Saturday, 25 April 2015

RNZ Navy

I'm desperately trying to think of what's been happening...but I really can't think of anything. This past week has been a week of feeling super busy, yet not actually achieving anything at all.  Time seems to be whizzing along now and there appears to be no way of stopping it - maybe that's just life, huh?

I've only got three more booked milkings for the season, and thank goodness for that - as milking has gotten really tedious, especially at some places. Although where I'm working currently isn't that bad, as it's a late start and only an hours work, morning only - crazy aye?
However now things have gotten to the stage where I have to "hurry up" and decide what I want to do with my life, which is kinda difficult. Dad says to decide sooner, Mum says to let it come to me when it does. The problem is, I've no clue. I can't just jump on the internet and search up, "best career choice for *insert name here*" it doesn't work like that. And when you've had your sights set on ONE THING for five years, it's kinda hard to look in other places as I feel like I have to change my whole personality to even consider these options. So life is pretty darn fun at the moment! Not.

My parents don't want me to be some guys wife and a mother to a brood of brats (well that's how I see it) and nor do I - but that doesn't mean it's out of the question for my whole life. I want to get somewhere sure, but I don't want to be living my life dependent on getting all the money I can suck from the world. I do actually want to live. I dunno, life is complicated. I don't want to be farming for the rest of my life, but I hate working indoors doing office work and what have you. So there, I've no idea.

On Saturday we went out for dinner (AKA nibbles) at the Young Farmers regional comp evening show, one lady Mum was speaking to gave me a little bit of an idea, although I know my parents would completely disagree with it. One of her kids is a medic in the Navy, the most ideal job, paid to study etc and paid well. And it got me thinking....well put it this way, I googled it today and if I were to consider it, a full time Recruit gets paid jolly well and the description is interesting.
There is a tonne of training in so many aspects, especially fitness, and studying in Christchurch and Devonport. Being a medic on board the ships, in natural disasters, overseas etc.

I dunno, it seems like something I could love doing, traveling, being part of a ships' crew, being a medic. I may not love the ocean all that much, but I loved the atmosphere of the Tucker Thompson - how different could it be, other than being on a larger scale with more importance? And Mum and Dad always wanted me to be a doctor, how is this any different? I'm sorta figuring, I'll spend a year with St Johns, and go from there - If I love it or if I hate it, I'll soon know. And then I might just apply - but we'll see. Talk to me in a year's time.

Funny that I'm thinking about this on Anzac Day though....


  1. do you think you would love it? anything you do has to be something you enjoy doing otherwise pointless. And get out there and travel and do things before settling down. I had my oldest at 24 years old and even I think that was too young now...

  2. Hmmm, you've probably heard this alot, sorry if your sick of it, but have you done the career's quest on the careers website? Not that it is the "be all an end all" of good career options, but in your top 25, is there *anything* inspiring?
    With the Navy, it could be fun, but I also know a lot of people seem to think our navy is getting a bit outdated, with only frigates as our real "ships" now, and low quality ones at that. Not that I'm trying to put a dampener on things, I mean, it would still be an awesome career from the point of view that you'd get to see a huge amount of the world, likely, we literally just had a guy visit who did nine years, and he doesn't regret it in the slightest. But, hey, different people, different things. He was closer to a marine than a doctor... :P Actually, one though came to me, random thought of the day, what about working on one of those mercy ships? They always use doctors, and do tonnes of aid relief, although when I think about it, they probs don't pay as well, and don't give you as much training. But just putting it out there...
    Haha Amy, my cousin has numero 2 coming up, and she's only slightly past 20... :P Haha, I guess it depends on what you want to do with your life. Some people see marriage/housewife/children/anything-of-that-sort as "settling down", others see it as just a whole new adventure... Depends a lot on what you were brought up with I suppose.