Sunday, 21 June 2015

Junk Free June - an update

Two posts in one day, golly gee, aren't you guys lucky!

So, an update on how Junk Free June is going, just because you asked Andrew....I was going to say something sooner or later.

Anywho, I have completely...failed. Kidding! I have been a full three weeks with no "chocolate" at all. Yeah sure, I've had hot chocolate drinks, some chocolate brownie and whatnot - but I don't consider that "chocolate" like you'd get from a Cadbury or Whittakers block, so yep. I am pretty sure it's all legal, so to speak.
Lol. Not that it really matters at all, considering I was never doing it properly, and I'm not getting sponsored for it. Considering my natural sweet tooth, I think I'm doing jolly well. There is even chocolate in the house, everyone else is eating it, some days I sit there and stare at it for a while - especially when I've been working, so I'm tired. But, nonetheless, I have not succumbed!

On the topic of chocolate being healthy for you, and that it stops heart attacks, lets just say that in previous years I've possibly had plenty of it to stop any heart attacks for the future anyway, so please don't be too concerned - I'll be just fine ;) haha
AND, don't you know that it "technically" hasn't been proven - as they always like to come up with an idea and always like to contradict the complete possibility anyways. Mum said to say something about chocolate may stop heart attacks, but does it fix broken hearts? hmmm, not quite sure where to go with that one...but hey.

Other things I was dropping, general things such as biscuits, chips, crackers, lollies and fizzy drink. I've had to have some licorice allsorts with mum, because she pulled the "they come from plants" trick on me - I love licorice...had the odd glass of fizzy drink, but a lot less than I normally would. Everything else is A OK, one more week to go - bring it on! :D


  1. Haha, yeah, my first reaction to that report was "How much did Cadbury pay for that?" I admit... :P

    Anyway, well done! Sounds like you've been doing pretty well!
    Now we just get you to drop the alcohol and smoking, and we'll be fine! :P

  2. Lol

    Yeah, about that. Dropping the drinking and smoking is going to be a lot harder, I may attempt one or two days of dry July, but I honestly don't see myself getting far, not that my drinking too much alcohol or smoking drugs is an issue anyway, I don't see why you'd make such a nasty comment like that... :P haha

    1. Haha, isn't there something about the first step to overcoming an addiction is to admit you have one? :P

  3. Go on right ahead and admit your addiction then, I swear I don't have any at all :P