Saturday, 29 March 2014

"Wasps don't make beelines" ~ my brother (lol)

Yesterday Mum and I did the groceries. Exciting huh? I remember, nearly five years ago in fact, Mum and I being super excited that just the two of us could go shopping together without the guys. No offense to Dad, but we've both agreed he's frustrating to do the grocery shopping with! Mum had this particular thing about driving north or south to do the groceries and having to drive a particular section of road that she wasn't keen on driving on. But when we moved north, Mum had to conquer that road section, which she did, and so we got to go on shopping trips!
     I would say that it was totally awesome, other than the fact that we both hate shopping. I think we can go for about an hour on general shopping and then we're bored, sick of the people, sick of the crazy high prices and just plain over it. Yup, we aren't shoppers. If we won a shopping spree somewhere we'd probably give it to somebody else! At first, going to do the groceries, getting off the farm - it was Heaven! After a couple trips though it started to wear a bit thin to the point where we'd look in the cupboards and groan because we had to go out again. It was jolly painful!
     However since we moved back to where we originally were, we've been skiving out of the now hour long drive north to go to Pak'n'Save and instead drove half an hour south to Countdown. But I've been craving a trip out of the local area, so yesterday we opted to go to Pak'n'Save instead. Typically, once we got there we probably both considered turning around and going home, but we did it. Eventually. About half way through I was hit with sudden nausea and felt like I'd throw up on the spot. Not the best idea when you're in a supermarket aye? On the way back I was feeling really cold, tired and nauseous. So weird! I can't understand it now. Once we were home I pretty much just lay on the couch, with a cold flannel on my head, my face burning hot and the rest of me was freezing. I had my pillow-pet (AKA Frodo our cat) snuggled into me, and my blanket, yet still I froze. Eventually Mum sent me to bed, where thankfully I slept it off. Only waking up to a headache - probably from only eating breakfast the day before. I still get the odd feeling of nausea every so often, but nothing like yesterday. Totally can't understand what the heck was going on though - I'm not one to get sick like that...

I'm looking forward to tomorrow - my last two milkings until next weekend, fingers crossed. No, seriously though, I'm so sick of milkings, especially this one place where I've milked there now two weekends in a row, plus quite a few milkings during the week. And I'm due back there next weekend. What's the bet I'll be called back before then though?
     The problem is that nobody else will do it, Mum can't because she can't do the calf feeding because she still can't lift heavy things (although she is there in the afternoons this weekend, because they were desperate) Dad and my brother also won't go because of the calf feeding. They hate dealing with calves, so it's me who always has to go. Ok, so I don't mind the work, it's not hard, but it's just so continuous at the moment. It's usually just every fortnight that I go there, but soon to be three weekends in a row, plus extras, it's driving me mad!

My Grandad - on Dad's side - is coming up on the 10th of April. It's a little bit different with him, I mean, we never see him for years at a time. Not for any reasons so to speak, other than the fact that we don't have time to go south to see him, and he never has time to come north to visit us. Therefore I never quite know what to expect. It must be about 5-6 years since I last saw him. Anyway, he's coming up to help Dad out with some work as we've gotten tonnes of fencing jobs suddenly and we're running out of time to finish them before the winter. A lot of them are just small, lifestyle block fences that he can do on his own. It's great that he's a good fencer like Dad. So it'll be good to see him, get some of the work done faster and give Dad a little peace of mind that he's not falling behind with all of the bookings.
     And he might be another person we can offload some potatoes to. Dad thinks we've got a couple hundred kilo's still to harvest, and the ones we've already pulled are coming out of our ears! I honestly don't think we'll make the same error of judgement and plant as many next season, but hey, no need to buy potatoes during the winter. As it happens to be the time when we eat them the most.

Now I'll leave my readers with the same mystery we're facing - do we have a swarm of wasps or bees? Our big willow tree in the driveway has been buzzing for months, and a friend said it'd be honey bees eating the honeysap (?) that the aphids were leaving, as the bees are starving at the moment.
     However after googling it we were a little perplexed about the whole thing. As bees - of some sort, I don't know - apparently live in holes in the ground, but we've had no idea where said hole could be. So we guessed it must be under the tree somewhere - or they were traveling. Until tonight when Dad was weed-eating and found a hole underneath a big flax, where "insects" -bees/wasps/somethings - were going back and forth from. He thought they were bees, but after taking some pictures and zooming in on the computer, he wonders whether they are bees or instead wasps? No clue, whatsoever. Anywho, I'm staying clear of them. I'm not particularly fond of anything that buzzes....


  1. Poor you. Feeling better? :( I bet you're getting really sick of milking. We'll have to ship you off down here at some point so you'll be as far away from those farms as you could almost possibly get without leaving the country. :P

    I agree. I'm not fond of buzzing things either... O.o

  2. Yup, definitely better, thank goodness! Hmm, sounds like a plan!! When? ;)

  3. I might be coming up to Auckland for Christmas (might, nothing confirmed). We should drag you back down with us then. :P

  4. That'd be neat! Scary thing is that it really isn't that far away huh? :P