Monday, 24 March 2014

Sleep in...ahhh :P

I actually got to sleep into 8:30 this morning, a nice change in scenery that. For the past week I've had quite a few early starts - last weekend was the joyful business of getting up at 4am. On Monday I'd caught a semi cold, not completely fully blown out, but enough to be annoying. Wednesday and Thursday were also 4am starts, Saturday and Sunday 5am starts and tomorrow I've got to be up at 4 again. So this morning, sleeping in about 4 hours was bliss!
     I've worked out I've done about 60 hours of straight relief milking this month, with a bit of calf feeding to add to it. It may not seem like many hours of work, but when you consider it in a "just milking" perspective where you work anything between 2-4 hours, it is actually quite a bit of work. Also the great thing about being in my job is the different times you have to be up at and it continuously changing - your body clock gets well and truly stuffed up. But hey, it's better than taking orders at Macca's - that is one job I could never do....!

On Friday I finally got back my NCEA results summary that had to be signed by a teacher for my science event application. So Friday I managed to print everything off and send it all in. Applications close on Wednesday this week and my application will probably arrive today or tomorrow. Talk about cutting it fine! I decided just to apply for the trip to England, as when I thought about the Aussie one it just didn't feel right to me. So I don't know when I find out if I got in, I guess it'll be in a month or so. Meanwhile I don't have my hopes up too high in case I don't get accepted and I've had a look at the price range for flights over there. You know a trip to England, via Hong Kong is between 25-30 hours? That's including stopovers of course, but gosh! Also the airfares will hopefully cost no more than three thousand for the cheapest option. Anyway, I'm just gonna sit here and wait :)
     However while I'm talking about applying for trips, I've decided to also apply for the Outdoors Pursuits Camp that the correspondence school is having at Turangi/Mt. Tongariro. There are no fees except bus tickets there and back and 20 students get in, I thought - why not? As it's my last year of school, and I don't generally do many things like these, I figured it'd be cool to experience. I mean, who doesn't want to do a week's worth of rock climbing, abseiling and whatnot?!

School is coming along OK. I finished another Chem booklet today - just need to do the TMA now. Also I'm currently doing the practice assessment for Stats, I have to write a report on liquor retailing. Oh, and I was super clever too, cos I figured out on my own that the reason for very large drops in liquor sales between 2007 and 2010 was because of the Global Financial Crisis and the recession. Excellent idea to add to my report!
     I really haven't done much Biology, which is surprising and I'm midway through an Ag booklet. My Ag teacher is great as last week she sent me a few university prospectus books and some information on the Beef+Lamb scholarships - which I might go for this year. We'll see.

Spot the Loon was canceled last week due to lovely Lusi who came to nothing, but Saturday night we played it. Two girls and I were spotted three times and we received heaps of odd and incredulous looks from passers by. Some people laughed, others probably thought we were off our rockers, but we made it to the park where the lollies were hidden. Eventually though, the lead spotter gave us a free for all, where we could search without the tyre tubes and no worry about being spotted. I found the last bag of lollies under the skate ramp, pity we didn't find them during the actual game though! It was fun, but I'm still so sore from all the running in new sneakers.


  1. Sounds like a cool trip to Tongariro!

    Haven't been doing much of my fav subject? :O lolz :P

    1. Nah I haven't really lol, but I really should get onto it. :P

    2. That sounds familiar :P lol

  2. I hope you get to go for your trip to England. That would be so cool! :D But it sounds like you've got a lot of work to do to pay for all of the activities you plan on doing!