Monday, 30 March 2015

One Week!

One week. Just one little week until Miriam is here! It's gonna be great to finally meet her - golly I hope we get on OK?! Lol, it'll be nice to have her here. Unfortunately it seems I'm milking almost every morning of her stay, but what can I do? At least it's only mornings....hopefully Nick will take a few of them though.

Saturday was pretty cool, the Northern Region of Young Farmers held a fencing competition for the region, (there is a competition for each region). You compete in teams of two to build a short fence, digging in three posts, two stays and all the wire work/cut off switches/tensioning etc. Nick went in it (after much coercing - we didn't quite put a gun to his head....) with one of our newer members and they came third out of 14 teams, winning them $25 each and $25 worth of tools. Funnily enough, now they're keen as for next year (rolls eyes).
     The winning team of each region competes again alongside the Young Farmers Grand Final competition in Taupo. However our winning team has one member who is going into the regional YFComp, so he can't go further in the fencing comp if he makes it into the YFComp final. Meaning it'll be passed over to the second placers. IF they don't want to go into it, Nick and his mate will have no choice but to do the competing...Should be interesting...

Mum and I have been desperately trying to get the upstairs rooms sorted for before Miriam comes, and finally we've managed to throw some things out, my gosh we're hoarders! I've convinced mum to do a garage sale, so with all the sorting we haven't really achieved much but we have in a way too. It seems that giving away a queen size water bed is exceptionally difficult, so it's holding us up a bit, having a pile of bed pieces in the way of everything!
It's not super easy, most things have been shunted from one room to the next, sorted and put back in proper order. We can't get rid of half of the rubbish until we can light our bonfire, thus removing the burnables. And to get the upstairs room destined for me finished, we still need to buy, paint and install some skirting board - otherwise the room will never be finished. It's quite overwhelming! You think it's going to be simple, but then you look deeper and discover that actually it's not that easy after all! I'm sure we'll get it done though - eventually! We've got a week lol.

I was stoked the other day to discover seven free test appointments for my license online, in the town I want to do it in. They'd said there won't be any until May, well it seems my prayers were answered, as I've booked in for the 21st April. Yes, it'll mean I still won't be able to drive Miriam anywhere without Mum - not that Mum's able to drive currently anyway - but soon, I will (hopefully) have my full! Yus, that means ambo training here I come!

Work is crazy here at the moment, here was me thinking we wouldn't be busy by now...haha. I've gotten to the stage of being sick of milking, at the time of the year I generally start hating it and counting the rows until the end. The cows aren't happy campers at the moment, and I don't overly appreciate being slapped in the face by every cow's daggy tail. I keep thinking I'm coming to the end of my stretch, and it keeps getting longer! It seems I'll have to milk almost every day in April, I've got my last herd test on the 1st and 2nd (who has a herd test, ((which is very important and usually stressful)) on April Fools' Day...I don't know...) yay to finally being done with those! I've possibly also got an 18 day stretch at one farm in May, as they're autumn calving, somebody has a prebooked holiday and somebody has just quit so they'll need help. Ok it'll be nice to have an income in May, but. *yawn*
     Although today was a good milking, I was back on the farm I raised calves last year, back in the little 16 aside, milking on my own. It was bliss lol

Our fencing bookings are out of control at the moment, I'm no longer surprised all the other fencers in the district have a bad reputation for taking months to get to the job, as we're beginning to wonder how on Earth we'll get it all done before winter well and truly hits and it's no longer possible! Dad and Nick are busy now with other work, spraying gorse, spraying out the crop paddocks and in one instance, using our tractor for re-grassing. It doesn't help that this weather has taken a turn for the worse, raining on and off every half hour and constantly windy. Mum and I can't help with the fencing - other than the fact that Mum's in a moon boot and I'm milking constantly - we're not overly helpful.
     Finding somebody to come work for us is a mission and a half. The guy who was set up to come work has chosen to go to Japan and earn better money over there. Like, gee, thanks for not telling us sooner...!

Pippa is now more than 10 weeks old, still super cute :)


  1. How did your mum end up with a moon boot?!

    Doing your test on my dad's birthday lol ;)

    1. I was actually going to ask... What IS a moon boot???

    2. She injured her ankle years ago and keeps injuring it. Now has Achilles issues, sorta like calcification on the tendon. Can't go under ACC cos she was never told to file it (really?!) so can't get the physio etc. They seem to think if she wears this moon boot it will strengthen it. She needs an actual cast though, cos this moon boot is removable. -_-

    3. oh wow that sounds like fun :/ haha ok that's funny; usually one would expect one's mum to be good at keeping it on!? lol