a nice guy I'll give him that but I think he's aiming to be a little bit more than friends...which is, well, ya know? Not too sure what to do about that one...I don't mind hanging out with him every so often, but I left him to it, both of us knowing he was going to be in the firing line from Dad. Haha! It was funny to sit back and watch, Dad flat out glaring at him from a distance. Him sitting next to Dad, trying to soften him up with casual work conversation...Later on I heard that Dad did as he planned to....mentioning the word "castrator" to him in front of heaps of people. I think they both took it pretty well, thank goodness. But yeah, a slightly awkward situation to be in! Pretty jolly funny to watch, I have to admit. That's not evil of me, is it? ;-)

But yeah, now life is pretty chilled out, I crawled out of bed just after 9 and we've pretty much blobbed all day. Apart from tidying everything else up, it's been nice and easy. Been a long time coming! Now I'm supposed to be up here in my room packing for my holiday! But I'm not! I'm seriously procrastinating. All I've done so far is sit my suitcase on the floor with it opened, and put my laptop in its case. haha, I really hate packing. I think it's that, I have to be bothered to do it - which I'm not. Because that will mean I have to decide what clothes to pack, how to pack it. Consider what I'm forgetting, tidy my room in the same instance to make sure I don't forget everything. Go up and down the stairs, losing track of myself. Yeah, so therefore all I've done is cleaned and put some more leather conditioner on my work boots, other than that it's after 5pm and all I've done is write this blog, charge my Kobo and buy a few more books for it for the circumstance where I actually get a chance to read! Yeah right!

It's a weird feeling, knowing I won't be back here until the 28th. Pretty weird, that's for sure. Breaking Pippa's heart by abandoning her (I'm feeling pretty stink about that!) feeling weird for leaving home when I haven't gone away for a long time. Nana says if she's too tired to drive I'll be able to take over, so that's a pretty odd thought...driving her car. It'll be after Drury anyway, if I do take over driving as I've never driven the motorway before (yes Bee, I know, I'm ridiculous!). Thinking I might actually miss Jackson - Sam, our neighbour really likes him, if he ever goes missing Sam's will be the first house we call on! Above all it's going to be so, so strange talking to Andrew in person. hehe, Nana said earlier, "so how did you meet him anyway?" I'm just like, well, actually! Can't wait, it should be pretty awesome! You just wait, I'll have so, so much to say after the 28th as I would've seen my lifetime friend Jessica too.

 Until then, cya round!!


  1. Another Mr Collins huh?

    Miriam and I want your cake! Send it down this way!

    1. Lol he's not that bad this time round tbh!

      Haha! Come and get it!! There's plenty to go around :)

  2. Have a good trip and break from work, you deserve it.

  3. Haha, that's awesome about Aiden... I think I like your Dad... :P

    You gotta be careful with those speeches though... What'll Nick say at yours??? :P

    Safe travelling! :)

    1. Hey hey hey. Lol what if you ever got the same treatment??

      I know, but as nick said, he wouldn't have half a clue what to say, I have to watch myself over the next year. It's just for laughs though.


    2. Haha, yeah, I know, I know. Just makes for funny reading... Me? Hmmm, just goes to show, marry a townie, who's Dad wouldn't know of such things!!! :P

      Oh yeah, I know. 21st speeches are always for the laughs, although the few I've been to, every has been so drunk they wouldn't remember what was said anyway... :P

    3. Definitely funny reading. Lol that's what my dad did (slightly hypocritical maybe?!) and it seemed to work well for him haha

      Yeah, seeing people drunk is pretty hilarious huh? But I already know what is brewing for my 21st, I'm quite looking forward to it! Everyone will probably be doubled over in stitches:P