Friday, 25 April 2014

ANZAC Day: Lest We Forget

Anzac day. The day we remember the brave Australian and New Zealand soldiers. I know three of my Great Grandfathers were part of the World Wars, one of which passed away 20 years ago today. I met one of them, I've heard the stories. But I hardly know anything about any of the wars, never attended any sort of Anzac day parade or service, never really thought about it. Sure, when the day comes around, people buy their poppies and remember the fallen and the living. We think about the families, the wars, the funny stories shared, but once the day is over everybody probably goes back to life until next year where they do it all over again.
Although Anzac day isn't only remembering those who fought at Gallipoli, we do think of those who are part of the Army/Navy etc who are out serving now. But to think that the likes of me who don't know all that much about it, and it's only 99 years later, what is going to happen in 10, 20, 30 years time? Will Anzac day be celebrated - of course. But will the majority know what it is really about? Probably not. And that is the sad, honest truth.
I read in an article that 10,000 horses served in the WW1 and only 4 returned. That definitely made me come to a halt for a second. There were many animals that were part of the war, not so much nowadays but they were a big part of it back then. It's crazy to think that all these animals went out, carrying soldiers, supplies, the wounded. The were killed, injured and probably terrified, yet they were such a necessity and it's sad to think how many were killed yet all the did was help. For an animal lover like myself, I think it's really cool how not only the men and women are remembered, but also the horses as well. It's not often people appreciate what they do for us, but in this case, the definitely are.

In other news:
Mum and I were at the supermarket yesterday when a memory flashed in my head. Going to my friends place and drinking Orange and Barley or Lemon and Barley. I used to love going there, one of the bonuses was the drink that we never had at home. I know it says on the bottle "1 part to 6 parts water", but my friend and I were always shocking, We hated getting given watery juice, so we'd likely pour ourselves 2 parts to 4 parts or half and half. Golly, the latter was sweet! Lol. I think Mum thought I was a tad odd for remembering random things like that, but we hunted it out and whatdoyaknow? It still gets sold, so we bought one of each. It's super yummy. And very refreshing too!

While down there we went to Paper Plus where I bought myself a couple of Kobo cards. It's annoying because our takenote store doesn't sell them. Which means I have to go south to get them. I could get myself a debit card to use online, but I prefer to do it this way. I've invested in three more books that have been on my wishlist - Marley & Me, My Sister's Keeper and Elegy (from a series I've been reading for years). it's bad, having three books on the go at once, especially with all my school work, but I've got to have something on the side! I just finished the Bay at Midnight by Diane Chamberlain - it's an interesting read.

I slept in 'til nine this morning! Such bliss! The past six days I've been getting up for milking at about 4:30 ish so I'm on the job for 5:30. The last two mornings were the worst of all and at milking I was running on autopilot, I was so jolly tired. This is my first weekend off in ages - 13 weeks in fact. I should spend the time doing school or something productive, but I've heard there are three books on my Kobo that are eager to be started.... ;) There's nothing better than some chips, a drink, a good book and a nice place to snuggle up in. Now, a spa would be heaven right now because my legs are achy from standing on concrete for 33 hours worth of milking! If it wasn't for the fact that it is so blimmen expensive to run...ugh. It's the little things in life, huh?

Mum and Dad recently bought a new second-hand ute to do the spraying with, as our original one keeps having breakdowns. Unfortunately though, Dad pulled the aluminum deck off last night to find the structural/framing part of the deck needed to be replaced. It isn't strong enough to hold what we need it to carry. The welds are coming apart and Dad was advised not to fix it up, but start again to avoid more problems. It's definitely not something that was budgeted for, or considered. Now the changing over of the utes will take a lot longer than first thought. Not something that Dad wanted to have happen, especially since he's so far behind in work now as it is. The work won't stop coming, the weather is now causing issues and try as we might, we can't find anybody who wants to work for us. It's a frustrating thing, but I guess life is always throwing curveballs, you just gotta figure out how to get around them.

Paintball tomorrow! Nervous and excited, lets see how many bruises I come away with!!


  1. It was cancelled :( Not sure why, the leader said it was all go up until the morning of. Then he cancelled.

  2. Not to add to your reading collection...but have you read Divergent. I'm in love with the series ATM hehe, i've almost finished the 3rd book, what will I read next ?:O or maybe I could use my spare time to write on my blog...Hmmm
    I totally agree with you about the education of ANZAC. Turns out I have 2 relatives that fought in the war and I didnt even know. I also haven't learnt about ANZAC since high school and even then it was taught poorly. I wore a poppy at work on ANZAC day and I was the only one working that did it. Was good to see a few customers wore them. I also saw the thing about the Horses that went to war, they were soldiers too in my mind, they may not have fought, but they carried the soldiers that did. I think I need to brush up on my history, never been a strong point of mine.
    I don't know if I've tried the lemon and barley you are talking about but I know I used to put waaay too much ribena concentrate in water cause I loved the taste hehe.
    That sucks that paintballing got cancelled. I've never been, I really want to one day though hahaha

  3. I haven't read Divergent yet, but I DO know about it. First from you I think, on Facebook, but then I've seen it around. It definitely sounds like yet another great series! However I'm not too keen on getting my nose stuck in another good series right now. Sounds crazy right? Because I know that if I read one, I'll want the next one, then the next etc etc, and then the movie and I won't get my nose out until it's all finished hehe. And I really can't let that happen, so I might wait until the summer, and then the books may be cheaper too..? lol

    I think the one and only time I've worn a poppy was when I lived in Te Awamutu (of all places, hehe ;) ) I remember them selling them at Woolworths there and Mum bought us one each and told us about it. I must've been all of 6 years old. Never worn another one.
    Funny, Ribena was something we never ever drank. I don't think Mum and Dad were too keen on it. :)