Monday, 25 April 2016

ANZAC Day: 101 Years - Lest We Forget

Today marks a couple things, 22 years since one of my Great Grandfathers died - on Anzac day, sad as he was a veteran. 23 years since Mum and Dad got engaged - yep, on Anzac day. And 100 years since Anzac day began, while I also can't believe it's been a whole year since the Anzac memorial thing at Te Papa was unveiled.
Only five days left of April 2016 - this year has gone incredibly fast and it's concerning!

They're saying it's getting more and more important for our younger generation to remember our ancestors who were part of the war/s, to know their stories and pass them on. But I only ever met one out of my three Great Grandfathers as the other two had already passed before I was born. I hear the odd story now and again but I can never remember the finer details or who they belong to, which is sad.
The only story I know, although I'm not too sure who it belongs to on Mum's side of the family, is the bath theft. I'm not sure whether it was normal back then, or just in this battalion, but the lower ranked soldiers weren't allowed to bath - only the head honcho's, so to speak, were entitled to have one. I'm not sure how often or why. Could you imagine lugging a bath around in battle? Probably cast iron, and not even being able to use it?
So, they stole it. My Great Grandad among them, took it, hid it and they all got a bath. lol if it was my Grandad's Dad, then I can actually imagine it, as my Grandad was a bit of a comedian himself!

It's been a busy month filled with milkings and fencing and the like. I've just had another cool weekend milking with Hamish and I left on Sunday night with my car boot filled with some amazing produce from their garden. I've given them some feijoa's because we've got so many, and sent a bit of baking their way to the cowshed as well. He said at the end of milking just before he ran off to do more jobs that he'd left a few pumpkins in the back of my car, but I didn't expect to open it to find five pumpkins - a couple I've never seen before or even tasted, as well as a massive basket overflowing with kumera (they're blimmen huge too) and potatoes. It really warms the heart, being surrounded by so many good people.

Our day today has been filled with so many things around home, we're trying to tidy up a few things as well as make some areas a little more dog proof - currently the little munchkins have a few exit points out into the paddocks next door and into the vege garden, therefore the compost bin. Yum, not. So while Dad was playing tractors spreading dirt around and flattening some areas after all his time playing with dirt prior to Christmas (there were just massive mounds of soil...) Mum, Nick and I fixed up the garden gate - changing the hinge system around a bit, adding more rails so Tessa can't just hop through the gaps, and raised the entrance area with dirt and terracotta chips so they can't go under the gate either.
Kills ten birds with one stone really, stops the dogs from getting in, means we can now open the gate in or out, preventing another common mud area into the garden by spreading the terracotta chips, and well spreading the terracotta chips was a job that's been waiting for like, four years lol.

And Dad, playing tractors (haha) spread all the dirt and Nick rode around on the four wheeler towing an old pallet (makeshift harrows) so it's now finally ready to have new grass seed spread. Tidied up all the fencing stock - posts, rails, etc., and pulled up a few old tree stumps along the boundary so we can carry on with the last section of iron fence. Thus stopping the darling munchkins from escaping through another point. Only issue now, Tessa can squeeze her little body between the wires on our post and batten fence - it's like, ten wires, I don't know how she does it. While we did fix up something so they couldn't get into the front yard, darling Tessa is proving her Terrier jumping ability is in perfect condition, so she just leaps over anything in her way.
It's a serious hassle, but they're never outside on their own anyway so it's not too big a deal thus far.

I'm preparing myself for a busy week, although I don't have any work on again until Friday, my social life is suddenly busy! Dinner with Chantelle and Sam tomorrow night, which will be great to catch up with them again. I'm off to the movies with someone else on Wednesday night. Thursday night is our young farmer meeting - although I'm not sure whether I'll go or not yet. While Friday night Mum and I are going to a girls night thing, should be fun. I probably sound like a social butterfly haha, but I haven't been out "socialising" all month!

Oh yeah and bonus, I saved up a massive amount of money to get my car fixed up - ya know, that airbag issue? I was told the part would be anywhere between $400 and $600, plus all the extra costs involved. Anywho, I got a nice surprise from the auto electrician who I don't like seeing all that often but I like him more and more the cheaper the costs are, when he said it was just a bit of faulty wiring - about $150 in total. Completely stoked. Phew!


  1. ANZAC Day, aye. Anyone go to any of the ceremonies?
    I have heard about those bathing regulations, I think it was something to do with water, or something. Although, Galipoli, most just swam in the sea, and same for the Palestinian coast. One thing that kinda bugs me, though. ANZAC Day is generally when we remember a failed campaign in Turkey, trying to reach Constantinople from the beaches around Galipoli. However, the entire campaign was a flop due to insufficient commander ability, (and air support would have been good), but the most succesfful part of that campaign was the withdrawal. No one seems to comemmorate the next move, when they went back to Egypt, guarding the Suez Canal, then attacked the Ottoman Empire (still the Turks) up through Palestine, conquering it, and leading to the founding of the modern day state of Israel. But for some reason that campaign is just never mentioned...

    You're lucky, meeting your great grandparents. One of my grandfathers died when I was 3, and my other grandfather, though alive, was actually in Holland during WW2.

    Haha, we've been known to use a fencepost behind the Argo before for harrows... It works, that's what matters! :P

    Sound like you work with some awesome people! :)

    1. I've never been to a ceremony on Anzac Day...have you?

    2. Nup, too far. Dawn service means we'd be leaving at about 3:30am...

      If I make the AF, on the other hand, I think that'll be compulsory. Even if not compulsory, I think it would still be expected... :P

    3. Not this year; ages back we went to the local one and the last couple years I've been to the big one in Auckland but this year I was away for the weekend and didn't go to one in the end.

      Sounds like plenty of food your way too! Last spring Mum put a whole lot of compost through the gardens and we ended up up with a nice pumpkin harvest! Funny though because we've never really eaten a lot of pumpkin lol. Feijoua tree did pretty well too, Mum was offloading bags of fruit to anyone who turned up for a while!

    4. Haha, pumpkins... we had a pumpkin plant just randomly grow up in the paddock by our compost bins, we've never planted them because "they don't grow here", it grew 6 pumpkins, 3 of which survived the weather and local animals (ie, pet sheep), and actually turned out a decent size... Haven't eaten them yet though... :P

      Feijoa's aye? Funny, for use, its been the year of the peaches, cucumbers and marrows... The feijoa's aren't even ripe yet!!! :P

    5. Haha yeah, ironic how that works! Well don't waste them!! :O ;P

      Oh well we had peaches EVERYWHERE for a few weeks too, then the fejouas came early and we had them instead. Actually for a while one of our washing tubs was filled with apples so... a good harvest on a few fronts this year I guess :)