Wednesday, 11 March 2015

A Miriam Moment ;)

I'm not sure whether I ever mentioned my new regional role in the Young Farmers. I was elected the Publicity Officer for the entire Northland region (five clubs) and I basically am in charge of publicity for events, getting hold of newspapers, advertising etc etc etc for all five clubs. However already I'm frustrated!
I get asked to do things, to work with the chairmen and the local Teen Ag clubs, do this and do that. Been given suggestions and told to contact people and that I'd be given the information - yet the information is never provided and sometimes I'm not sure whether I'm actually supposed to be doing something, or not. Or whether talking to a few different people about the same matter may tangle a few strings, I'm not sure....anyway I was asked to coincide with our regional secretary who has all the contacts and information to converse with the chairmen about our fencing competition. Thus to try and encourage members to sign up. However other people are now organising and I was never given the details to pass along the lines - it's confusing and awkward as I don't want to ruffle feathers on people if it turns out I'm not meant to have anything to do with this that or the other in my role. Like, seriously! Give me a job description or something and follow up on emails!
     I don't want to keep saying, oi, you're supposed to be contacting me - I hate to constantly remind people to do their job when they just aren't doing it, which makes it exceptionally awkward....there is also the concern that come the next regional meeting in April someone may remind me that I'm meant to be doing certain things - but how can I do them if I'm just not told??? :O

Youth group is back on tonight, it actually began two Fridays' ago where we met up at the school pool, had a swim and then went back to the leaders' house for dinner and a catch up. Not many people went along to that, but it was good. Last Wednesday was our first Bible study night and I was the only one who showed up...which was pretty flippen shocking. There wasn't a text sent out, but you'd think that when a text is sent out about a week earlier talking about kick starting the year, people would get the idea (not that many people come anyway).
This time round I put up a post on the facebook page, reminding them it was on, saying that I saw a bag of food last week (for encouragement) and suggesting that I'd possibly bring along my youth group famous choc brownie. I also said that the leaders are going to be keen on suggestions, but I'll get back to that....
Anywho, the text was sent out as well, and the person mentioned I may bring along a brownie (dropping me in it to those who aren't online, so I had no choice but to make it lol) and I've just completely stuffed it up! Oops!! I had a 1/2 cup and a 1/3 cup beside each other and accidentally used the wrong one...kinda wondered why the mixture was a tad runny. Then later realised, when it was cooking that it was not one cup of flour and one cup coconut, but 2/3s of each...ooohhhh no! Looks like I had a Miriam moment ;)
I'm gonna make another one and leave that one for us, as it looks OK but I know it's definitely not the right consistency and don't want it tasting really bad hehe.....

Our Youth leaders are quite well aware that youth isn't flying in a very good direction, especially as we often have only a few people turn up. So last week we were discussing possible new options for it. They spoke of what they used to do, a club called 180 where they'd often have a hundred youth turn up. I think it was just a place to hang and have fun, meet people etc and keep kids off the street, but they brought them in. Now they're considering a "youth cafe" that would run 4 days a week for certain hours after school, that would be a place to hang out, play pool and games and suchforth, where it could be considered "youth group" but with the promise to not be preached at so to speak.

Leaving one definite bible study night a week available, that people didn't need to feel obliged to come to, but the dedicated kids would. The leaders are kinda feeling that perhaps they're a tad on the old side (they're definitely not) but they love hanging with the teens - they're just disappointed that nobody comes along anymore. Tonight should hopefully begin something good!

Next week is going to be a busy one...I'm booked in for the dentist on Monday (eeek!) I try not to be nervous but the thought always worries me. One the pain, two, the cost...but hey.
     I've been having wisdom teeth pain again, possibly due to lots of movement and figured I'd just go in for a check up to see how they're going, praying for no holes though! o.O
     I know I'm going to have to have them out, but I'm getting a little squirmy about it...Having lots of headaches though and a foul taste in my mouth, which may be to do with them or maybe hayfever and possibly the touch of a cold starting - you know the horrible feeling in the back of your throat when it starts??

Tuesday I'm booked in for a check up at Specsavers, that's also nerve racking. The horrible thought that my sight may be getting worse, I don't see why it would be. And just the general drama of it getting done, I find it really weird! For those friends with sight issues, you know when they shine the torch in the sides of your eyes? Well for me, it's really disconcerting - especially as the old guy puts his whole face right up to look, and yeah - personal space exploited! Lol the last two times it looks so jolly weird, as the guy makes funny expressions in concentration (right in front of me) and I'm sitting there trying not to burst out laughing - it's really awkward! I'm only going there for the license certificate, so I can book in for my full - which I can now officially apply for. Now that, is something I definitely don't want to talk about!

A note to leave you on - Take Me To The Church. Somebody told me he really liked the song, then watched the music video and was horrified. Saying it's really evil, with murders and whatnot. I was like, seriously?? So we saw the music video yesterday, and I'm now seriously's not evil? Not in my eyes anyway. The video itself is confusing, from what we get from it it's about this gay couple being hated by the anti's -yes, the video doesn't go with the song (in my opinion) but no murder and no evilness. I'll leave you with it to decide...let me know your thoughts on it...


  1. Lol we just cancelled this year's dentist appt for me :P I got xrays and stuff done last year before I turned 18 and now I'm gonna put things off for a year . . . better look for a good job haha :P
    And yeah, pretty sure optometrists don't know about personal space! haha

    1. I know aye? You walk in there, have them poke and prod etc. Walk out five minutes later (hopefully) and (well for me) pay $65! No wonder dentists' are generally known as well off :)

      Yep, they certainly don't ;P

  2. Interesting song/video... They definitely seem a bit unrelated... Like Brooke Fraser's Pshyco Social, tbh. Kinda seems pretty weird really. Like you say, anti-gays attacking a gay couple. I think the guy at the end is supposed to be watching them murdering his friend, so that would be where the murder comes in. Evil, well anti-gays might say that homosexuality is evil, pro-gays might say that attacking them is evil. Depends on your friend's viewpoint really... To call it evil in my eyes is a bit OTT, it's more just weird, kinda... :/

    1. Agreed in general. It's just plain weird. Cool song though.

    2. Yeah, I agree, definitely like the song.

  3. And then there's this:
    Show's you where he's coming from I guess... Permission to say the metaphor is somewhat lost on me???

    1. Although, I can't even say I understand that much really... I mean, he's frustrated with the Catholic Church's stance on homosexuality, which means he must be against it, because the Catholic Church is for it... Yet, I would have said the video was also for it, so, yeah... Does anyone else get confused by that?

    2. Yep, let's just say the entire thing is just confusing in general?!

    3. Yeah, agreed!