Monday, 27 July 2015

Goes in Circles

The joys of this time of year are well, few and far between. Everyone is all a little on edge these days and some days can be just a tad more frustrating than others. You know, it's raining quite steadily, the calves in the half round hay barn decided that today was the day they wanted to be set free, and they forced their way past me and the long metal gates that are tied up with wire that constitute as hinges. In the end, you just give up and think, I'm peeved and can't be bothered - they can just stay out and get wet...

Sometimes you have to take a step back and wonder, why do we keep doing this as a job, as a life? But then, for instance, you fast forward to the end of calving and think to yourself, "Man, that was crazy. And I'll do it all again next year, but heck, I can't wait."

I came on here about an hour ago (yep, it's taken me this long to figure out what to say and how to say it), potentially to talk about all the lame things that have been happening, but then I stop and think, "Okay Kayger, how are you going to write this, so that it doesn't sound like you're just being downright negative? Snap out of it!"
You know, I could write all about this last weekend being really slow, about Pippa driving me insane by chewing on every power cord she can get her paws on, missing out on donating blood recently but then wondering how on earth I could do it when I'm already so tired? Considering the slim chance of ever seeing a friend of mine any time in the near future, and worrying about how far behind I'm getting with my study, along with everything else in between...

But then I remember that this isn't what my blog is about, because I've always thought that if I was put on this earth to do something, it must surely be to spread the positivity - at least 90% of the time. We all know how stress just oozes around and spreads itself into every little cavity. I guess you could say, and this is my own silly imagination working overtime, that if positivity was a toothpaste that you used twice a day, you could fight off dental issues quite easily - so long as you kept it up. Anyone else seeing along my line of thinking? Which is why I won't come on here complaining about silly little things going on in my life, when there are surely more productive things to be doing?

It's like when you smile at someone on the street, they'll smile and feel that little bit happier. Then they'll pass it on to someone else they see. It's a continuous circle, so long as somebody starts it. And little kids are always smiling, not just because the world hasn't touched them yet and ruined their innocence, but because they've got nothing to be unhappy about - save for their sandwiches being cut into squares instead of triangles!


  1. Hmm... Ever thought of Skyping? Some people *coughcoughmecoughcough* miss seeing people and faces as much as you!!!

    1. Hmm, I haven't even been on skype in such a long time, can't even remember my last call...not something that I really do much of. BUT, maybe I'll call sometime this week, will have to figure a time that suits :)

    2. Flick me a buzz whenever. I'm fairly free most days, except Thursdayn mornings.

  2. Triangle cut sandwiches do seem to taste better :-)