Friday, 6 May 2016

Winning Again

The young farmers did our somewhat annual inter-club battle of Ten Pin bowling and Laser Tag last night, our third round in the last two years or so. Sadly there were only eight of us there but it was still a good occasion where only three of us went from my club.
Thinking about all the stats though, my club basically dominated the entire night. Nick, Kurtis and I were all in the same ten pin team with J from the other club joining us. J took over in the ten pin, with Kurtis and I coming in 3rd and 4th across the two teams. I won overall in the laser tag (again, third time in a row, will anyone ever beat me????), and Kurtis won for his team. So thinking about it, I reckon that basically means that (whoop whoop) we're at the top of the leader board in the competition in general. Not that it's really a competition, it's just a good time once a year, but the fact that nobody has beaten me yet in laser tag - I dunno, that's pretty outstanding.
The intention is to go down to Auckland for the next round and play a bigger, better game of Laser Force - which, according to Kurtis, is bigger, better and will really bring out the best in us in regards our ability to kill each other...haha.

The last week or so has been constantly busy. I haven't had many nights at home, so when I do get to stay home all day it's pretty awesome. Tuesday last week I went out for dinner with Sam and Chantelle. Just at one of the local pubs, nothing too fancy but it was a chance to catch up on everything that's been happening - we don't often get to meet up together. It's getting more important to hang out these days as Sam is soon to move over to California in September. She'll be over there until this time next year, so the more time we get to spend with her, the better!
As it stands we've got a plan to head off to Rainbow's End in a couple weeks. Sam already had appointments in Auckland that day, and it ties in with Chantelle's day off and also her 21st birthday. So I'll wag work that day too and we're going down for a day of it - fingers crossed some other friends are able to go too - Bee, what are your chances!?

Wednesday I went to the movies with someone, ironically also by the name of Sam and he's my next door neighbour (lol). That was pretty fun, we grabbed some dinner then watched Hunt For the Wilderpeople. My gosh that movie was so, so funny. Our New Zealand made movies are pretty out there. Like, all the typical American ones have heaps of green screen scenes, all the stunt doubles and computer generated things. Of course, that's exactly what The Hobbit will have too, but the Wilderpeople movie, just straight kiwi humour. If you haven't seen it, you definitely should.

Thursday was our young farmer meeting and Friday I also had to pop out for a couple hours for something else. Fast forward to this week, Tuesday our new post banger arrived - we'd traded the old one in and have bought a new one - that was a pretty big deal of a day. Wednesday was my first day off milking and Dad's birthday. So we got to spend the day with him out fencing all day, which wasn't too bad come to think of it. We got to have pizza from town for dinner (real pizza...mmmm) and then I went all out and put candles on his cake. Except some of them may have been those magic, relighting candles. Actually no, sorry. Half of them were relighting candles and I had put 24 candles on the cake. He he he
It was awesome, Mum, Nick and I were all rolling around on the floor in hysterics while Dad is desperately trying to blow out the insistent candles that just kept on relighting. In then end the whole room was smokey and Dad just took the cake into the kitchen and put the candles under water. hehehe. At the same time, it was like those candles were laced with something because we all felt pretty wired after being in all the smoke. Someone would say the most basic thing, but for some reason it was hilarious and Nick and I couldn't stop laughing. Gosh it was weird.

Finally, yesterday Mum and I had a trip to town for my car service which lead to a slightly more, uh, expensive day than I initially intended. I took the opportunity to do a bit of shopping while poor Ali went under the knife. I've literally nothing to wear for a wedding I'm going to in June - after having never been to a wedding other than my sister's. Suddenly, I'm some sort of expert shopper and managed to go in on a day where there were so many specials. I was a stinge last year and never bought a nice leather jacket because I gulped at the price of it at the time. We went back into the same shop and saw another nice one yesterday, thankfully it wasn't in the same price range as the last one and Mum pretty much gave me a grilling - just buy it, it'll last forever. So now I'm the proud owner of a small, black leather jacket that will be perfect for every occasion where you need to "dress well". AKA weddings, black tie dinners, etc.
The next shop we went into, I found two nice dresses. It's awesome when you don't expect to be able to wear anything in some shops, and then you try something and they fit perfectly. For someone who usually shops at the Warehouse, it was a very successful day, I couldn't choose between the two dresses and they were so cheap, so I just bought them both. I'll wear them, there's no doubt about it. The issue is choosing between them both!

Poor Ali though, she's running amazing now after the oil and filters having been changed. But she needs to go back in the next couple weeks as the radiator hose is swollen - which apparently means it's teetering on the edge of bursting, which basically means I'll lose all the coolant in the engine and I could fry the engine if it happens. I'll know if it does, they say the temp gauge will sky rocket and then eventually not read at all as the coolant will have run out. I have been given firm instructions, do NOT drive if this happens. STOP. So, I'll be keeping an eye on that until I can get my car back into town with a few more coins to pay for it, because it sounds kinda pricey. :( Car ownership, I guess. That's what my savings are for.


  1. Haha, when I come up for a visit, half of me wants to have a game of laser tag, just to see if you're incredibly good, or the others are incredibly bad. But then if I get beaten, it'll be all embarrassing, you know, getting beaten by a girl and that... *grins innocently*
    Actually, if I make it into the AF, then undergo combat training, and still lose, that'd be even more humiliating!!! :P
    Sounds like you've been having a good time though! I gotta say, I've never heard of relighting candles, but I think I can guess... they sound awesome!!! :P As for being a simple thing, I forget who said it, but "People who can laugh at the little things have either learnt the meaning of true happiness, or gone stark raving mad." Take your pick... :P

    Oh, leather jackets are awesome. Come to Gisborne, and the SA. I know a guy, the last person to paint our house actually, who has a bit of a thing for leather jackets, and over a couple of years bought about 40 or something from there, each for just $7... Mum was asking him, what are you going to do with $40 leather jackets??? And he's just like, I dunno. Mum's like, well why did you buy them? Again, I dunno. :P
    You'll love them, though, they are really comfortable if you get the fit right. Then get leather biker pants, they have lots of pockets for carrying everything. Another quote that I forget who said it: "It was socially unacceptable for guys to carry handbags, so they got their revenge by creating biker pants." :P

    1. My brilliance at laser tag only goes so far. So if we're saying whoever gets the most points wins, that will be me. However if winning is based on accuracy or shots fired, I would lose. Take 490 odd shots fired with only 53 tags lol. However I still won, not sure on everyone else's accuracy.

      Forgot to mention, it's pretty brutal when both Kurtis and I ran around a corner and crashed into each other. Issue being me being short and he is over 6 foot. So I basically got a gun to the forehead, smack. Gosh it hurt!
      Lol yeah come up when we're playing it. You will lose.

      Hehehe yesterday I muttered about how we could park in a disabled car park. Mum said, we're retarded not disabled lol

      I'll take the jacket but I've never been too keen on leather pants lol

    2. Haha, riiiight... 490 shots to 53 tags, okay... It's people like you that inspire the machine gun, you know that? Haha, nah, I can imagine, when bullets themselves cost nothing, you can be a bit trigger happy, shoot or be shot... :P
      Haha, ouchies!!! Hope you shot him for it! :P

      I will will I? Hmmm, we'll have to see. Pity there's no light grenades, I'd use those... :P Haha, that's be awesome, if you had more than just laser rifles, but everything. Grenades, RPGs... Although, driving round in a laser tank, that's getting a bit extreme, you gotta put the line somewhere... :P

      Leather pants are just the thing round here. All the wannabee gang members, just want to wear leather to look the part. Then you have the Mob, who also wear their leather jackets with the patch on the back, leather pants, full face tattoos... And you have these puny little high school kids, trying to look tough in their plain leather jackets and pants, just doesn't work. Not that it stops them.
      Leather pants are alright, but only sometimes. Like those ones that are basically just leather tights, they never look good. But ones that fit like a good pair of jeans, they're great, they give good leg movement, they're comfortable, and if you're biking, they give good protection. If you're not a biker though, they don't have quite so much use, although they are still good and strong. Just on a farm, when you're working, your legs cook, so they're useless... :P
      The thing with anything leather, is because gangs use it a lot, round here it starts to have connotations of gang affiliation, even if it doesn't have any patches. Which means some wear it to look tough, but round here some people get banned from wearing it in certain pubs and such, just because of what it "symbolises". And people avoid anyone wearing too much leather. that's round here, anyway, I imagine it would be the same up there...

  2. Should see if you can order part in and do it yourself ( or get bro or dad to ).

    1. Oh I only wish! We asked them that but you need to raise the car up and work underneath it. It's got a funny engine too, need to hire in special tools for some parts... :(

    2. Not hard to lift a car up...
      Our Argo, although completely different to a BMW of course, but Dad does all the servicing on that except for some of the electronics. A radiator hose doesn't sound that difficult to swap...
      I've said it before, though, and I'm gonna say it again... You need to start dating a mechanic... And if your dad gets upset, tell him its that or he foots the car bill... :P

    3. lol we (as in the guys but sometimes I help) do a lot of servicing and repairs on the 4 wheelers, but the *main* services get done *officially* so to speak at the shop.
      Ah well I'd prefer to get it done properly and guaranteed too. Not that I wouldn't trust dad, he was going to do the service but they couldn't get into the engine. At least the BMW guys work on them everyday so it's not a big deal :P

      Hahaha nope, not dating a mechanic, I've said it before lol...They know what they're doing sure but not gonna happen.
      Just need someone who knows how to do a few things like changing a tyre! Haha that sort of thing anyway...

  3. Which laser place in Auckland would you go to?

    Umm Rainbow's End, I'm thinking about trying to get the arvo off work so I can come for the day, but I feel bad either way cos I hardly ever see you guys, but because I'm juggling jobs, there are already to afternoons a week I can't work since I'm somewhere else. So if I couldn't get off I would have to leave for maybe 1 1/2 hours and hopefully they'll let me back in :P Seriously though, summer would have been so much better, before it got cold ;P hahaha

    Ohhh relighting candles are so much fun!!

    Is that real or imitation leather? I got an imitation one in Aussie last year, $15 down from about $80 sounds great to me!!

    1. I'm not sure where this laser force is to be honest...

      Haha yeah Sam and Chantelle only came up with the idea a couple weeks ago. But at least it shouldn't be too busy without summer tourists or school kids :) hopefully something will work out!

      It's real leather, cost just a bit over $100 (last time it was close to $300...) $15 does sound great! I don't think it really matters if it's real or imitation, basically get the same effect anyway. Unless you're part of the "in-crowd" that has a fashion statement to prove hehe ;)

    2. Yeah that's right, so hopefully the queues won't be 40-minutes long ;P

      Oh nice! Hahaha so far imitation has been sufficient for any statements I need to make lol :P