Tuesday, 10 January 2017

New Horizons...and Dashboards

Yet again, not much is going on. I haven't had any work for over a week now so it means I'm not doing all that much. It leads to some serious boredom and frustrations one could only imagine. However I'm slowly getting used to it; the quiet life does not suit me.

Yesterday however, was a very big day with a rather big step forward and I guess financially wise - a horrendously big step back. Well not quite, but it's in the process. I sold Ali yesterday. Yup, my beautiful red BMW is gone and I'll never see her again. It's actually quite an emotionally taxing thing for me - selling my car. Same thing happened when I sold my first car and bought Ali, the guilt was ridiculous and that car didn't even have a name!
So trading old Ali in, I wasn't really processing that it was actually happening and it was only when we were driving home after cleaning out all of my things that I felt rather bleh. Poor Ali.
I guess I'd better explain.

We all four of us went north yesterday. One ute needed a service, the other needed a warrant - both at Holden (seeing as we don't trust our local mechanics...) so I took Ali up there as well to see what trade in value I'd get. I was sort of hoping somewhere along the lines of a friendly two thousand dollars. Hmm. Because they just flick cars like her straight to Turners Auctions I was never going to get much for her, however I didn't expect them to say only half of what I intended. One thousand. We were shocked. This was simply because the clear coat is peeling in places on the paint work, thus making the overall appearance, uh, shabby. Even though the dealer agreed she was a great car in brilliant condition for her age, due to it going to Turners they couldn't do more for us.

Interestingly enough, they said the only reason the clear coat was peeling like it was, was because she'd already had a repaint done. I guess it just wasn't done to the usual factory standards which was why it got so bad, so quickly.

I was going to take her home and try sell her privately but we risked the potential of her having more issues, letting randoms test drive her, and the possible comeback the buyer would have if she did break down not long after they bought her. It's a big risk to take, one that we weren't quite sure on. However, eventually Mum (my brilliant Mum) twisted the main guys arm. He offered $1250 for Ali but she convinced him to up it to $1500. Finally he caved! They took her then and there and we no longer had that burden. I know, it's not much. Similar cars are selling on trade me for at least four thousand but they're probably running OK. I guess it's just the risk you take and we chose the easy way out. I felt pretty stink emptying out all of my guff - not that there was much in there as I'm a nice, tidy driver. Then I gave them the key and that was that...sorry Ali.
The night before Nick gave her a good clean off and I polished her, not actually intending on selling her the next afternoon! The great thing was that her rego and warrant were both due within a month and I didn't have to pay for them! So I did a bit of an internal dance at that :D

So now to explain the other thing...I bought a car, well sort of, not quite. I haven't signed on the dotted line but the finance has been approved, I've paid a small amount to them alongside the money from Ali. And the car is due to arrive from an Auckland dealership in the next few days. So it should be ready for me after they do all of the grooming and pre-sale checks etc, I should see it sometime mid next week. And uh - it's brand new. *cough* *splutter* *what the heck am I doing??*

If I'm completely honest I didn't want a new car, I was never planning on getting a new car for quite a long time. I just wanted a nice, second hand car from a dealership that I could trust, and pay not too much for it - maybe get a small loan that I could pay off in a short term. But Mum and Dad had a bit to say about that, as the only cars I could find within my price range weren't overly ideal. They all had high km's on the clock for their age. Most were imports without any NZ owners and just weren't ideal.
For instance there was a bigger hatchback sitting on the Holden forecourt for 20K. It had about 60,000km, covered in scratches and it was two years old. I sat in it, it was nice for sure, but why pay 20K for a car in that condition when a few extra thousand would buy me something brand new with an odometer displaying those beautiful 000,000's?

So my hands were tied and my arm was pulled. I am happy with the outcome, but I'm not looking forward to listening to the opinions of everyone. Not many people were happy with Ali, and I got sick of being labeled the "rich relief milker" simply because I drove a BMW and a fair few people couldn't cope with the jealousy? Is that what it was? I don't know. Honestly, if they were that jealous they could've had her. She wasn't that amazing and I'm certainly not a rich relief milker - that comment really eats at me and it takes a fair bit to not snap the person's head off!

The new car is a Holdon Barina LT, five doors. Bluetooth, reversing camera, heated front seats, leather steering wheel, daytime running lights (because for some reason those are exciting - heaven knows why?), cruise control. It's got all the mod-com's, ability to play CD's (Ali couldn't), radio and off Apple and Samsung phones. I believe it's got a gps ability in there too somewhere as well as being able to play DVD's however only when stationary...such a drawback...I mean.

Quite seriously, the thing that sold it for me was the ability to raise the seat as well as shift it back and forth. I've driven a couple cars and not being able to raise the seat upwards to see over the bonnet was a massive drawback. Ali had that amazing feature and I couldn't have driven her without it (I honestly wouldn't have reached the pedals!!) I took it for a test drive and the dealer, James, who has sold Mum and Dad vehicles previously, actually took me out on a great route so I could experience it properly. In town/city driving through roundabouts, lights, and lane changes. As well as more rural driving, getting up to 100km. It was a great drive, I tested a Ford Focus a while back and this is way, way better. It handles brilliantly on the road, it feels like a big SUV type car, has few blind spots and is rated one of the safest cars on the road. It felt like I'd been driving it for years and when I pulled back into the yard Mum, Dad and Nick said I suited it well.

Oh, so the reason it's coming from Auckland is because the demo car that I was driving, (and hoping to buy simply because a demo car would be a few thousand less) hadn't outdone it's demo car specifications just yet. It had to be a demo car for at least 3 months or for 2000km's. The great thing was that it was already registered, so the ORC's wouldn't apply. But sadly I couldn't have it so they've plucked one from Auckland in the colour I want. What colour is that, do you ask? Well, I guess you'll just have to wait and see! haha!

For the meantime, I am carless. I have had no car in my name for 24 hours and I'm seriously struggling with that fact. My independence has gone for the next week, which is actually quite difficult. Not only do I have no work, I have no car to go anywhere. But I shall survive. It's a tad stressful trying to figure how I'm meant to pay for the car, not only the finance cost but the insurance as well, but it should all come together I'm sure :) 

I've got no idea on a name for this new car. I'm torn - do I name it and risk giving it a personality or what? My car does everything with me, it's hard not to get quite close to it, in a way that it's sort of a friend. Ok, better stop talking before they put me in a straight jacket...lol


  1. maybe he was offering you bottom dollar cos of your age, good thing your mum went with you!

  2. Woohoo!!! I know you might not have been keen on a brand new car, but congrats, I'm 100% confident that in 10 years time you won't look back. No WoF to worry about for 3 years, any breakdowns in the near future are covered by warranty, its worth those few extra thousand. And Holden's are pretty good cars, too, I'm not that familiar with the Barina part though, but that shouldn't change anything.
    I know the fun of sitting there waiting for it to arrive though aye, not fun. Harder for you, though, being used to having a car, for me it was just the first time!
    Oh, and go here: http://www.motorweb.co.nz/ and search for your plates. I presuem you'll carry them over to the new car? Surely?

    @Amy No offence, but gender also plays a part in car sale prices. Age definitely, but most car slaesmen and mechanics just think "Oh yeah, young girl, knows nothing, we'll see how much we can take her for." Just the presence of a male is usually enough to knock that back a bit without the male saying a word. If you're a female, you gotta be pushier. Or blackmail them with the "helpless female" routine, but I get the feeling Kayger doesn't do that... :P

    1. Thank you! I've been wanting a barina for a few years- only because the barina spark came out in bright lime green in that year lol. But now I'm a bit more practical and realistic knowing the Spark model is way way way too small in comparison lol.

      I am looking forward to it though :D

      Oh yeah I'm transferring the plates, I've already looked up my personalised plates to find that yes, Ali has been re-registered to new plates but she's not up for sale in Turners yet. We're gonna keep an eye out for her.

      Yup I'm not pushy, I get pushed around. So for most of it I was looking to mum and dad for the answers, and they have a good relationship with the dealers and the finance guys so it wasn't too difficult in the end. I had no clue with all the financial stuff, Dad went over it with a fine toothed comb. they've definitely got my back :D

      Helpless female routine...lol not me!

    2. Good having parents like that aye. Now that I'm leaving home, I've got to get used to reading the small print for myself... :P

      I think being pushynis something you get with age and experience. And kids. :P Haha, but once you're somewhat familiar with what it is you're doing, you can start to recognise whether you're getting a good deal or not, so to speak? And then you know if you can stand up for something better or not, I guess.

  3. Ignore last post comment....holden though...oh no lol

    1. Haha, you're obviously from the "I'd rather push a Ford than drive a Holden" camp aren't you? :P
      The NZ Police have it right though, they drive Holdens. And so does Greg Murphy! :P

    2. Haha I'm not actually fussed on car brands so long as it isn't a Honda :P
      And there is the common phrase; Ford - fix or repair daily. Dad had a Ford once, it was fine :)

      And yeah Holden, mum and dads last ute they bought was from the line of oil using engines and they had to trade it back just to get rid of it (not even 2 years old.)
      But the Barinas are good...I get her Tuesday arvo :D oh to have my own car again lol

    3. Nah I am neither ford or holden, find that whole thing a bit childish. In saying that currently own a ford but then also own 2 toyotas and a Nissan as well lol.