Sunday, 27 September 2015

Good Things Come With Time

It's an absolutely gorgeous day today; the sun is shining, there's a very slight breeze. Birds are tweeting, the chickens are honking and hollering out in the backyard, and Pippa and I are home alone, basking in the sun. It's stunning. I really love this sort of weather at this time of year, it's just so perfect, not too hot, and not too cold, so I'm slowly starting to break out the summer clothing - "I'm lovin' it!"

Seriously though, it's great to have nice weather after weeks of seemingly constant rain. So having now two hot, sunny days in a row - bliss :)

Everything is plodding along as it should be, everything is looking exceptionally brighter this past week as we head from the busy season and into the silly season. Do you know shops like, The Warehouse, are already selling Christmas related items? It's crazy, they get earlier every year but in saying that, it's a good time of year coming up, so I'm not complaining too much over here!

But yeah, life is great these days, it's nice being able to see a light at the end of the tunnel. We've been told that we finish up the calves tomorrow (YAY!) so I'm trying not to sound too excited, (woohooo!!!) because it has been nice having a constant form of income these past around about 12 weeks (hehe). It will be sad, being the last day. You always feel a little bit sentimental driving down the road for the last time this season - until next year.  Sure, it's a hard slog. Yes, I've ended up with a nasty form of RSI in my wrist from all the bucketing and lifting of milk (although these last four days I haven't been there as I've been working elsewhere, thank goodness it's healing up). But at the same time it's generally quite enjoyable, teasing the worker, having private jokes with Mum about things, raising some adorable calves and in the biggest aspect - doing what I love doing overall. So it has been great.
However it is funny doing it, because once we stop, we don't see the calves again until they start milking two years later. It is seriously weird not keeping up with them, not getting them through the final weaning stages, not helping with all of the lepto vaccinations, drenching, B12 injections. Not seeing them as yearlings, and then as heifers, dancing into a new paddock. I guess I do miss that, and then having our calves from three years ago now, in the yard during milking staring at us as if they know us, but can't quite remember where from. Nonetheless, it's a good job, but I'm glad it's nearly over!! hehe

Mum and I are going to celebrate being finished, by going out to lunch tomorrow. We've sorta had it in the plans, so it's exciting we get to finally do it. Over to our local chocolate shop cafe, with their delicious Panini and home-made chips. And real chocolate drinks :) Can't wait!

They say that good things take time, and yeah in general, sure. But lately, it seems that good things have just suddenly happened. Mum and I always run by, "everything happens for a reason". So when all this good stuff just pops up, you know that things are going well and you must be doing things right in your life, otherwise why would you deserve it, sort of thing?
For instance, almost all of the farmers in the past few months have shut their chequebooks, we haven't had a look in for most of the work we do at this time of year. But, that was no problem because fencing jobs just won't stop coming. It seems that we're working on the final touches in our last job in line, and the phone will ring that day, usually a couple times. More people wanting us for this or that. You stop and think, heck, we had no working going forward and now we're fully booked for the next few weeks again. It happens over and over again, just a continuous circle of work rolling in. Which makes me think, gosh, this is just continuously proving itself to be the right place to be at the moment, it's great.

But in more exciting news, we're getting some more land. This is what has suddenly popped up, and it's really awesome. Basically, the dairy farm right next door is going to be sold to the guy who is leasing it. The family who own it now, knew we were hoping for the next little section whenever it was on offer, so they called last week.
It's only a tiny section of the paddock next door, where we've already got a small portion of the last "parcel". This one has it's own title, but it's too small to legally have any buildings on it because of the boundaries being so close, so it's not worth much at all.
The family of siblings (the parents both passed away about four years ago from cancer), have decided to offer it to us for a very cheap price, like, exceptionally cheap, so long as we pay for everything that goes with the change of ownership and whatnot. We thought it would be at least 50 thousand dollars - land is not cheap, especially with a title. But, because of it's size, it is going to be much less than half of that. So over the next few months Mum and Dad will be getting that all sorted out, it's awesome to think our place is slowly getting bigger.

The great part with this section is that it has another access-way, so we'll be able to put all the big equipment over there, and away from the house, which will be nice!! I did say since we'll get a little bit more area, could we have a sheep or two....Mum said maybe a goat? I kind of like that idea, at least then it wouldn't be eaten, and it'll be a lawnmower - apart from potential harm coming upon our many fruit trees. But...

So even after having an hour less sleep today, I'm feeling relatively bouncy - it must be the good weather! So a busy week is coming up, going out tomorrow with Mum. I've got all of Tuesday OFF, yippee!! Saturday night I'm going to an old friends' 21st party and Sunday I'm going to a stock judging skills day. Oh and I've got to plan a trip to Gizzy, as Dad has agreed to me going down....exciting times are ahead!!


  1. Nom nom chocolate..... sounds like all is good in the hood :-)

  2. A trip to Gizzy! That will be a nice change of scenery.

    1. It will :) Planning on taking a decent stretch off, staying with Nana on prior, then at Gizzy, then to Te Awamutu to another friend. Lots of bus trips :)
      Then I'll save some money to come to Invercargill!

    2. It would be good to have you. :)

  3. Wow, talk about late to the party... Saw this how many days ago now? Hehe, better late than never though I guess...
    Its always nice when things brighten up, and glad they're looking up for you.
    It'll be nice to get some more land, too. How much have you got at the moment?
    Oh, and visiting Gizzy. Awesome. I don't even need to say anything else about that. :P

    1. Just a little late...I thought you'd dropped off the side of the earth lol

      The land is great, seems to be coming along perfectly. In total we'll have around about half a hectare - considering when we first moved here 7-8 years ago there was only 1500 square metres, with three buildings...haha so we're stoked.

      Yeah, I scored three trips for $1 each, to you and back, and then from Te Awamutu to home, why would anyone drive?!

    2. Haha, those $1 tickets are awesome, you just have to get in quick!

  4. So I'm finally getting back to the blogsphere lol and just saw this ;P Awesome you're getting time off!! When are you going?