Thursday, 28 May 2015

Keepin' Busy

Just for a change, it's cold! Sitting here, typing away, my fingers have frostbite and I'm surprised they're moving at all....just joking, but yep the cold status hasn't changed and I don't believe it will for a few months yet.
There's lots to do today, and my gosh the day is going fast! But, as per normal for me, I'm kinda procrastinating where procrastination isn't needed (try type that out without concentrating!) :D As I've finished reading up on my final assessment (due in for the end of this month), yet I've still got to type out the darned thing. Put it this way, for actual answers on the questions asked, I've got about 400 words. I need 5000 minimum, hehe. Yep. Procrastination at it's best! It's going to take a bit of time, I need to do extra research, they say "extensive research" ooh scary, and also mention "bibliography required'' which, umm, yeah that may mean I need to start researching! Golly gee. I won't get it sent in by the end of the month anywho, as the 1st is on Monday, which happens to be a stat, so I'll aim to get it sent on Tuesday, meaning it won't be lost anywhere over the long weekend  -  I know, my planning is ingenious.

We've got out Young Farmers monthly meeting on tonight, and we've got a guy from Federated Farmers coming along as a guest speaker. Put it this way, I've been a member for almost a year, been to quite a few meetings, but the only time I've ever seen a guest speaker is at our regional AGM. So finally we've got someone coming along, which hopefully means we'll attract some people from other groups as well who may want to hear from him too. He's come to talk of lots of 'hot topics' in farming currently, mainly the whole health and safety which nowadays is getting pretty boring for most people, but nontheless it's important, so will be good to have a discussion on it.
Nick's told me that I've got to also type up a report for our Welcome Dinner fundraiser, basically stating what I've got planned and what I need help with on the night, and how it will  pan out. I'm a little nervous about this, writing the report - easy. Presenting it and asking for help and opinions, not so much. I'm beginning to think that I don't really have the entire club behind me, and the fundraiser hasn't taken off like I wanted it to. I've sold no tickets, but I'm getting heaps of support in sponsorship. And every time I bring it up during a meeting, nobody really seems all that interested in hearing of it.
But, this is our final meeting before the night in June, so it needs sorting, and hopefully tonight I'll have everyone behind me, willing to help where it's needed - even if that means going around their farming neighbours, grabbing them by the scruff of their neck and forcing them to buy a ticket and come! haha
I've got three weeks to get it all sorted, so please keep all those toes crossed for me!


  1. I can't cross my toes very well. :P

    1. Yeah, neither sorry. None of you have seen my toes, but they aren't the long lanky ones you have. I have short, stubby, rounded bumps for toes because I accidentally stunted their growth and natural position by wearing the same size 5 woman's gumboots for ten(ish) years.

  2. Haha, research... Bibliographies are easy, just put a big long list, numbered and highly detailed, and in about size 8 font, they'll never actually check it, just check it's there... :P

  3. Yeah, health and safety is boring. :P Especially since there's no practical use for it on the farm. Farms are boring now they're all corporate business and not family business.