Monday, 10 March 2014

Decisons Decisions...should never have searched Google images for lambs! Too cute!

I have been doing so many milkings, it's just not funny. This weekend I worked twice a day each day, for about 7 hours each day all up. One of the people there were sick, so I had to help them out again this morning, now somebody else is sick so I have to help them out tomorrow morning as well. I also did a one off milking this afternoon. Not that I'm complaining, I certainly don't mind doing the work. And the calves are cute, so hey!

     Agriculture is frustrating me at the moment, the things you need to do for it! Every week I need to go online or through newspapers and find relevant information on lambs and apples for 12 different market forces. So I need to search for articles on promotions, or sudden climatic events or market trends to name a few.
     But the stupid thing is, there is hardly anything on lamb and apples. For instance we get ag newspapers every week - the Straight Furrow, Dairy Man, Dairy News, and I think there may be one more as well, however they're all about dairy. And they all have the same stories! Heck, there are even the exact same advertisements...So you really have to wonder... Right now I need to find two advertisements on primary products. It doesn't mention lamb/apples specifically or what kind of advertisements they have to be. For all   I know I could get it from an ag magazine or a supermarket catalogue. So it's rather difficult and mind boggling as to what they are wanting.
     I've got one advertisement on a big Ram auction, but I'm a little confused whether a ram would get away with being a primary product...I should probably call my teacher but I don't really want to sound stupid if it is obvious!

     In the end I gave up with ag/hort and continued to write and edit my CV and application letter for these science events. Golly I'm certainly glad I didn't find out last minute because it's taking forever! But at least I got some done, which makes me a little happier. Who knew these things could be so hard? If I had an English teacher this year I might've been able to send her the CV for her to check, but as I've finished English I don't think I'd get away with it very

     I got a lovely surprise in my email inbox today - an invite as a biology student to join a live chat room next Thursday on a LENS Webinar. A world renowned Professor Robert Winston is doing a seminar and the topic is Reproductive Technologies: An Issue for Our Time. I think it's on IVF, and NZ and Cook Island biology students are able to take part in the live chat and have the chance to ask questions and whatnot, just like being in a normal scientific lecture. Hopefully it's pretty interesting! I'll say on here after Thursday if it was.

On Friday - depending on the weather since the lovely Tropical Cyclone is on it's way - we've got our first fun event for youth group. It's called Spot da Loon. Similar to spotlight, it's at night, we team up in groups of three or four and take a tyre tube each. Then we're given instructions and have free rein to run around town acting loony with our tyre tubes....ok maybe not.
     The idea is that one of the leaders hides a couple prizes, generally in the park and they're usually a bag of lollies, we have to make our way to the park to find the prizes while the leaders and spotters are driving around in cars with spotlights. If we see them we have to be all sitting on the tyre tube when they shine the light, otherwise we're penalised and have to go back to the beginning.
     Our entire team has to make our way to the park and find the prizes and try not to get spotted off the tube. It's actually really fun! Last year when we did it I said, "can you imagine the people when they go back and look at their security footage?!" Because they'd see a heap of teenagers sneaking around town in the shadows, looking extremely suspicious carrying massive black tyre tubes! Every so often we randomly all sit down on it in a big rush and then run off again.
     In previous years they've used couches, so I think it's way more easier hauling a tube around rather than carrying a massive, heavy couch! Could you even try to imagine sneaking around with a couch anyway? No, I couldn't either... But the looks that random people on the street give you...priceless!

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