Thursday, 27 March 2014

Not quite the ITM Fishing Show

I actually think I might hit the 80 hour mark in work this month...Here was me thinking that Tuesday would be my last day of work for the month, but at youth group last night I got a text from Mum saying I'd be working this morning. One of my usual farms have booked me every morning until Sunday. Now I'm working this arvo too somewhere else because the farmer had to be taken to hospital. I'll tell you what, it'd be jolly scary waking up to find one side of your body doesn't work!  He's been sick recently but we've all thought it was just this nasty virus that's been doing the rounds. However I don't think a virus could do that to you, so hopefully he's going to be OK...

In the past few months my brother has been getting into fishing off the rocks and beach. He's only ever caught the most disgusting looking cod thing but there are definitely fish out there apparently. So a few weeks ago he searched for a good tide day and picked out today to go out early and catch the tide at the best just so happened he had to be up at 2am this morning, and be down there for 3am. He's mad!          Personally I wouldn't go down to the beach myself. Maybe just to walk along the sand or something but it would be pretty boring by yourself. I certainly wouldn't be going in the water or out on the rocks by myself, that's for sure! Though he's very much like Dad and likes doing these sorts of things on his own. I can imagine it'd be pretty jolly boring out there though, and cold. I only really like fishing on a boat when I'm catching things - I hate sitting for hours on end holding a rod and staring at some nylon waiting for some movement, only to find that the bait is long gone and I've probably wasted a good ten minutes without it!! So yeah, I think he's crazy, but hey. Each to his own.

It's funny, I saw on FaceBook earlier about being turned into a tree after you die with a biodegradable urn. What an interesting idea?! I'm pretty confident I don't want to be cremated, but imagine that, having another chance at "life" in the form of a tree seed growing from the nutrients in the ashes. Though it'd be pretty lame for the family if it was a dud seed and it never came to anything. My only worry would be the possibility of dying again because somebody didn't water me or somebody decided to cut me down! I mean, that would seem like a bit of a kick in the guts wouldn't you think? But yeah, food for thought. *Cough* pun unintended. lol


  1. Interesting thoughts with the tree. xD
    But I agree with you on the fishing.

  2. Love reading your Blog, I to came from a rural area and use to love the time spent on the farm,, keep up the blogging,,

    1. Hi Sandy, glad to hear you like my blog :) Thanks, will do :)