Monday, 31 August 2015


So, it's been a while since I first got my Pipsqueak, as you all know. But I don't think I've ever really done a post about just her - so here you go!

First day!

Miniature Piglet....

This is a small kid sized couch...

With Uncle Miller :)

Shoe obsession begun at a very early age...


Bumble - her very first teddy...and my(her) beanbag and my (her) blankey

In desperate need of a selfie stick ;)

Loves her Bumble

Obsession with the dryer...

I love it when she sleeps

The day I stole a teddy off Nana,(my mum lol) and took it upstairs

Now I've stolen TWO teddies!
Mum found her fast asleep in a (thankfully) empty fruit basket early one morning, the old saying - if it fits, I sits is appropriate here, I think.

I'm taking my frustration out on Teddy, Just because Teddy is getting ripped to pieces doesn't mean I don't love him...

Apologies for the blurry pictures - I'm no photographer! And it's hard to get good pictures of someone who is either constantly on the move, or fast asleep. I've always wanted to get a video of her scratching, as she can't hold her tongue in at the same time. You see her have a good scratch, and then wonder around with her tongue hanging out - then you tell her, and my gosh she looks so embarrassed, it's super cute! hehe

It's hard to believe she started out as this 3 week old, flea-ridden, 300 gram bundle of bones with a skinny little rats tail thing and ears and eyes that were far too big for her head. She would always be snuggled into my neck, fast asleep.
Now, she's an 8 month old monster who still has the odd flea - as frustratingly, she reacts to every treatment we've tried on her (like, really?!) She's an independent little ratbag who spends most of her days sleeping, or attacking me. Who has destroyed my phone charger cable, and as it happens, the cable that runs from the TV to the speaker which I've now got to somehow replace.

But she's the sweetest little thing, constantly expressing that I am definitely her "person" as I come home from work to find her running high speed down the stairs, squeaking that I'm home, purring and smooching, telling me all about her day even though I've been gone only a couple of hours. Then later on she'll jump on my lap, and just to show how much she cares, she grabs hold of my leg with both paws, claws included, and bites my knee. If that's not love, I don't know what is! (notice the sarcasm?)
But she's great, because she's happy to spend time with everyone, she has cuddles with Mum, spends time with Nick and the "red dot", or shows Nick she cares by attacking his feet during dinner. Then she'll give Dad the most adoring looks, and spends time with him too.

She sits on command, I didn't even need to teach her - she taught herself. She steals her lollies, takes water from the poor, defenseless Cyclamen plants we have on the bench, and will rip their leaves up too if she's bored - extra nutrition and all that. Sleeps anywhere and everywhere, and often attends cooking and baking classes. AKA, she sits on the windowsill section of the bench, that runs in between the kitchen and lounge (see that basket picture). She's not "technically" on the bench, so she's allowed. From there she gets to watch Mum and I sort dinner, or baking, or whatever we're doing - she's a good student, learns heaps, doesn't take any food when you turn away. Next term she'll learn how to wash and dry the dishes, one hopes!


  1. lol, cute cat, I have to admit, even for a dog person... :P
    Hehe, a very mischievous cat too, about the same sort of stories that lead to our cats being banned from the house!!! :P At least she doesn't bring dead creatures in. I hope?

    And I have never seen a cat take to teddy bears so much! She seriously has a complex!

    1. Hey, what can I say, she takes after me ;P lol
      We all love cats far too much, we could never kick them out of the house permanently - only for 24 hours or so, max.
      Doesn't bring in dead creatures, thankfully. She's not often outside, so hunts nothing much else but our feet :P

      I'm not too sure about the teddies aye...I think she just got attached to them, they would give her some company I suppose when we weren't often home for a few hours. And then, suddenly she's got a toy box and a heap of extras. She's not too attached to the teddies lately, but she used to always sleep with them - run upstairs with them in her mouth and all that.
      Where would I be without her though, I have no clue! :)

  2. Aww cutie...haha.

    Do you know of any more kittens lol? Know that we're looking for one we can't find any :P

    1. You can't find any, really?! Wow, I'm surprised there's usually always kittens around being advertised somewhere...