Saturday, 15 March 2014


I Survived Cyclone Lusi, this is a new page somebody has created on Facebook. I kid you not. Seriously though, every time some new "event" happens somebody has to make a page about it and heaps of new memes to go on it. I really wonder what the big deal is, I mean, it's just a storm.

Speaking of Lusi though, we haven't had any damage as of yet, thankfully. Other than a few little tree branches coming down, a couple of short power cuts and 30mm of rain we really haven't had anything. But I guess that status might change tomorrow. You never can tell!
     I felt like a drowned rat this morning at milking, even with my wet weather gear I still got pretty soaked. Especially as I had to get the second herd in right as it started bucketing down. It sure was a jolly good time!
     Spot the Loon was canceled last night, our youth leader decided it wasn't worth battling Lusi as she wasn't being very forthcoming in an agreement. So we had to reschedule for next Saturday, fingers crossed the weather is a little bit more pleasant come then! Although I did drive up to my friends' place for the afternoon, it's always great to catch up with her even for a short time. I hadn't seen her since my birthday which was nearly three months ago! :O So we just hung out, watched a DVD and had delicious homemade pizza for dinner, then I came back home at eight just as the weather was setting in.
     Having a drivers license really does give me more independence. What on Earth would I do without it?!

Recently I've developed an odd enjoyment for Statistics. For a person who doesn't really love maths all that much I'm pleasantly surprised. Although, it is pretty easy as I'm working off OTLE instead of the booklet. All it is is watching half hour presentations the teachers have made on Excel, take the practice spreadsheet with all of the data, do a few equations like working out the moving means, making a graph and forecasting the next four quarters. So it's really quite simple and more focused on making sure I type in the correct numbers and not mess up the cells.
     After making the odd error or two, it is a bit unfortunate to have to wipe all of the new data I've made and start from the beginning to figure out where I went wrong. However after three practice sheets and watching the presentations, I've come to the conclusion that in the fourth quarter - Christmas period, people seriously do buy more alcohol and groceries. It's pretty easy to guess, but if those were real statistics then it's quite scary looking at the sudden increases.
     The online Chemistry tutorials are in full swing now and are every Tuesday afternoon and next Wednesday the Biology tutorial start up their weekly occurrence. It's good having the tutorials because it keeps us up to date with the workload and helps us understand things better. Some people probably think homeschooled or correspondence students must have it so hard, but really with all of these tutorials and prerecorded presentations, it's a heck of a lot easier! We get to see a teacher every week, have them explain things properly and if we don't get it, or if we don't remember it it's pretty simple to re-watch the recording as and when we please. Somehow I think if somebody were to set up a video camera in a public school class the teacher wouldn't be all that impressed :D

I was disappointed on Thursday as I missed being able to watch the live webinar I mentioned. All it came down to was not receiving the login details I needed to participate in it, evidently meaning there was no way to view it. As it turns out I wasn't the only student who never got the login details. However I've now had a thought that maybe too many students and teachers applied to watch it? Maybe there was only a certain number of participants that the system could hold, so the later applicants simply had to miss out? I know, it does seem a bit far fetched.

The days are slowly getting shorter now, daylight savings is gonna end soon. I think every year they extend it, because it always seems to be a week later than normal....


  1. Ha! I knew someone from our group (besides me) would surrender to the stats!

    1. haha for now it's cos it is so simple :P

  2. Lolz we homeschoolers so have it better!! ;) :P