Sunday, 5 April 2015

Easter Sunday

April, April, April. Here we are in April and I'm having the same thoughts as when we hit February and March. How the heck did we get here? I'm bored of this year already, but it doesn't mean it can fly on by without my noticing lol.
It feels like months since I wrote my last update, although it was less than a week. Miriam arrives tomorrow and we're actually prepared for her! Don't worry Miriam, you won't be sleeping in the dog houses after all haha.
After many long hours and with the assistance of our little Pippa helper, we've managed to get it all sorted. OK, not completely sorted, but workable. We finally managed to give away one water bed, and sell another. Got rid of all the rubbish, did the cleaning and made an executive decision that I would stay downstairs until around May when we have water in the tank to refill my bed. That made it easier! Now Miriam has a room all sorted for her, complete with a bed, drawers, a desk, even a lamp! Honestly though, the room looks super cute now being set up properly - rather than a storage also has Pippa's and Frodo's sign of a approval, which of course, is the main thing.

I begin my observing with St. John on the 29th, an exciting prospect. Meaning I needed to get myself sorted for it. It requires black pants, a white blouse and black boots/shoes. Apparently it's quite difficult to buy black boots that aren't  high heeled - although I eventually found some decent and actually comfortable. However we pretty much stumbled upon this white blouse basically biffed on a random hanger in the warehouse, that was only $5 and the right size. I mean, is that a sign or what?!? Until I get a uniform, these are what I need to wear - and white is a tad out there for my normal attire of overalls and gumboots covered in cow poo. May need to cover myself in bubble wrap to protect the white lol.
Who knows, but maybe this is why I never went to uni this year? One can only imagine...

We're in April and I'm extremely bored of my studying already. Done one assessment, now just waiting on the results for that. I'm half way through the tractor module and so, so bored! If I knew anything about tractors, it may be slightly interesting, but...Although I have learned a few things - like what PTO and psi stand for. Like, I know about three point linkages but not draft controls....I may as well have a really old teacher, droning on and on about nothing. Little phrases float through one ear and out the other....
I think I'll just have to do the assignment and hope I can remember some things and flick back through the papers to find everything I need.

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