Friday, 30 September 2016

Wake Me Up When September Ends

That's a really old song, Green Day I believe. It was that song that was on the radio all the time when I was about...10? Yeah I'll repeat. That's a really old song. Although it is convenient as a title, so I'm not complaining!
So yet again we're at the end of the month and I duly apologise for my lack of communication during the past month - it's been crazy! But not in a bad way, except perhaps for this past week where I've been brutalised by some hideous form of stomach bug that is putting up a very good fight. It's been hanging around since Monday where it was just a really sharp pain in my side every so often, then on Tuesday the nausea and sinus headaches made their grand entrance and here I am on Friday still not 100%.
I spent most of Tuesday afternoon and Wednesday asleep on the couch, keeping myself dosed up on the Nurofen. This, perhaps wasn't the most smartest moves I've ever made as I haven't eaten much at all since Tuesday morning - and that pain relief possibly shouldn't be taken on an empty stomach...hence why I'm still not 100% now. Oops. Although I'm kinda hungry, and I've got a headache because I'm hungry, but I've gotta be careful not to eat too much too fast. See, this is why I don't get sick very often, because I know full well that I simply can't put up with it. It's so frustrating! Not only that, but I haven't really worked since Monday - as you can imagine, I am driving myself insane! I'm milking this afternoon, so I think it's going to be hard to get the energy level back up to normal...

So yes, my apologies for the late update. I was planning on writing this earlier in the week! But don't stop reading, because I've got a bucketful of things to say.

First things first: The boyfriend. Lol. Please don't laugh at me, over the past four to six weeks I have not somehow morphed into an easily swayed, soft and squishy sort of person! I am still very much my normal seriously sarcastic, and somewhat cynical self. Believe you me.

Anyway for those of you who don't know too much information yet. His name's Taylor, is 20 and works and lives on one of the local farms - about a 10 minute drive from my place. It's the farm where Mum and I do the calf rearing so, conveniently, I see him almost every day. Honestly, he's lovely, seems to get on with my family really well and Dad approves of him too (yay!). He's cooked for me a few times at his place, he's been here a couple times and I met his Mum on Sunday night when we went to her place for tea. It's good fun, for sure. Oh yeah, and he's bought me flowers....twice :D

Now don't panic, because he was also one of the crazy homeschooled kids like us (was sort of part of my homeschooling group as a kid). He is quite normal, to say the least. If there is such a thing. And if you're into hunting or 4WDing then you guys will be good buddies if you were to meet at any stage.

A few weeks back Mum and I caught a plane and flew down to Rotorua (flying was so much easier than driving all that way) for my Nana's 65th birthday. We stayed there from the Friday morning and left again on Sunday morning. It's good having a Nana who is so young still, well in comparison to a lot of my friends' grandparents. We get to have so much time with her and she can do absolutely anything really, if she wanted to. But she definitely deserves her retirement years now, and is now spending more time doing her voluntary work running an op shop. Doing what she does best :)

Last Thursday I did something that was rather impulsive...I bought myself a puppy. A Foxy I might add. I hope she's a full foxy, as her nose is a little shorter than you'd expect, however the lady I got her off (who had rescued the pups off the mother who wasn't feeding them) seemed to think that both parents were foxy's. It was a case of one neighbours' dog went wandering over to the other neighbour, definitely not a planned thing, that's for sure. And so this lady took them on and reared them. She's a nippy little thing, about 7 weeks old and absolute trouble. She gets on amazingly with Tessa and Jackson though, thank goodness. To the point where Tessa seems to think it's her own puppy - she runs to her every beckon and call!

I've called her Maggie, which I instantly changed to Maggles and Dad refers to her as Magpie. So. She's a little diva and is so small that she can squeeze through the extension on the baby gate that is meant to keep them confined in the kitchen area. No particularly helpful, that.

However, the other day Mum and Dad bought home another Shih Tzu puppy, a little girl this time. As Mum wants to have a pair for breeding, they've finally found a cute little girl. Do you know how much chaos it is, having two less than a year old dogs and two barely weaned puppies running around in our kitchen? Yeah, I need not say more. It is mental! Although Rose (Rosie) is kinda cute, and it's funny having a big Foxy and a baby Foxy and a big Shih Tzu and a baby Shih Tzu - especially when they look so similar! The good thing is that Maggie and Rosie can grow up and be little friends together, and we only go through the "puppy stage" once, this time round. They all seem to get along, although Jack and Tess are a little confused about Rose...I might also add, Mum didn't intentionally set out to have puppies called Jack (Jackson) and Rose, like on the Titanic. I had to mention it to her afterwards, hehe

Our calves are almost finished now. There are only three left to calve, I'm sure in the next week or so they (the farmers) might think about weaning some and then will send Mum and I on our way. Some pictures from a few weeks ago...


  1. No, I disapprove of Taylor already. You say he's normal, you don't want that. Normal is boring. Get someone crazy like the rest of us. And are you saying its even possible for homeschoolers to be normal? :P Haha, sorry, jokes. Nah, he sounds nice enough, which is good.

    Oh, and a foxy pup, cute! And yeah, their noses are disproportionally short when they're young, but it'll grow. Haha, and as for being able to get through barriers, be thankful. When they no longer fit through a barrier, they just remove it. They can rip apart corrugated iron and break chunks out of concrete when they feel the need and inspiration... :P But nah, she's pretty cute, I must say.

    Also, with the calf pictures, I just have to ask, how long did it take to get that? Or is it photo-shopped? Because as far as I can tell, that bottom one, there's around 45 calves there, all feeding perfectly, without knocking anyone else off, just staying on their own teat. I mean, really? Pity lambs never do that... :P

  2. Normal is bad...hahaha

    Yeah she's cute but trouble!

    They are really good now, looks good aye? Wish you could get lambs to stay on huh? Calves are cooler ;) hehe oh there are 42 calves on a 50 teat feeder in that mob

    1. Haha, I know, do you really want normal? :P

      Haha, good, good, as all foxy's should be. Troublesome bundles of furry cuteness... ;)

      Haha, lambs are cuter though. But, yeah, they take a long time to learn to stay on the teat, some of them. Siome learn quick, some take about a month... :P 42, ok. I was trying to estimate how many were hidden behind it... :P

      Also, that comment was posted in a hurry before we went to a welcome party last night, and the first try didn't work. In the repost, I missed saying, but how's the flu?

    2. In this case, yes! ;)

      Yep who chews on shoes!

      Yeah last nights reply was hurried too! So the calves learn pretty fast once they're in a group that size, get on and feed. Don't allow anyone to push them off and if you can't find a spot just leap onto the backs of your mates and make one! They are good now, but blimmen big so at this stage we can't help them out by moving them round as necessary, they're too heavy and strong. They figure it out :) you should try it one day! We couldn't have anymore in the groups as their heads and shoulders get too big, so they can't all fit...

      Bug has all but gone now, thank goodness!