Monday, 17 August 2015

Seriously considering turning into a cat...

Quite seriously, that is. All they do is sleep, eat and play all day - save for having to go outside in the rain, and their stupid ideas about eating mice and birds etc. All I want to do is sleep!

I'm likely going to jinx it, and you'll hear about it if I do, but I'm seriously glad to have not gotten sick again this winter/spring, but the pollen allergies is driving me to distraction. We're all allergic to pollen, so sneezing and such all day long and waking up with swollen, itchy eyes sucks. Usually I'll have the odd antihistamine here and there to calm it, but even though they say they're 'non-drowsy' I get super tired 90% of the time - probably doesn't help that I'm tired in general!
So off we went to the pharmacy and were advised to try a new kind, "definitely won't make you tired, and it works the best".....hahaha, you got us! What a rip off too, more expensive for less product, and we're all getting zonked out with no lasting affects of what it's actually meant to be doing - if I wanted sleeping pills, I'd buy them, I mean come on! I had one of these "life-saver" tablets at about 6 last night, was asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow and I didn't wake once - unusual, and currently nearly 24 hours later I can barely keep my eyes open.
It definitely makes for driving, and working, quite interesting that's for sure...and I'm back to the shop floor in about half an is fabulous! (sarcasm lol)

Super busy with work, trying to finish my study that I'm behind in, although I'm actually learning a lot more than I expected. And I'm considering asking some people I know if they can teach me how to show cattle. After seeing it on Country Calendar the other night, I've been somewhat reminded of how keen I was to do it. Just so happens that the person I know doing it lives literally just down the road - might update on this further once I talk to her.


  1. You tried Telfast? Take it daily for awhile, and after a week it starts to build an immunity to hayfever and such, for as long as you take them. Works for some, anyway, but just another suggestion...

    1. I think we've tried most of them, but I'm not too keen on taking them constantly unless I actually need to...

    2. Yeah, taking drugs continuously is not something I hurry to do, but sometimes like for hayfever, I just think, damned if I do, damned if I don't, if you know what I mean...

    3. haha yeah, something like that :P