Sunday, 22 May 2016


It's been a funny week, one filled with so many feijoa's that it's difficult to get my head around them. I made five, yes five feijoa cakes in two days. The first day I made one, simply for something to do in between my milkings. A bit of an experiment, if that's the best description for it. Just to see what would happen, and yeah, with the intention of killing off a couple of those green fruit! Ok, so maybe just three feijoa's were needed in the making of that cake, but it was so yum!
I went to work telling Cam that I'd spent a part of my day making this cake and he replied, jokingly - "did you leave it in your car?" AKA, he kinda wanted some, now that I'd mentioned it. Honestly, lol.

I'd done a whole seven day stretch on this farm for a change, and finished up on Thursday. So that afternoon I took along a feijoa cake for Cam and Hamish to enjoy before I came back today, Saturday. I had spent quite a decent part of my day making four of these cakes, freezing two of them for winter (we've been freezing quite a few sponge cakes as well, just to use up the eggs we're getting), leaving one for us and taking one to work. But I sliced them in half and filled them with cream and sliced feijoa this time round - apparently it was really good, so that's some good feedback. Actually, they ate the whole thing in one day, so. lol

*Edit, fast forward to Sunday :)

Yesterday I made a good effort and did some feijoa preserving, only seven bottles as we didn't have enough seals. Today I got in another 12 bottles. however now I look at those evil little green things (or not so little, in some cases) and squirm. Almost 20 bottles later and I'm sick of the idea of them! There's still a fair few on the tree and on the ground, but I reckon they can just stay there and go back into the cycle of nature, or something!

I'll tell you what though, I'm sick of this cold weather, and it isn't even winter yet! We're getting the southerly winds now so it's pretty icy. One minute the sun is out - take Friday for instance, we were scorching in the heat building some stock yards for a client. Now, the wind and rain comes with random bursts of enthusiasm, and the likelihood that it will suddenly start raining when you decide to pop outside (when previously it was quite sunny), is very high. It's annoying. Autumn has been quite chilly this year, but I'm still in the summer clothing - save for wearing a jersey every now and again. I'm kinda thinking that pulling out the old trackies for future use might just be the way to go in the next couple days!
Tessa the Terrier is always feeling the cold, constantly in her little doggy jumper or snuggled up on our lap, trying to soak in some extra heat. I'm telling you, these dogs of ours are fire and ice, one can't handle cold weather (my gosh, if she lived in the south island!) and one can't handle the heat. They freaked out with their first thunderstorm on Friday night, so winter/spring with the little rascals is definitely going to be interesting.

Last Monday was fun, I took the afternoon off work and went to Rainbow's End with Chantelle, Sam and Bee. A real girls day out for Chantelle's 21st birthday. It was fun! The last time I went there, I was only a little kid, probably in the region of about 3 or 4 years old. I can hardly remember it, but this time was really cool.
Chantelle, Bee and I all went on the "Fear Fall", which isn't actually that high, but in saying that I won't be going on it again. That moment of - holey moley we're falling, was a little too, yeah. See if I jumped off something - say skydiving or bungee jumping, at least I would know when I would start trying to defy gravity. But just sitting there, up in the air, looking around and omgosh we're falling! For about a second. Then you're back on the ground again. It wasn't exciting, wasn't terrifying, was just one of those things I probably wouldn't bother with again!

But it was super fun over all, I had two favourite rides, Invader and the Stratosfear. The latter of which is like a pendulum, that swings 360 degrees, so you're hanging upside down for a little while which is pretty awesome. I just couldn't stop laughing on that one, you expect people to be screaming - a few did, but I'm hanging upside down in hysterics because it's so blimmen stupidly weird. It was funny.
The Bumper Boats were cool, apart from getting soaked. They sure are a ride for the more warmer months. We went out for dinner afterwards to Nando's then trekked our ways home again, leaving poor Bee in Auckland (I really couldn't live there!) and Sam drove Chantelle and I home back to a more northern part of the country. Sam got her Visa to go to California that morning, so it won't be long until she leaves us in September for her big study trip to the USA. It's gonna be sad to see her go.

But alas it is almost milking time again. I get to go out for an hour and a half and annoy Hamish with my sarcastic comments and jokes. I'm getting really fast in my aging youth, that I quite often spit out a funny remark without even really thinking about it. It's pretty funny. Then I've got days off again on Monday and Tuesday - a trip to town is in order on Tuesday with Mum, to get some things done and get my car repairs done at the same time.
Thinking forward, I've got Kurtis' 21st birthday party to go to in two weeks, then the wedding I'm going to a week after that on the 11th. As I'm sitting here with a shivering puppy on my knee, I'm getting more and more conscious of the fact that winter weddings aren't too clever. It's okay for guys, they'll all be wearing their suits or nice jeans and jackets. Girls with our nice dresses and shoes are going to freeze our toes off - I will hazard a guess that I'll come home with blimmen frostbitten toes. Ok, hehe, maybe not that bad, but it's gonna be cold!


  1. Feijoas, ikr? My job is just to peel them, boil them up then freeze them, Mum will deal with them when she gets back. But honestly, I feel like I'm starting to turn into a little green ovoid, I've been eating so many. Getting sick of them! :P
    What sort of seals do you use, Agee ones? Because we couldn't find how to get those anymore, until we found a place down here that still stocks them. First visit we brought close to a hundred... :P

    And the Fear Fall, when I last (only time, actually... :P) went, I was too short. Super jealous of my sisters, who weren't. :(
    Actually, Jono and Ben did an interview in one once. Took some people up, asking them questions on the way up, then dropped. Not really that special, actually, except at the bottom, one girl was totally ready to get off, then the camera guy lies and says, oh wait, the footage didn't work, or something like that, and sends them up again...
    If you like skydiving so much, join the AF as a parachute jump instructor. That'd be fun, wouldn't it?

    And now I'm about to prove I really am a guy. Why don't you wear gumboots to the wedding? Or a purple dress, they'd go wonderfully with your boots.
    Haha, nah, seriously. What about a long dress that goes down to the ground, and covers your feet. You can wear what you like, no one will know? Okay, yeah, I'm a guy, I know. I'll stop now... :P

    1. I've never really been big on Feijoa's, like I'll eat a few but then not really. Freezing them and then later preserving them? Interesting, we use Agee bottles but not seals. They're called perfit seals in a black and yellow box, they work fine :)

      Think I'll hang out for my 21st, jump out of a plane once and then leave it at that lol

      Oh we're not allowed to wear gummies, believe it or not there was a FB post stating it is formal wear, even though the bride and groom live in their gumboots lol...
      Sooo, and I can't really hide them under my knee length dress haha, such a guy lol. I doubt sneakers will suit either. Need to go shopping for some covered nice high heels :P

    2. Yeah, perfit seals are what we use. Sorry, by calling them Agee ones, they're all I know of for Agee jars... :P But yeah, its amazing how hard it is to find those nowadays! Is there anywhere up there that has them?

      Not allowed to wear gummies? Stuff that, I'm not coming. I'm like Fred Dagg, "Formal Dress" means I clean my gumboots first. :P

    3. Uhhh lol you can get them anywhere. Every supermarket lol, we've never not found them haha

      Oh just as well you aren't invited! Don't think they'd be happy for an extra showing up, let alone in gumboots :P

    4. Wow all this feijoa talk still...our oranges are starting :P

      Random Q Andrew...Jono and Ben who...?

      Haha Kayger I'm wearing long boots up to my knees right now, and they have heels :P

    5. We've got a couple oranges still undeniably green on the tree...mind you, it's the first year it has fruited :)

      Jono and Ben, lol search them up on YouTube they're difficult to describe but so, so funny.

      Oh nice! Haha

    6. Haha wow!

      Ooohh okay lol...I was like mutual acquaintances?!hahaha

    7. Oranges, seriously? Like, 2 months time, maybe? Haha, nah, our orange tree is still quite young so hasn't got the feel of it quite right yet, but its nowhere near... :P

      Haha, gate crashing, never heard of it?

      Really? Is that all seals, or just the large ones? If I ever wanted proof that we live in a different country out here... Pak 'n' Save occasionally has the large seals, 10% of the time maybe. Then this little store tucked in the roughest part of down (99% of the houses there belong to the Mob or family of the Mob), it supplies the small seals.

      @Bee, yeah, Jono and Ben are two NZ comedians on TV3, they used to be Jono and Ben at Ten, but they're now at 7:30pm, Friday nights, I think. They also have Guy Williams and Laura someone, but they have very NZ-type humour. And not all of it is decent, I do add that disclaimer. A lot of it is funny, but then they always have to go too far and start doing stuff better left out. Tim Hawkins is better. ;P But yeah, the more decent stuff is alright.

      @Xj Hives from Feijoas? That stinks...

    8. Hahaha Normally June/July, so a couple weeks or so early for us :P

      Oh right. No idea if I've seen it then lol, we haven't had a TV since it went digital and I don't really look at NZ stuff on YouTube, come to think of it lol.

    9. Haha, right.

      Yeah, they're alright, but you have to choose the right ones. They also tend to use a lot of profanity, if that "offends" you. (Such a PC title, "Offends". What ever happened to "its impolite"? :P) If you really wanted to look some up, the Fast and Furious Learner's Edition is pretty good, even if you haven't seen the movies themselves. You'd probs need to see the trailers for 6 and 7, just to get a slight understanding, but that would be enough. And also Action Men Library Games is kinda funny, especially at the end. And recently they set the world record for longest time in a Bumper car, also at Rainbow's End. Most of that is pretty funny.
      Here's the links for those if you want them:
      Or just go and rewatch Tim Hawkins' Parenting Songs. :P

  2. I hate feijoas. I used to love them, but then one day ate to many and broke out in hives. I've never touched them since.

    My sister's wedding isn't until December. I still have to find myself a dress, actually...

    1. Broke out in hives from Feijoa's? Wow never thought that would happen.

      At least it's a summer wedding, you've still got a few months to find something :P