Monday, 19 October 2015

A Poem

So I don't listen to Life FM, but I have liked them on Facebook. They've been having lots of discussions about mental illness lately. And today I got a bit bored and came up with this...I'm no poet, and it's not about me. But it just, happened? Mechanically?

Farming is life, as we know it,
It keeps the world spinning around.
Everything is lively, happy, great,
Then things start looking down.

No-one is happy - everyone's stressed,
It passes to family and friend.
It is contagious, difficult to stop,
And for some, life comes to an end.

It is pushing and shoving, forcing its weight,
Opens its mouth and releases the germs.
It doesn't show on our skin or bones,
It is the depths of our soul it burns.

We fight and we struggle as it tears at the seams,
We often lose and give up.
The battle is long, fierce and tough,
For many it can be too much.

A torrent of storms in your heart,
As everyone else looks on.
Too preoccupied with their own lives,
Nobody hears your song.

A life of depression, mental anxiety,
Or something else wrong within.
No-one can see it, they will not know,
Until they can walk in your skin.

Many an angel, passed away,
Spent their life crying out.
No-one could hear, they could not listen,
No-one could hear their shout.

It is important to know it is not the fault,
Of the dead or the living.
This is something we should learn from,
Just like a funeral is for the living.

We are people, we are a community,
We have the world in our hands.
We need to find justice against this curse,
And help others to understand.

And that is the end. I guess my mental pen ran out. No idea where this came from though, just slipped out!!!


  1. I like it. It's kinda got 2 levels, the surface one, which is kinda obvious, but also goes a bit deeper the harder you look... I definitely like it though, you should do more poetry, you know... Although, I guess, stuff like this, you don't just sit down and decide to write, it more just appears of its own accord...

    Oh, and it rhymes. Poems that don't rhyme just get me, I can never get anything out of them...

    1. Thanks :) I'd love to do more poetry but I just can't. It's like a mental block, until suddenly I need a pen and paper, like, now! You read about authors and such waking up in the middle of the night with a diagram of something mapped out. If you don't write it down, it's gone just like that...
      So yeah if I could, I would!

      And yeah, it's the lack of rhythm that annoys me about unrhyming poems. Or the change in stanzas from say 1&3 to 2&4 rhyming...yeah

    2. Haha, that's fine, I understadn that. I'm similar, although not to a huge extent. I might get motivated to write a few lines, but then run out pretty quick, and never seem to get motivated to go back into it. Or I'm motivated for days to do someting, then lose motivation the second I actually have time to do it... :P

      Yeah, changing stanzas and ruined rhythym, it ruins things. Like, yours, it has flow, so you can just glide through it, and take in the meaning. If there's no flow, you're so busy trying to follow it that you just lose the meaning. For me, anyway...

      And, and with Life FM... I loved that post about helpful advice, I think it was... Because its just so true!!! :P

    3. Hehe is that procrastination talking?!

      Yeah, it just gets confusing and you forget what you've previously read. And then yeah you don't get the full meaning out of it.

      Helpful advice post? What was that?

    4. Ohh that helpful advice post, lol I had to hunt it down again. Definitely true....But, you saw it?

    5. Hmmm, procrastination, maybe, but more just, when you're not inspired, you're not inspired. With work, you can force yourself to work, but creativity, it either comes, or it doesn't. In my experience/opinion, anyway... :P

      Yeah, that one. I agree, I know too many people who do that... And yeah, I can see that, its an open page, so anyone can see it. I just can't like or comment or anything...

    6. True, inspiration doesn't often come in very large doses huh?

      Ah right I have never looked without logging on lol