Thursday, 14 May 2015

Back To Work

After having not much work in the past month or so, and getting to the stage where I'm seriously looking at my bank account and considering how I'm going to pay for things such as fuel, car insurance, board and all the other general things I need, I've got work. Lots of work. Too much work booked.
I would've had four precious weekends off, up to this weekend coming (even though I'm still working Saturday morning), before I'm back into weekend work, full time. Oh how I love weekend work, it really gives me a thrill, you know?
Basically we've gotten a new client in the last week, who instead of replacing their employee who is leaving, who just happens to be a friend of mine, they've decided to get us in to relief milk. Every weekend. From next weekend onwards, no end date. So, that's uh, interesting, I guess.

It's kinda brilliant for me, because it is that guaranteed work I've been looking for to help pay for things, fuel is getting so jolly expensive ($2.16 a litre!?) and I thought I'd have no work, or little work until mid/end of July. So this changes things indefinitely, in a good way. However it does have that typical glitch that yet again I'm working on the days that my friends have off - a tad on the frustrating side, it looks as though they may not see hide or hair of me until summer again, like last year.
 And sorry, Andrew that also means I won't be able to drive to Auckland to possibly meet you in June - maybe another time....
It also means that I won't be able to continue with St Johns as all the training is held on weekends. I'm not sure how I feel about that. Sorta disappointed, but not overly? I have been recently considering whether I was going to enjoy carrying on with it, so maybe it's best that I hold off for a while...

They also want someone to milk every Wednesday morning from August onwards. So with every weekend, every Wednesday morning and rearing at least 400 calves with mum, at least once a day from mid July - late October, I'm going to be a busy beaver. Funny isn't it, how we're booked to cover for other people, so they can have their time off. Yet, in doing so, my time off will be nil. Void. Shut the door on the way out! kind of situation.

But it's funny how money seems to take priority in one's life once you reach a certain age. Cars, man they cost money. Not just the fuel, but the rego in July needs updating (yes, prices have dropped by then, but still!). Apparently the two front tyres will need replacing before the next warrant in January - one probably assumes correctly that they won't be cheap. Because I'm doing so much driving, I'll soon be due to get the 100,000km complete service done, cambelt, filters all that lovely stuff that for some reason costs money that is made of paper. Interesting. Paper is expensive, either that or it's worth a bit - I'm never too sure....
 Then you add in the monthly car insurance. My life advice. Don't buy a car, just use public transport once you're at pensioner age - then it's free or extra cheap, or something! Buy a bicycle, or some roller blades - aye Miriam? And just hope it doesn't rain hehe

We're going out to another Young Farmer thing tonight, we actually have something on every week, for the first time in - I don't know how long. Yep, it's that money thing again, but the things we do are one off, typically cheap things. Tonight it's dancing. Two members go to this dancing class thing, that I assume is held by a university "club" "group" thing. I honestly don't know. It's cheap enough for a few hours of fun, I think they teach heaps of different dancing styles or, yeah. No clue, just going along for the ride, the people and  the BK for dinner afterwards! It should be fun. Unlike at the last event, this time I will be dancing of my own free will! haha


  1. I'd rather walk and catch the public bus than drive into town, I agree. I'd rather pay a two bucks fifty-two and go into town for a few hours, get all my jobs done and get back home without having to pay petrol and parking. It's probably cheaper too. So what if it takes another ten-fifteen minutes? I'm in no hurry. Hence the no restricted licence yet. :D though it would be convenient in some instances, like getting friends to and from the airport, especially since most of my friends have their full.

  2. $2.16?! What on earth?? Sure it's nothing like that down here. Then again, I don't pay all that much attention to it . . . haha.

    YF's tonight sounds cool - do a post about it haha ;) :P

    @Xj You pay for parking?! lol

  3. Haha, you need to go diesel. That was almost under a dollar there for a while... :P Although, RUC does add a bit, but anyway...

    Yeah, no worries about Auckland, I'm actually going to be stopping in Tauranga, and working there for the weekend, so was going to say that wouldn't work anyway. Oh well, maybe another time...

    Dancing? Do I check fb? Haha, sorry... :P

  4. Yep, $2.16, it's not the cheapest....I could go diesel, but nah I can't be bothered, and I'd probably forget about buying more RUC like the rest of my family do....(only petrol car here)
    Yep the bus idea is better Xj, parking can be super expensive, especially if you want to spend a day in town quite often. But unfortunately we don't have access to public buses here....*rural living sighs* lol

    Oh yeah, I'll be doing a post on it :)

    1. lol . . . $2.02 down here today ;) :P

    2. Haha, out here, only Gull would even approach $2.16... :P
      Haha, you can buy RUC online, and you'd start to remember pretty quick after getting caught once... :P Hehe, yeah, it is a bit of a bother... But they use less fuel, so are cheaper long term...
      Hehe, buses. Here, the nearest bus station is 45min, so, I'm with you Kayger! :P