Wednesday, 10 June 2015

To Long Too Fit Hear

I saw something the other day, it said something like, ''ways to annoy a writer, the list is to long too fit hear". Honestly, it sent my brain into a spin, as if I was having some nervous breakdown or something - I showed it to Mum and she squirmed away from it. The sentence itself was so difficult to intentionally type incorrectly, I kinda had to pull myself into line and force my fingers to do it - I may as well have held a gun to them! Pretty crazy really, how simple things like that can drive me a little more insane than I already am.

So, good news, although I think I've already said - I finished my assignment! Didn't make it to the 5000 words, but hey. Other than the other night when I might as well have had a nightmare about failing it, basically they sent it back after nit-picking through the entire thing, saying sarcastic things such as, "so where did this bull come from? The moon?" I'm just like...huh?

In other good news, I passed my tractor assessment! First go too*does a dance* woohoo. They didn't quite say that I did an absolutely awesome job, but they practically did by saying it was faultless. So yay! Couldn't wipe that grin off my face, haha. Now I've just got to get into my three new assessment tasks, the one about everything to do with the Rumen is over 200 pages and about 2 cm thick - how they held it together with just one staple, I don't know but it sure can't fit into the first folder they provided me with and it'll be my first Level 5 assessment - crazy! The level 4 one is everything to do with breeding and genetics, so I'm getting pretty excited about working with biology again.

I took Ali in for her  100,000km service yesterday, she's only at about 98 thousand, but I figured it was best to get it sorted now rather than in spring when we won't have time to go very far. The great news was that she doesn't have a cambelt, therefore I didn't need to try and pay for a replacement. The not so great news is that they somewhat found the source of her oil usage, that a valve is leaking slightly and dripping oil onto the exhaust and burning (AKA horrible, smelly burnt popcorn sort of smell). It's good news that she's not using oil, but in any case she's losing it (like we thought) and unfortunately it's going to be an expensive fix - about $1500....because low and behold Kayger was super clever and just happened to buy the BMW with the weird engine! Jolly brilliant - *gives Kayger a pat on the back*.

So that'll be a few weeks wages that I have to save up to get that sorted, as well as the rear brake pads as they don't suggest getting any after market parts for BMW as they've got a tendency to not work very well....That and replacing the front tyres and getting a wheel alignment sometime in the next six months too.
I never said Ali would be a cheap car, but I'm not too fussed - I've got my positive flare back and I'm thinking that it won't be like the cavalier, fix one thing in time for another thing to break. Nope, she's only 13 years old, and has been well looked after so I'm thinking that fixing these few things up will make her not quite as good as new, but pretty close to it - and hey, at least there are plenty of parts around and there are specialised mechanics to do the work!

I've sold 14 tickets out of 50 to my fundraiser - definitely not as many as I'd hoped to by now, especially with only 2 weeks to go, but I'm getting there. At least there will be 14 people show up, which is better than none. However today my plan of attack is to email all of our clients with the details and hope that most of them can come, as it's not what you know, but who you know. I've already done a round in one area, handing out the info but they're farmers so they will likely forget. One area has got their own welcome in dinner happening a week before hand so I might pop along to that and get people to come along - depending on how desperate I am!
I never realised how difficult it is to organise these things, especially when you're doing it on your own - but hopefully that is going to change as Nick has finally done is chairman duties and has called a 'mini' meeting with all the executive members plus a few others to help me out, especially on the night itself. That'll be on Sunday night, so fingers crossed it pulls some people into line to give me a hand...

Things aren't getting any warmer lately, so I'm pretty grateful for the spa in the back porch, at about 5 in the afternoon it's at the hottest temperature. So every afternoon I don't quite take a running leap into it, but I might as well. Jump in there with a book and read for an hour or so - it's so relaxing. Quite blissful actually. But also kinda pathetic that out of all my readers I'm probably in the warmest climate, yet I'm the one with access to a spa...hehe


  1. O deer. Eye, can sea why ewe wood, bee driven crazy bye that list of things that wood annoy a writer. And year this sentence, was difikilt too write two

  2. O_O <--- Is officially too scared by lack of grammar to want to come back to this post...

  3. Agh that sentence is awful!! lol

  4. Cum'on guyses... Watt's wong with it? Just usin fredom of type-speach!