Thursday, 15 October 2015

A Play On Words

The days are passing by, quickly and surely. I while away my days doing next to nothing in some cases. Remember when I was frustrated from having too much work to do? Now I've got work, just not that much of it. I know it sounds petty, but it can get annoying when the other relief milkers get more work than me. It is amusing though, to a point, when they try to tell me how to run a cowshed that I've been milking in for more than a year now. It's like, I smile and nod OK, but underneath my blood is boiling because this is my cowshed, and it has been stolen off of me. But life moves on.

Although I don't have too much work in the way of milking, I'm enjoying the time spent elsewhere. I've been helping fence off a few gardens and get all of today, and tomorrow, off work. Which is nice, I spend time at home, sleeping in while I've got the chance and spending some time with my Pippa. I'm sure she appreciates me not going anywhere for a change, well I hope she appreciates it - because she sure doesn't appreciate me going out anywhere, even if it is to make money to pay for her food. She's a lovely cat though, I don't know what I'd do without her. I say, as she's snuggled up asleep next to me, with her (toy) mouse. Haha

Nonetheless, it's quite nice to stay at home, spending hours at my laptop replying to an email today. It takes forever, there's lots to say! While I also marvel at the fact that although my study needs doing, I have no pressure to study for exams this year - believe me, I drive past the school often and remember those times of needing to drive myself there (that is torture in itself, rather than being dropped off), get out of the car and walk that long walk over to the auditorium. Stressful occasion it was, never to be repeated.
It somewhat makes me wonder, that. If I ever had kids (I'm thinking like long distance future thoughts lol) whether I'd send them to school so it'd be normality to them. Or would I homeschool them, and skip exams. Or make them do exams, and suffer those death stares as they walk into a new territory, armed with a plastic bag, a couple pens, and an admission slip? Interesting dilemma, although if I were to rewind the past, I wouldn't have a clue which option I'd prefer in a perfect world!!
Sheesh, these days off are making me slightly poetic and philosophical feeling. I often feel the urge to go into the spare room and start up my keyboard, play a few jigs. Or maybe pull out my craft gear, and get back into the cross stitch that I started a couple years ago - or maybe even start scrapbooking again? What would I scrapbook though? Pippa? There's an idea, although to do the scrapbooking justice, you need pictures. And to get pictures will mean going to town and printing some off - that's where procrastination steps in and takes over! Procrastination could seriously rule the world if it wanted to, wouldn't you think?

I'm back into reading again - quite nice, since I haven't read a book since about 6 months or so ago. It feels nice to lose myself, until one sits outside on her beanbag in the sun for hours on end - and burns her knees. I always considered myself a clever soul! The author is great - Diane Chamberlain. She's one of my favourite authors on my Kobo, except in the odd occasion where her books leave nothing to the imagination...but in general, they're good books. Flicking between the two main characters, often going back in time. Mum says she'd hate a book like that, I enjoy it, it keeps me on my toes and helps to plan for the events that will come. I find myself predicting some "shocking" revelation, which in many cases would annoy me - having a book that was too predictable. But it's nice to just read and forget about the world around me.

This post is so unusual for me.


  1. Oh, yes, that all sounds very philosophical. I'm definitely going to be homeschooling my kids. And to be honest, while I understand that exams for some people can be really stressful or unnerving, I find I'm only stressed right up until the day of my exam and then it's sort of like, what will be will be and there's not a heck of a lot I can do about it except give it a crack. I would like my kids to get used to that big test/exam type atmosphere in case they end up going to uni or whatnot. It would be beneficial to get them used to that sort of stress. Although, that said, I wouldn't make my kids do exams if they are in the same situation as I was for the first couple years of my Te Kura career, where they've come in late with exams just around the corner.

    1. Yeah I agree, I stressed up until the exam started. Then, when the bell went I was just - blank. Emotionless. Letting what would happen, happen. Like you say. And yeah, it's good early preparation for the trials and tests in life - for sure! It's that whole - this is what happens when you grow up, you have to experience these things to truly live.

    2. Haha, how to educate your kids... I'd say, don't stress about it overly, provided you have a husband or something, he might have some ideas too... :P
      For me, it was easier actually knowing some of the other boys there, so I could just talk to them and not worry about everyone else. Or send them to a school without uniform, that'll help them... :P
      I think the biggest stress around exams can be expectations. For me, having all those weighing on me, it was hard to not be trying so hard to not muck up, that I just mucked up. I dunno, let them know loud and clear that you love them no matter what, and pass or fail, you'll still love them. Or, if you really just want them to pass and don't want them to fail, then just tell them to pass or they don't get dinner for a week. :P

      I would do my part to help stop procrastination taking over the world, but I really can't be bothered sorry... :P

    3. No dinner for a week. Lol. You'd be a great parent haha :P

    4. Procrastinators unite!... tomorrow.

    5. I will consider replying...when I feel like it ;)

    6. Haha, yeah, I'd be a great parent aye? Just as well that looks a wee way off... :P

      Tomorrow, the day after, yeah, sometime.