Friday, 20 March 2015


So, so much has been happening, there's a lot for me to say today. Probably not the most interesting, but hey!

So, in case you didn't know, we survived Pam without even the smallest twig on the ground - ok, perhaps there's a little exaggeration there. But seriously, as many people have said, that was nothing compared to many storms we have, a few times a year. Still, poor Vanuatu would love to be in agreement with us, I'm sure. But sadly, they weren't so lucky.

However, what Pam did bring with her is awfully horrible weather that just can't decide what it wants to do. It's changed completely over the past week; the mornings are freezing - a sure sign to the end of summer. It's still icy around 11am these days, even in the sun, then suddenly it heats up, then (like today) it decides it wants to go icy again and send in the rain. It's pouring down right now, leaving me freezing with Pippa in my office with the not very insulated flooring....

Facebook discussions during Pam brought to light a possible new thing for me - being a volunteer paramedic with St. John. People were saying there's only 5 volunteers in town - hardly enough people to cover the shifts, and Mum suggested I join.To be honest though, I'd been thinking of joining the Fire Brigade a few months back, anywho, I thought about St. Johns for a while, then decided, why not?! I'm not one to panic, I love learning new things, I love a challenge - why shouldn't I? So I have spoken with the top guy in town, and he's pretty keen on it. I'll be able to go in and observe for a while, then once I've got my full license I can officially start training (more on that in a bit).

I was a bit surprised with what the guy was saying, with regards the paramedics often going out on their own. I'd always thought it was a bit of a team thing, not only for safety but just general logic I suppose - I never see an ambo on their own. But, as it happens. Because it's a rural community and there aren't many ambo people, it is the norm to take the ambulance out by yourself to a call out, more often than not.
I was a little dubious about that part, suddenly losing confidence in my abilities to handle an emergency on my own, but that would only occur after I'd trained for a year. So there'd be no chance of being thrown into the deep end too soon, I'm sure.

I cannot start my training until I've got my full license, as the first step is a driving course. I can't get my full license until at least May, as all the test stations are fully booked! They can't even take early bookings, as NZTA won't let them - ridiculous much?? So I have my eye certificate (more on that soon) and it only lasts 60 days. Brilliant. Fingers crossed when I do manage to actually sit it, I'll pass it first go - the inconvenience would be intolerable!

Last Tuesday I got my eye certificate, and discovered my script has changed slightly.  Sometime I'll have to update my glasses as my right eye has gotten worse. I got my glasses five years ago, at this rate soon enough I'll definitely need my glasses for driving! Eek, but the cool part is being able to update the frames at the same time, I'm kinda bored of my 15 year old decision now lol

This Tuesday coming I have the joy of going back to the dentist to have two wisdom teeth removed. I'm pretty sure I'll walk out with stitches in at least one of the holes, so I'm not particularly looking forward to it. I had the option of having an IV sedation to make me drowsy, but I decided that I'd take the pain instead of losing so much more money, it's going to be expensive enough as it is - although at least it's a long term investment, if there are any positives to mention! I figured that since I've got four days off afterwards, and since I did have the money and the specialist was coming up, just to get it over and done with. Rather than do it in winter....

Oh and silly me tried to attempt breaking her arm yesterday! I'm pretty sure it's just bruised muscle, but it's still sore...I was hitting the cows up with my hand on their rumps - as you do quite often in the pit, and aimed a little off and bashed my arm down on the bum rail (yip, that's what it's referred to, lol). I hit it just below my elbow, sending a nasty electric shock like feeling up my whole arm. I've been struck with an eight thousand volt fence before, and it felt pretty similar - horrible. I don't often injure myself, and my pain threshold is generally very high, so I just ignored it. Went to carry on milking and had sharp pains shooting through my whole arm. No bruises were showing up, but Nick sent me off to put it on the vat to cool it down - getting me out of the rest of milking. Man, it hurt! Later, Mum was like....wait, you did this to yourself?? Not even kicked by a cow! Golly gee.

It was sore for the rest of the night, twisting it certain ways brought back the pangs and lifting some things or bumping my elbow. Today, no swelling, no bruising (what?!), not too sore, just here and there. I've skipped out on my 4pm milking, Nick's doing it. But I've gotta milk at 6pm - hopefully lifting the cups won't be too much of a big deal to it, as I've got all weekend to work...getting myself a broken arm or something silly like that (on my right arm, of all the choices...) at this time of year would be less than ideal. Yes, milking is slowing right down, I've got about 4 more weeks of booked work to go, but still. Definitely not cool, for the girl who never injures herself :P
I think the most annoying thing is that my arm just has not bruised, I want to be able to prove I'm not this wuss that hit her arm, I want black and blue bruising! lol

I need some better work stories!! Only in New Zealand :P


  1. Oooh, St John! That'll be fun!!! Any chance of you flying with the Rescue Chopper? That'd make being thrown in the deep end worth it...

    Better work stories... Just YT "Only in Russia", what else do you need?

    1. Only in Russia...yeah I've seen far too many videos relating to the goings on of Russia lol :P Flying with the rescue chopper...not at this stage! I'm gonna get the ambo deal sorted out before I even think of that one lol. Talk to me in ten years, if I'm still volunteering or doing something similar, it must be what I need to do :)

  2. Ouch! That sounds sore. Hope it's not too bad. Cow injuries are always some of the worse.

    Wisdom teeth problems, huh? I won't go on about how mine are coming through straight... :P

    1. Yep it was! Tis alright now though - never bruised even slightly though. Infuriating...

      Wisdom teeth problems, yes! Unfortunately the dentists cancelled on me so they never got done. I don't have any more time off now so won't be able to do them. Although I think I won't bother until they're causing actual problems. Yours coming through straight - lucky you! :D