Friday, 17 April 2015

Miriam's Visit

Miriam arrived on the 6th, and is leaving Saturday. I've been far too busy to even consider updating my blog - as it often takes far too long. Well until now, anyway. I figured I may as well type away while we watch TV - hopefully I won't get in trouble from the pat pat pat of my keyboard! Oh well :)

What have we gotten up to? Uuuummmm we've watched FAR too many movies - quite seriously. I was counting them off earlier, concluding with 7 proper movies (2 of which we saw at the cinemas), as well as a Pride and Prejudice marathon and Death Comes to Pemberley the next day (another 9 hours of watching time...) No, the myth is not true after all - our eyes are not square after too many movies!

We were asked to cover yet another maize stack last Friday, so she got to experience the joys of throwing tyres. This stack was quite different to the others, was absolutely massive and the sides were extremely steep. The tyres had been dug up out of a heap of mud, so were filthy and it poured down with rain almost the entire time! It was a complete and utter bog as soon as we began, and by the time we were finished we were filthy, wet and it was pitch black. Lovely.

We've taken her north twice now, letting her see the sights of our favourite "city". Forced her into watching two Fast and Furious movies, which she seemed to enjoy. (Love those movies!) And introduced her to Nicholas Sparks film (yet another favourite genre of mine) and now she's seen four of them! Lol. Oh yeah, and when she first arrived and saw the bookcase in her, talk about eyes popping out of her head, but in a good way. It's nice to have friends who love books as much as we do.

And she can also say she's milked quite a few cows, as she came milking with Dad and I the other day. We hauled her out of bed at 4:30am into the freezing cold, dressed in overalls, gumboots, apron and gloves - I've even a picture to prove it. I think she suited the look! If she wasn't studying we could possibly train her from the ground up and score ourselves a good helper :D Pippa loves her to bits, it's super cute. And I am slightly concerned of Pippa's well-being; in case Miriam tries to pack her in her bags or the worrying thought that Pippa might get depressed when she leaves!
     Speaking of Pippa, she's been rather naughty during Miriam's stay and has begun to sit and sleep on the bench - especially at night when nobody knows. We've woken in the morning to find she's munched on some (covered) shortbread and sponge - and I'm sure she got a kitty style sugar rush afterwards o.O

We both donated blood earlier in the week, fifth time for me, a first for Miriam. Mum wanted to donate as well, until they saw her moon boot and told her no. Apparently donating blood while muscles are healing isn't a good combination...a little gutting for her. Yesterday we dropped down to the beach for a while, we've taken her to an awesome chocolate shop and tonight we're going out for dinner with Sam and Chantelle for pizza. Should be good.

In whatever spare time we've had, we've spent with Mum playing endless games of Chinese Checkers, saying hello to her parents on skype and painting our fingernails haha

It's going to be interesting when she's not here, the house may just be a little on the quiet side.  I can't wait until Anzac Day - it'll be my first full weekend off since October, as I'm finishing my weekend milking job on Sunday - it's going to be bliss actually having a sleep in on Saturday, what on earth will I do?!


  1. Great her visit went well!!! Hehe, covering the maize sounds fun. Welcome to dairy farming, Miriam!!! :P
    Forced to watch Fast and Furious movies??? I might have to come for a visit if that's the case!!! Can you believe I've never seen them? Any of them? And now I'm scared to start, really, knowing that Paul Walker is dead now, so I'm worried I'll get really attached to him, and then knowing that he disappears in the last one...
    Haha, funny thing I've noticed, if I have a run of getting up early, I'm always tired when i get up, but then once I go back to sleeping in I suddenly find I wake up early, wide awake...
    Anyway, good her visit went well!!! Sounds like it was a lot of fun!

    1. Yep, you definitely need to watch the fast and furious from the beginning. And it's hard NOT to get attached to Paul Walker's character :P I think I've watched 5 of them, and they're super good :)

    2. I know, even just from the trailers he looks like such a nice guy, and now he's gone... *sniff*
      So you gonna get 7 as soon as it comes out? Oh, and did you see Jono and Ben interviewing the cast? One question was this: "So in this latest one, you've done stunts like driving out of planes and such. When are you going to tackle hard stuff like parallel parking and hill starts?" :P